50+ Appliance Recycling Resources

White Goods Appliance Recycling
Increasing the number of homes and organizations committing to responsible appliance recycling will lead to numerous environmental & energy benefits. With sizable metal, mechanical, and chemical components, large and small household appliances present a wealth a remanufacturing opportunities. Conversely, improperly disposed appliances clog landfills, seeping pollutants into our natural habitat,…

Kitchen & Household Trends For 2020

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Viking 36 Inch gas cooktop
We’ve done our research and have put together a list of the top 10 kitchen & household trends for 2020. The list includes everything from color panels to appliances so be sure to keep these ideas in mind if your redecorating or remodeling your house this year!    Open Cabinets…

The White Appliance Trend

Miele Bright White Built-In Appliances
Miele’s Brilliant White Finish Why Are White Appliances So Popular The all-white look is a trend observed at every level of kitchen design. From backsplashes, countertops, appliances, and cabinets, it’s hard to go wrong with white. Its bright and radiant aesthetic invites light in, opens up the entire room, and…

The High-End French Door Oven Trend 101

What Is A French Door Oven? Since the invention of the oven, there’s been many new features and innovations made to continue providing home chefs with the most powerful and precise oven possible. While the technology is ever-changing, the quintessential oven exterior for residential units has remained relatively unchanged. Lately…

The Hidden Range Hood Trend

Zephyr undercabinet hood built into custom cabinetry. The Newest Kitchen Ventilation Trend Ventilation hoods are a necessary appliance that is essential in extracting smoke, grease and odors from cooking spaces. As a functional piece of equipment, you can easily spot ventilation hoods in most kitchens but as contemporary designs and compact…

KitchenAid Appliance Packages at Elite Appliance

Suites for the Kitchen Enthusiasts KitchenAid boasts being the only appliance brand that makes things only for the kitchen, which gives them the expertise and dedication to continuously innovate and perfect their versatile line of premium kitchen appliances. Designed to meet the highest standards for both style and function, a…

Keep Sightlines Open with Ceiling-Mounted Ventilation Hoods

Out of sight, out of mind – Elica’s Siena ceiling-mounted hood hides in plain view, making it perfect for open-concept kitchens. Ventilation Solution for Open Concept Kitchens Different from their under-cabinet counterparts, ceiling-mounted hoods are used primarily for island ventilation. But unlike regular kitchen island hoods, ceiling mounted vents are…