Kids Eat Free 2024 Tyler, Texas

Kids Eat Free (or Cheap) in Tyler, Texas: A Weekly Guide Dining out with the family can be both a fun and affordable experience in Tyler, Texas, with many restaurants offering “Kids Eat Free” or discounted kids’ meals. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you plan your week, from Monday…

Best Humidifier: 7 Reviewed For Health

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Humidifiers are a great way to bring relief in the winter months, as well as year-round for those who suffer from asthma or allergies. With proper functioning they are a great way to provide your body with the moisture it needs during the winter months. A humidifier is a device…

Coronavirus Cleaning Wins: 10 Tips For Surfaces & Appliances

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Coronavirus Cleaning Hand & Glove
During this time of coronavirus crisis, it’s important to review your household coronavirus cleaning regimen. Please ensure that your family, housekeeper, and anyone else involved in the maintenance of your home properly cleans appliances and other high frequency surfaces to increase your home’s safety during the coronavirus. With the increasing…

50+ DFW Recycling Resources

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Dallas Recycling Center Map
Although diversion rates are increasing in the North Texas region, they are significantly lower than the national average of 34%. DFW Links Sierra Club Area Locator Community Waste Green Dallas DF Child Recycling Reminders Resource Recycling Recyclops Recycle Revolution Waste 360 Dallas Recycling Zero Waste FW UTD Sustainability Recycling Star…

Texas Veteran Career Resources

Veteran Post Military Career Equipment
Encouraging Veteran Employment A number of household appliances should be recycled to promote a healthier atmosphere. Recycling waste products doesn’t take very so much effort you become familiar with the options, and it helps reduce the rate of utilities. Benefits of recycling your old appliances may include a $ rebate,…

50+ Appliance Recycling Resources

White Goods Appliance Recycling
Increasing the number of homes and organizations committing to responsible appliance recycling will lead to numerous environmental & energy benefits. With sizable metal, mechanical, and chemical components, large and small household appliances present a wealth a remanufacturing opportunities. Conversely, improperly disposed appliances clog landfills, seeping pollutants into our natural habitat,…

Kitchen & Household Trends For 2020

Viking 36 Inch gas cooktop
We’ve done our research and have put together a list of the top 10 kitchen & household trends for 2020. The list includes everything from color panels to appliances so be sure to keep these ideas in mind if your redecorating or remodeling your house this year!    Open Cabinets…

Best Appliances for a Contemporary Kitchen Style

Less is indeed more for those that enjoy the simple things in life. Decorating your home in a contemporary style means loving open spaces with an abundance of natural light. Choosing the right floor tiling, cabinetry finish, and backsplash in your kitchen to build your specific vision is already taxing…

The Elite Overview of Viking Tuscany Ranges

A Taste of Italy for the American Lifestyle Since inception, Viking Tuscany Ranges have remained the irrefutable king of professional performing ranges for the residential home. As aesthetics and trends evolve however, there are two distinct styles that stand out the most: the contemporary style of stainless steel and professional…