Best Appliances for a Contemporary Kitchen Style


Less is indeed more for those that enjoy the simple things in life. Decorating your home in a contemporary style means loving open spaces with an abundance of natural light. Choosing the right floor tiling, cabinetry finish, and backsplash in your kitchen to build your specific vision is already taxing work, so when it comes to choosing the right appliances for a contemporary kitchen, Elite Appliance is here to help find the exact style you want with the exact features you need.


Sophisticated and simple is your goal when choosing a color pallet, but you need just the right amount of stark lines and angles coupled with high shine to pull everything together. Stainless steel appliances particularly, which are flexible enough to fit any style kitchen, find the perfect home in contemporary kitchens.

High-end stainless steel appliance packages have a minimal and zero-frills exterior which creates a streamlined functional space. Professional style appliances like Marvel refrigerators anchor a room down without calling too much attention to itself and built-in appliances like Fisher & Paykel dishwasher drawers provides a smooth profile to break up cabinetry and add dimension.

Panel-ready refrigerators and integrated cooktops are also an option for those looking to save color and accessories on other aspects of the kitchen. Seamlessly incorporated into your cabinets, panel-ready appliances offer the benefit of hidden functionality that won’t take away from any accent colors or focal point pieces.

Contemporary-Kitchen-Houzz-2However, when it comes to picking colored appliances, it can certainly be done to fit a contemporary style. Depending on your color pallet, you can match your appliances to compliment that scheme, but be careful not to overdo it; understated is the way to go. Favorites are black and white appliances, particularly high-end wall ovens. An upcoming trend is black stainless steel, which offers a more textured finish to provide contrast without pulling too much attention away from the overall design.

A contemporary style doesn’t mean cold and calculating. It emphasizes structure, lines, and function. Every object contributes to the end-product, so each item is chosen with meaning and care to create a livable and fluid space. Contemporary opens itself up to a little bit of rule breaking to make a space more personal, so in the end, choose the appliances that will continuously deliver powerful and reliable performance for you.

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