Kitchen & Household Trends For 2020

We’ve done our research and have put together a list of the top 10 kitchen & household trends for 2020. The list includes everything from color panels to appliances so be sure to keep these ideas in mind if your redecorating or remodeling your house this year! 


  1. Open Cabinets or Open Shelving

For many years now this trend has been a favorite. People love seeing others heirlooms or antiques being displayed on nice shelves or in open cabinetry. Another perk to this style is that you can easily find what you’re looking for. This open design concept makes your kitchen feel warm and inviting.

  1. Colorful Cabinets & Appliances

Although some people have always be a fan of color, for the most part people design their kitchens to look crisp and clean focusing on stainless steel appliances, with light toned walls and subtle colors for an accent. However, there has been a shift and people have started purchasing blue ovens, gold hoods, or red refrigerators.

  1. Technology adapted appliances

With all the advances in technology these days, you can rest assure that includes most household appliances such as refrigerators, icemakers, wine cabinets, stoves, ovens and more. These new high tech features were created to make cooking or cleaning easier and more convenient for you. Some appliances switch to warming modes and send you a text when your food is done, some allow you to schedule a time to start cooking or brewing your coffee, and some have tablet/touch screens to pull up recipes or to answer a phone call (Samsung Smart Fridge)!

  1. Integrated Appliances

According to some of the top designers and industry leaders, integrated appliances are making a rise. People want their appliances to blend into their cabinets seamlessly to create a design that is cohesive and pleasing to the eye. These integration options are typically used by adding custom paneling on fridges, dishwashers, or wine cabinets or by building appliances into the cabinets themselves.

  1. Handleless Everything

One major new trend is for this year is handleless appliances and cabinets. At first this idea can seem fairly odd, but it allows one to do more while running from one end of the kitchen to the other, while making sure you aren’t burning the food in the oven! It also gives a more minimalist and modern design. Some appliances with these features include wine coolers with touch to open corners, dishwashers that open when you knock and refrigerators that just need a little nudge to pop open.

  1. Steel Hoods

Since the last couple years, steel hoods are being purchased more and more with a surge coming into 2020. Many people are starting to stray away from your typical stainless steel hood to create a more unique and different approach to kitchen designs.

  1. Specialty Sinks

One of the hot new kitchen appliances on the market right now is a sink that washes the dishes for you. The idea behind this is to be more environmentally friendly and cost effective. If you live alone or with a roommate then this could be a very convenient product to look into!

  1. Appliances That Better Protect Your Food

Everyone knows how frustrating it can be when your produce (or any food really) goes bad just a couple days after you bought it, which is why engineers and manufacturers are designing refrigerators that help with this problem. As fruit ripens, it releases a gas that causes vegetables to start ripening before they are ready. With special filters this issue is no more.

  1. Better Brewing Systems

This trend isn’t just for coffee….but for home brewing beer too! LG has come out with HomeBrew, which works similarly to a Keurig machine. Using pods of yeast, flavoring and hop oil, people will now be able to create their own beer in the comfort of their own kitchen. It takes a couple weeks to produce the beer, but it’s still a fun and new trend.

  1. Better and Faster Laundry Systems

No one likes spending hours and hours each week washing, drying, folding and putting away laundry so some companies are creating washers with a faster speed cycle that cut your washing down time in half. This gives you back more time in your day to do something you actually want to do!

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