Quick Comparison of Microwave Drawers: Viking, Sharp, Monogram, and Jenn-Air


Benefits of a Microwave Drawer

The invention of the microwave may have been an accident, but every day we purposely turn to our microwaves and continuously trust them with all our snacking, defrosting, and cooking needs. It’s difficult to improve an appliance already so perfect and beloved, but once you’ve discovered the unique design, convenience, and power of built-in microwave drawers, you’ll never go back to standard countertop models.



A Pro-Style Range Fit For Your Skills

The kitchen is much more than meets the eye – it’s where children watch their parents rule as an indestructible force, mastering knives and fire like humble superheroes scrambling around in their headquarters. As the head of the kitchen, then you as a superhero need a reliable sidekick. The best sidekicks are loyal, clever, precise, and always ready for action – making the Jenn-Air 36” Pro-Style Gas Range a perfect match for your culinary prowess.

The 36” freestanding range is a sophisticated and powerful force to be reckoned with. Designed with a professional commercial style and manufactured with high grade stainless steel, the JGRP536WP features four powerful sealed burners, chrome-finished griddle, and a 5.10 cu. ft. convection oven.


Elite Appliance Best Sellers: Viking, KitchenAid, Bertazzoni, Jenn-Air, and Miele

A reliable oven is such an integral part of the kitchen experience, even though it may not see as much action on the daily like the cooktop or refrigerator. However, when it comes to roasting holiday dinners and baking sweet pastries that fill your home with an inviting aroma, the oven quickly becomes the one appliance you can’t live without. When you’re searching for a reliable high-end double oven, multiple variables such as capacity, programs, convection system, pre-heat time, and convenience features must be considered, and while you’re at it, you want a premium double oven with a design that integrates seamlessly into your kitchen.

To make research easier for you, here are some of Elite Appliance’s most popular high-end double ovens:




Convenience many times will drive us to make decisions we normally may not consider. Time and energy are valuable, even more so when we are rushing to put dinner on the table or a snack in your stomach. It’s because of this that microwaves are often one of the most underappreciated appliances in our homes, even though they are the most convenient for our everyday needs.


Buil-In-Coffee-MachinesHow amazing is it to have the first thing you smell in the morning be the sweet, alluring scent of caffeine? The average coffee maker can be programmed to give you that scent in the morning, but imagine taking it one step further and having your own private barista in your kitchen?

Built-in coffee systems are a premium investment for every coffee lover, and Miele and Jenn-Air are the top luxury brands that deliver the exact premium features caffeine addicts are looking for.



As the hearth of the home, we put a lot of effort into creating a warm and beautiful atmosphere for our kitchens. Sometimes, it may prove to be too difficult to sacrifice cabinet space for a sizable range, while other times it simply may be overkill if you’re searching for a beautiful but simple design.

A creative solution to this is to consider installing a cooktop or rangetop, which are renowned for their perfect visual craftsmanship, and powerful cooking abilities.


Jenn-Air Cooktops are some of the most oft sought after appliances in the industry for a litany of reasons. Jenn-Air’s obvious attention to perfect visual craftsmanship aside, the technical prowess in their designs shines through above all else.
The JGD3536BS cooktop is one such model that exemplifies Jenn-Air’s quest for flawlessness.