Built-In Coffee Systems: Comparing Miele and Jenn-Air

Buil-In-Coffee-MachinesHow amazing is it to have the first thing you smell in the morning be the sweet, alluring scent of caffeine? The average coffee maker can be programmed to give you that scent in the morning, but imagine taking it one step further and having your own private barista in your kitchen?

Built-in coffee systems are a premium investment for every coffee lover, and Miele and Jenn-Air are the top luxury brands that deliver the exact premium features caffeine addicts are looking for.

Miele CVA6805 Review

Miele is well known for producing brilliant and intuitive appliances that seamlessly integrate into a sleek kitchen design. Their built-in coffee system doesn’t disappoint and has an array of premium features guaranteed to deliver perfect results and intense coffee flavor.

At 24” wide, the whole bean coffee system features M touch controls with an LCD display, integrated LED lights, and time and date display. Removable milk flask, coffee bean container, and waste container make for easy filling and cleaning.

miele-cva6805ssYou can choose to utilize a direct connection to a water source, or manually fill the container before each use. Selectable water hardness levels optimize your system to ensure long term reliability and use. The container holds 2.3L and has an individual hot water dispenser/spout.

If your preferences vary, the CVA6805 functions with both whole beans and ground coffee. The milk container can be heated by itself to dispense steamed milk and milk foam. Programmed specialty drinks include lungo coffee, miele-built-in-cofee-systemcoffee, espresso, cappuccino, café latte, macchiato, steamed milk, hot water, and milk foam.

Meant to completely adjust to your personal preferences, users can set up their own user profiles with parameters and specifications set to their liking, and auto program the machine to start at a specific time. The dual dispensing spouts are height adjustable with an automatic CupSensor adjuster, can dispense double portions as well as several portions in the Coffee Pot mode. For easy cleanup, the system is set to automatically rinse after each use.

Jenn-Air JBC7624BS Review

The Jenn-Air 24” Built-In Coffee System covers all the bases when it comes to creating the perfect cup of coffee.

jenn-air-built-in-coffee-systemThe multi-lingual LCD Display with LED lighting allows you to control the selection of drink, strength, and size of the cup. The flush-to-cabinet installation runs almost 16” deep and slides out like a drawer to easily access the 1L water reservoir and 13-Level conical whole-bean coffee grinder.

The JBC7624BS can use pre-ground coffee as well, and comes with a hidden compartment that can store either bags of beans or grounds, as well as a measuring scoop. Alerts will sound whenever it’s time to empty the waste container, fill the beans container, and fill the water tank.

The dual dispensing spouts deliver the pre-programmed drinks of cappuccinos, espresso, coffee, hot water, and has an integrated milk container with frothing capabilities.

jenn-air-jbc7624bsThe smart settings make customization a detailed yet easy process. Setting the water hardness levels, temperature customization, and strength customization is as easy as ever, as well as setting the timer to begin brewing at whatever time you’d like.


Both coffee systems are brilliant machines that add significant value to your kitchen and lifestyle, and it does seem almost impossible to choose between the two. The main differences come down to features and control.

Miele is plumbed (can be hooked up to water source), and opens like a door to access the interior coffee system. Almost most of the controls are automated through the system, so there’s minimal work you must do other than clean the system.

Jenn-Air is not plumbed and slides out like a drawer to access the system, and the hidden storage compartment is a feature you will inevitably find useful. There is a lot of opportunity with this system to completely customize every single cup to the drinker’s preferences since it’s more hands on.



For more help finding the perfect built-in coffee system for your needs, visit our Dallas showroom and speak with an appliance specialist.

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