Quick Comparison of Microwave Drawers: Viking, Sharp, Monogram, and Jenn-Air


Benefits of a Microwave Drawer

The invention of the microwave may have been an accident, but every day we purposely turn to our microwaves and continuously trust them with all our snacking, defrosting, and cooking needs. It’s difficult to improve an appliance already so perfect and beloved, but once you’ve discovered the unique design, convenience, and power of built-in microwave drawers, you’ll never go back to standard countertop models.

For a built-in appliance designed to integrate, microwave drawers tend to stand out. The unique configuration allows you to place your microwave in convenient spaces where regular countertop and over the range models cannot go. Utilize the rarely used cabinetry of the kitchen island or anywhere along hip-level in the rest of the kitchen. Because of the drawer design, inserting and removing food becomes a lot easier and you can virtually eliminate hot spills from open containers and bowls since you are no longer awkwardly pulling out scalding dishes sideways or angled. There’s no longer a need to worry about lifting dishes above your head over an already hot cooktop thanks to the height placement, and many models include hands-free door mechanisms for easy access.

On top of the incredible convenience, microwave drawers generally just look better. The integrated installation gives you incredible flexibility, opens sight lines, and allows you to focus on design elements and the kitchen’s workflow. Installing a high-end microwave drawer instantly brings your premier kitchen to the next level.



Viking-VMOD5240Viking Professional Series 24” VMOD5240SS



Sharp-Microwave-Drawer-InspirationSharp Insight Pro Series 24” Microwave Drawers

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Monogram-Microwave-DrawerMonogram 24” ZWL1126SJSS Microwave Drawer



Jenn-Air-JMD2124WSJenn-Air 24” JMD2124WS Microwave Drawer

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