Viking Gas Range VGCC548-8B Review: 48″ Pro-Style with Double Ovens

For those who understand the passion of cooking, it’s well understood VGCC548_Kitchenthat to create something extraordinary, it requires persistent talent and powerful tools. It already takes an exceptionally talented individual to love the craft that marries presentation, technique, chemistry, and personal taste all into one – what’s left is to find the perfect tools to compliment your cooking prowess.

There is no other highly regarded accomplice for a gourmet food-loving chef than a 48” professional style gas range, such as the Viking VGCC548-8B. (more…)

Viking Gas Ranges

When thinking about high-end appliances, Viking is often the first brand that comes to mind – and for good reason. Not only was Viking the first brand to bring professional cooking capabilities to the residential kitchen, but the brand also continues to innovate by bringing to market new appliances that are ever-faster and ever-more-powerful than before.

Viking offers the full suite of kitchen appliances, including cooking ranges, ovens, cooktops, basic and specialty refrigeration, microwaves, ventilation, dishwashers, ice makers, and trash compactors. (more…)

Viking VGCC5304BSSHaving pioneered an entire new category of appliances – professional-style appliances for the residential kitchen – years ago, Viking continues set the standard for this booming sector of the kitchen appliance market. Viking consistently pushes the boundaries of high power, lasting durability, and versatility all while catering to the home chef’s desire for ease of use.
Viking’s 36” VGCC5366BSS cooking range is a stellar example of the brand’s standard and a perfect fit for nearly any kitchen. From the powerful, six-burner cooktop to the versatile, large-capacity oven beneath, Viking considers every detail of its range with ultimate care for the user’s experience.


The humble range is an essential piece of so many kitchens, providing the platform for the majority of food preparation.

However, at Elite Appliance, we offer ranges that are anything but humble; and if you haven’t already, we think it’s time you rethink the traditional 30” cooking range with four basic burners and a basic convection oven.

From 36” up through 60”, luxury appliance brands such as Viking and Capital are redefining the cooking range with high-tech, high-power, and high-efficiency features.  Each Viking Gas Range contains the essence of this parent brand.

Viking ranges have long been at the forefront of the home appliance world with some of the highest-power burners on the market. Viking’s newest ranges offer a trademarked TruPower Plus burner that heats with an astounding 18,500 BTUs of power. (One BTU heats one pound of water by about 1°F.) Viking’s newest ranges also feature a RapidReady Preheat system that eliminates wasted time waiting for the oven to preheat. Capital ranges rival Viking with burners that exude 19,000 BTUs while also offering a steady gentle simmer of 140°F.

Also popular are the sleek KitchenAid ranges, available in stainless steel, white black to complement any home style. KitchenAid takes burner power even a step further, offering 20,000 BTUs on its front left and front right burners.

ILIVE ranges, while also offering high power and a wide range of cooking capabilities, are the most distinctive aesthetically. For the home chef who swoons over all things vintage, ILIVE offers a beautiful selection of cooking ranges in a wide array of colors and trim packages.

Furthering the Viking Gas Range, not only have these brands and others like them upped the ante for traditional burners and ovens, but they are also redefining the capabilities of the home chef. No longer is grilling limited to days when the weather is nice. Now you can grill indoors, right on your range. No longer do you need a separate electric griddle you have to store in a cabinet and unpack for use. Make the perfect Saturday-morning pancakes right on your range, and clean-up is a breeze with removable drip trays.

While the 30” range offers one oven for all your cooking needs, 36” and larger ranges offer two separate ovens, allowing you to bake at multiple temperatures simultaneously. Bake your ham and your pies at the same time, and have everything warm and ready exactly when you need it rather than baking and reheating in rounds.

One of the most anticipated products in the home appliance & Viking Gas Range world this year, the Viking 7 Series range offers such astounding power and professional features it doesn’t just stand up to the competition; it surpasses it and lands in a category all its own.

Having debuted this month, the new Viking range is already a hot topic, spotlighted in Architectural Digest on a list of “Chic Hardware and Appliances for Updating Your Kitchen and Bath.”

Viking Gas RangeViking’s new ultra-premium gas ranges introduce several unique capabilities previously unseen in the residential kitchen.

To start, the front burners on the 7 Series range feature 23,000 BTUs, power previously unmatched in the industry. These burners are complemented with multiple 15,000 BTU burners in the rear – still a high-power burner and the maximum on some residential ranges. The 7 Series range also includes one 8,000 BTU burner ir the back row for simmering.
All burners on the 36” and 48” range tops have a full range of heat functions from a low simmer to a full boil and can accommodate all types and sizes of cookware. It’s easy to slide cookware from one burner to the next across the continuous grate.

Other features making the new Viking range closer to commercial cooking rages than previous residential appliances are the Elevation Burners and one-piece porcelain burner pan. Together, these features make the cooktop easy to clean. The Elevation Burners prevent spills from making their way onto the cooking surface where they cook and adhere to the surface, becoming difficult to scrub off. Instead, the spills are captured in the elevated ports, ready for an easy cleanup.
A patent-pending ViChrome Griddle is another Viking innovation on the new range. The thermostatically-controlled chrome griddle heats evenly and can be removed for thorough cleaning. Grease from the griddle flows into a trough with a StayCool handle that is easily removed at any time to be emptied and cleaned.

Below the cooktop, the commercial-style convection oven offers a wide range of capabilities and ensures even heating. With every detail thought through thoroughly, the oven features a GentleClose door that closes softly so as not to disturb soufflés or other delicate items as they bake.

As with all Viking products, Viking’s new commercial ranges for the home come with a full three-year warranty, the most comprehensive warranty offered by any appliance manufacturer.
Viking has long stood at the forefront of the industry, and with cutting-edge appliances like the new Viking 7 Series range, it’s no mystery why the Viking brand carries more clout than most of its competitors.

Your Viking Gas Range At Home

Viking Range Griddle Close-UpWhen your brand-new Viking range arrives in your home, you will likely be eager to get started cooking on the new gas burners, the high-power oven and the griddle/simmer plate.

Before you get started though, you need to know how to clean a Viking griddle.

You may opt for a Viking griddle cleaning kit, which comes with appliance cleaner, a pad holder, 10 griddle polishing pads, a squeegee and cleaning instructions.

Viking Cleaning KitHowever, there are also instructions for cleaning a Viking griddle without a cleaning kit on Viking’s website and a demonstration from Chef Scotty Campbell on YouTube.

When the griddle first arrives in your home, it will have a chalky, white coating of polymer glaze. This prevents rust during shipping, but it must be removed before use.

The first step is to remove this glaze. Viking recommends scrubbing with a Scotch-Brite pad and a mixture of ¼ cup vinegar and one quart warm water.

Next, wash the griddle with some warm soapy water. Chef Scotty skips the vinegar scrub and starts with the soapy water mixture.

Rinse the griddle and dry it.

Season the griddle with a generous coat of oil. Viking recommends vegetable oil. Chef Scotty prefers peanut oil and recommends saffron or cotton seed oil for those who do not wish to use peanut oil. Smooth the oil over the entire griddle surface with a paper towel.

Viking recommends allowing the oil to soak on the griddle for one hour before wiping down with a paper towel.

Alternatively, Chef Scotty instructs his viewers to turn the griddle on high and wait for smoke to rise from the surface. Then turn the griddle off. Allow it to cool. Reapply the oil, and turn on high again. This process should be repeated four times, according to the chef.

After the initial seasoning, the newly clean Viking griddle is ready for use.

After cooking on the griddle, it is not necessary to use soap and water. First, wipe debris from the surface. Then, Viking suggests cleaning with club soda before reapplying a coat of oil. Chef Scotty skips the club soda and simply reapplies a new coat of oil.

Closeup of New Grease Management SystemBoth Viking and Chef Scotty warn that the griddle will not maintain its original shiny, silver appearance. The griddle surface will darken over time and may have uneven coloring.

Viking’s new griddles feature a new grease containment system that draws grease away from food toward the edges of the griddle, making it easier to wipe clean after use.

See all Viking ranges & cooktops at Elite Appliance.

In our luxury appliance video tour, we feature the Viking 48″ Professional Custom Series range with six burners and a 12″ steel griddle. This pro-style gas range provides ample cooking power for a busy kitchen. It’s commercial style design is sure to make an impression on visitors to your home. See all the top features of this luxury range in our detailed video tour, and remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest videos from Elite Appliance.

Viking Professional Custom Series Range
Viking’s upgraded Professional Custom Series 48″ range.

This year, Viking introduces several upgrades to one of its already successful appliances – Viking Professional Series ranges. The company revisited its product with the determination to make it even better.
The Viking range upgrades include changes to the control knobs, the oven racks, the oven interior, and the griddle.

First, Viking replaced the previous light-silver metal knobs with darker, brushed-chrome knobs. The knobs remain the same in overall shape and size, but the new chrome knobs are of much higher quality and offer a more refined look. With an eye toward detail, Viking also replaced the previous island trim caps to match the new brushed-metal knobs. These seemingly small changes make quite a difference in the overall appearance of Viking Professional Custom ranges.

Professional Custom Series New Knob (left) and Old Knob (right)After these small touches, Viking turned to the oven for a few notable upgrades. The oven previously featured a dark blue speckle-painted metal interior – common in many household ovens. However, the new Viking Professional range features an oven with a solid black porcelain interior. The sleek, shining interior stands out from a distance with a look of quality and elegance.

Additionally, Viking added another TruGlide rack to the oven. The previous model included one TruGlide rack and two standard racks, but the new version comes with two TruGlide racks and one standard rack. These full-extension oven racks slide out easily and remain steady while you check your dish.

Lastly, the updated Viking range with griddle features a reinvented grease containment system. As you cook on the new griddle, grease automatically migrates to the perimeter, away from the food, leaving you with food that’s a little less greasy and a little healthier.

Stainless Steel Open Burner Gas Range

Those with a penchant for high-tech gadgets and appliances should check out Viking’s electronic control ranges. The series combines the power and precision of all Viking products with a unique control system featuring settings that illuminate on a mirrored surface and vanish when not in use.

The basic functions of Viking electronic control ranges are similar to many other Viking ranges. For example, they feature a dual-fuel power source with a gas stovetop and an electric oven. The burners offer a wide range of heating options with Viking’s trademarked VariSimmer-to-High sealed burners, one of which heats up to 18,500 BTUs.

The major differences come in the advanced interface and digital display. For example, the AutoRoast feature helps you cook meats to juicy perfection with minimal effort. The oven ratchets up the heat to sear meats on the outside and then automatically returns to the pre-set temperature of your choice to cook meats the rest of the way in convection roast mode.

viking-VDSC5304BAnother distinguishing feature of Viking’s electronic control ranges is the delayed bake setting, which allows you to pre-set temperatures and cook-times up to 24 hours in advance. When the bake session is complete, the oven implements an automatic hold setting at 150°F to keep food warm until you’re ready to serve.

A meat probe helps make sure meats are cooked safely so you don’t have to worry about undercooked beef, pork or chicken. Another feature that will ease your mind, especially if you have young children in the home, is the oven lock, which ensures oven controls cannot be activated when the range is not already in use.

The electronic interface also offers a digital clock, which appears on the front of the oven next to the central control knob. Users can set the clock to display constantly or only when the range is in use.

The electronic Viking ranges are available in three sizes – 30″, 36″ and 48″. The smallest model, the VDSC530T4BSS features four burners and a 4.7 cubic foot oven. The VDSC536T6BSS offers six burners or four burners with the option of a 12″ griddle/simmer plate or char-grill. The VDSC548T6GSS has six burners plus a 12″ griddle/simmer plate or char-grill; or you may opt for four burners and a 24″ griddle/simmer plate. The 48″ models also features two separate ovens – one with a 10-pass bake element and a smaller, auxiliary oven with a 4-pass bake element.

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In the open vs. sealed burner debate, some chefs are beyond persuasion. Professional chefs almost exclusively opt for open burners, while most residential ranges come with sealed burners. In fact, many brands do not even offer their residential clients the option of having open burners.

Viking Professional Classic Series Open Burner Range
Viking open burner ranges will soon be out of production, including the popular 30″ Professional Classis Series open burner range.

Open burners have a circular vent around the burner, and the flame rises directly up from the center of the burner. In contrast, sealed burners require the flame to navigate around burner caps, resulting in a flame in the shape of a circular perimeter. This extra navigation of the flame causes some of the heat and efficiency to be lost.

Still, some prefer the sealed burner because it is easier to clean and prevents splashes and crumbs from falling into the interior of the range. However, others insist upon the efficiency and control of the open burner. In addition to providing more direct heat, some argue that without the hindrance of the seal, the flame from the open burner encounters more oxygen, which leads to more controlled, low-heat settings.

Until now, Viking has offered residential chefs both range burner types. However, the brand recently announced it would be discontinuing its open burner ranges.

Viking 24 Inch Open Burner Range
Viking’s 24″ open burner range will also be unavailable soon.

Time is running out for the Viking open burner gas range, so if you harbor a preference for this commercial-style stove, be sure to act fast.

The Viking open burner range is available in three sizes and a variety of finishes. The 24″ and 30″ open burner ranges feature four burners with up to 15,000 BTUs of power, and the 36″ range offers six open burners with the same capacity for power. (One BTU heats one pound of water by about 1°F.) All burners also feature Viking’s VariSimmer setting for low, even heating of delicate dishes, as well as the SureSpark Ignition system, which ensures reliable ignition and automatic re-ignition in case of burnout.

Viking’s open burners are constructed from stainless steel and feature porcelainized cast iron caps. The burners can be deconstructed in to separate pieces – grates, burner bowls, and grate supports – all of which can be removed from the cooktop and soaked in soapy water for a thorough cleaning from time to time.

Stainless Steel Open Burner Gas Range
The Viking 36″ open burner range in stainless steel.

While sealed burners prevent crumbs and spills from making their way below the cooktop surface and into the range itself, Viking’s open burner ranges feature a reliable drip tray below the cooktop surface to catch any spills. Simply pull the drip tray forward, and it slides easily out on roller-bearing glides.

Below the cooktop, Viking’s open burner ranges offer all the advantages of any other Viking range, including the Gourmet-Glo infrared broiler and several natural airflow and convection settings.
While many homeowners are opting for the convenience of sealed burners, some true cooking enthusiasts will not settle for a cooktop that does not feature open burners. If you’ve been longing for truly professional appliances, the open burner is the way to go, but be sure to order yours while they’re still available.