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Overview Of Miele Dishwashers

Miele Dishwasher Top 4 Models

If you decide to upgrade your kitchen with a new dishwasher, you’re probably looking for a brand that offers superior reliability. Miele, a family business managed since 1899, produces some of the most reliable and well-built dishwashers in the industry. Miele offers sophisticated dishwashers with proven durability with a range of innovative features. So if you’re looking for a device that lasts longer than the competition, these powerful Miele dishwashers offer you.

History of Miele Brand & Dishwashers

Miele Dishwasher History
An Early Miele Dishwasher Design

The Miele company was founded in 1899 and has been growing ever since. One of their most popular products is the vacuum cleaner. Miele’s continued growth can be attributed to the appreciation of customers, a quality product, and a dedication to innovation that continues today.

Vintage Miele Dishwasher Advertisement

F.A. Zangen was a German engineer who emigrated to Chicago at the end of the 19th century, and started making dishwashers in 1903. Friedrich Albert Zangen was a German engineer who emigrated to Chicago at the end of the 19th century, and started making dishwashers in 1903. These early machines were made with wood frames and wire screens, which would be filled with water and detergent and then turned on to start a cycle. The user would need to manually stop the machine before it finished its cycle when their dishes were clean enough for them.

Miele Dishwasher G45
The New Miele G 45 in 1963

In 1907, Zangen’s son-in-law Emil Heinz Knecht took over management of F.A. Zangen Company from his father-in-law. During these years more dishwashing models were introduced. In 1963, a new dishwasher, the Miele G 45, popped into the market for American consumers. The G45 Dishwasher, boasted an increased capacity (12 standard place settings), was able to be placed underneath standard kitchen counter dimensions, which had become more commonplace by this juncture. Also important elements were the new stainless steel wash cabinet, and a detergent dispenser that could properly measure the components. The company has produced it’s first mass market Miele Dishwasher masterpiece!  

Review Sampler

Actual Miele Dishwasher customer reviews, culled from the internet.

“My friend advised to buy Miele appliances as they`re high quality products. I went with this one, based on the design and I like it installed in my kitchen even more. Amazing operating modes, very easy and effective. Haven`t found anything dirty or even wet when it`s finished. So I`d recommend it to anyone.”

“This was a good find. Only Elite appliance had this model in stock and I couldn`t be more thrilled. Its functionality is amazing, the features are all very top notch, especially the WIFI and sensors. Huge upgrade for the house and for the family.”

“Overall this is a great machine with a quality feel. It looks good inside and out and matches other brands in my kitchen. I love the chunky handle and the stainless steel really does resist fingerprints and other smudges. The door effortlessly opens and closes and stays right where you put it. It’s beyond quiet, to the point we’ve had to specifically listen for it to confirm it’s running. I’ve only had it for a little over a week, so I’m still learning how best to load it, but it comfortably fits a full days worth of dishes (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for Cleaning performance is top notch. I’m not one to rinse anything before putting it in and everything has come out spotless.

The Autodos system is unique and works well with everything coming out perfectly as described above. I’m not sure I’ll continue buying the powerdisks though because they are much more expensive than the higher end Cascade pods that clean just as well. I have a Miele Washer with Twindos and that is much more useful and cost effective, in my opinion. The door automatically opens at the end of the cycle, which is great! We used to manually prop open the door of our old dishwasher to help everything dry and prevent the machine from becoming smelly.”

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Miele G 7156 SCViSF

Miele G 7156 SCViSF

G 7156 SCVi SF – Fully integrated dishwasher XXL with 3D MultiFlex Tray for maximum convenience.

One of our showroom favorites, the fully integrated dishwasher XXL with 3D MultiFlex Tray for maximum convenience.

You can stop searching for pots and pans in cluttered drawers. The G 7156 SCVi SF dishwasher comes equipped with a 3D MultiFlex Tray that can be adjusted to accommodate different sizes of dishes, glasses, cookware, baking trays and cutlery.The 2022 models also come standard with a QuadWash system that washes, dries, and sanitizes dishes with far more precision than outmoded washing methods. This latest innovation is the result of our commitment to providing you with the most precise washing system on the market today.

Miele G7366SCVISF

Miele G7366SCVISF

Now look at the stylish, fully integrated, smart dishwasher is available in panel and stainless steel versions and comes with a long list of impressive features. Six washing programs include a cycle of China and glass that gently heals your most fragile dishes. The fast intensity wash cycle was developed to achieve the best possible cleaning and drying results in less than an hour. For hygienic cleaning of items such as bottles and cutting boards, the SaniWash program leaves dishes free of bacteria. In addition, an integrated water softener optimizes water hardness for tingling and dotless dishes. Equipped with three alternate spray arms, precise water distribution ensures perfect cleaning results.

Miele’s patented 3D+ cutlery tray provides ideal care for cutlery. The central part of the cutlery tray is equipped with a row of hinged spikes and allows additional space and organization for various utensils. Additional features: •AutoSensor Technology •Automatic open drying •Convenient closing door • 45dBA silence rating •16-seat ordering capacity •ENERGY STAR® qualification •Intelligent water control.

Miele Futura Classic Plus Series G4993SCVI

Miele Futura Classic Plus Series G4993SCVI

This built-in dishwasher gives your kitchen a streamlined look thanks to its fully integrated control panel. The fact that this unit is ready for the panel will allow you to combine it with your existing cabinets with a custom panel. For the most hygienic drying process, the clean air drying system absorbs air at room temperature from a port located at the bottom. This advanced drying system ensures that outside air is not introduced during the wash cycle. Miele’s exclusive ComfortClose makes it easy to open and close the dishwasher door. The door stays open comfortably even in the position of your choice. Additional features: • 31-minute wash and dry program •Self-sensor technology •Dual waterproof system •16-seat adjustment capability •46 dBA silence rating.

Miele G5266SCVI

A 24 inch, this dishwasher with full console has a large capacity of 16 seats. The digital panel displays washing programs and options, menu settings, and start time. Five washing programs include normal, economical setup, pots and pans, rinsing and retention and SaniWash settings. Miele’s AutoSensor measures dirt particles and adjusts cycle time and water consumption accordingly. In case a water leak or blockage is detected, the double waterproof system immediately turns off the water supply. This model is also equipped with a height-adjustable top basket. Additional features • Comfort basket •Active condensation drying • ENERGY STAR® rated • Dry clean air •46 dBA silence rating.

Miele Classic Plus G4998SCVISF

Miele Futura Classic Plus Series G4993SCVI

The most streamlined of the Miele dishwasher models, this extra-efficient model is ENERGY STAR® rated and saves water, electricity and money on your electricity bill. The Short option allows you to wash up to 30% faster, which saves you a lot of time in the kitchen. Part of what makes this model so efficient is the CleanAir drying system. Hot, humid air inside the dishwasher condenses into the stainless steel inner wall (which is kept cool by the internal air vents that absorb air from the outside) and then passes through the floor.

The 3rd additional shelf of this Miele Dishwasher model provides space for smaller items and utensils with its fixed row of spikes. With a sound load of 46 dBA, it ensures super-quiet operation. Additional Features •ComfortClose Door •Five Wash Cycles •Auto Sensor Technology •Delay Start •Waterproof Dual System.

Where To Buy Miele Dishwashers

The Elite Appliance showroom offers an unparalleled environment for appliance shopping, with a multitude of floor models available for complete testing and access. Our engaging sales staff are experts in the various functional differences between the Miele Dishwasher models. We promise that you will be served with the highest level of customer care, without any degree of pressure or propaganda.

Outfitted with a high tech test kitchen, capable of hosting both live events and personal trial sessions, our showroom can allow a full experiental visit with the appliance models that you are considering. Put that Miele Dishwasher to the test, following the prep of a fine meal produced in house on a Viking Stove for example. You’ll develop a rare familiarity with the brand and understand the distinctions among that matter most to your individual use case.

The showroom is located in a safe and quiet quadrant of Dallas, Texas, within the Addison municipality. Located nearby are scores of highly regarded restaurants to treat yourself and your shopping companions to a wonderful meal after making your appliance purchasing decisions. The street is close to major arteries, yet a quiet side street, and major mapping systems find it with ease! Our parking lot is well light, well spaced, and in clear view our entrance. You will find maximum security and comfort finding and entering our facility!

Our goal is the long term relationship, not the rushed short term sale. Additionally, our online shopping system allows for complete virtual consultation utilizing our chat system and video appointments. We can take you inside the showroom, without you needing to set food inside. You can experience a Miele Dishwasher virtually! Our team is able to ship swiftly anywhere in the world.

Miele Dishwasher Repairs

The overall Reliability index is extraordinarily high, earning a top 10 placement across all appliance manufacturers according to Reader’s Digest. Similarly, The Guardian reports, “Miele and Bosch are the least likely to break down and the most likely to be recommended by their owners across nearly all of the seven categories of appliances in the survey, which is conducted annually.” So it abundantly clear that Miele is a very dependable brand of dishwashers.

Certainly, a dishwasher is one of the most used appliances in any house, and with this in mind, and with the near daily volume of use it’s also one of the most vulnerable to break down. With this being the case many people have a backup dishwasher just in case their primary one breaks down. But even if you have a backup dishwasher or know how to do your own Miele dishwasher repairs, it’s worth knowing about some of the more common causes for malfunctioning and how to go about repairing them!

There are several, unlikely reasons why your Miele dishwasher might break down, but fortunately for you, our local service network stands ready to serve you.

Miele Dishwasher Parts

Miele dishwashers are the most reliable dishwashers in the industry. The company has been around for over 100 years and has worked on perfecting their products. New Miele dishwasher owners can expect to enjoy their units for years before any pressing part needs arise. Official Miele dishwasher manufacturer parts are sourced from the factories in Europe and available via our online website.

When you are in need of a replacement part, please contact our sales team who can assist you in locating the exact part from our online catalogue. This can provide peace of mind that you are ordering correctly. Even though high quality Miele Dishwashers seldom need service, our team is well versed in the interior operation of these models in order provide the top level treatment during a post-sale concern.

Final Thoughts

The Miele dishwasher parts are some of the most innovative parts in the dishwashing industry. They are designed to last, use less energy, and be completely sustainable. There is even a recommended part replacement schedule to assist you in forecasting prime maintenance opportunities. Miele dishwashers make it easier than ever to have a clean kitchen with no mess. The sleek design is easy to use, and they come with a variety of different options for every need.