Dishwasher Drawers 2022

Drawer Dishwasher Review

Dishwasher drawers are now replacing standard dishwashers in many homes, so our team developed this drawer dishwasher review. The convenient sliding drawer access, energy efficiency and thoroughness of many drawer models is drawing many homeowners to choose them over standard dishwashers when they replace their deficient dishwasher or upgrade their kitchen. At Elite, we carry several models and styles of both single drawer dishwashers and double drawer dishwashers.

Double drawer dishwashers allow you the convenience of running two separate load cycles at the same time. You have the option of putting your pots and pans in one drawer on a heavy wash cycle and your fine China in another on a delicate cycle.  Dishwashers are a necessity for any modern household, according to many lifestyle bloggers. All told, they save time and energy within every kitchen. They also ensure that the dishes are clean and sanitized before they go back into the cupboards, on the semi-clean wash towel lining your countertop!

Dishwasher Drawers:  More Costly Than Regular Dishwashers

A drawer dishwasher (also known as a draw dishwasher) is typically more expensive than a regular dishwasher. The reason being is because you have to take it out and use it in a room with a sink. The reason for this is that it comes with more features and space. The cost of a drawer dishwasher can range from $800-$1000.

Drawer Dishwashers: A Modern Concept

Drawer dishwashers are a new concept of dishwashing which is catching up in many households these days. With the help of this appliance, you can wash your dishes in a more efficient way with less space than conventional dishwashers.

FAQ’s About Drawer Dishwashers

Drawer Dishwasher is installed under your countertop and has an opening for the drawer to be pulled out from its place on the side or bottom of the kitchen cabinet.

A drawer dishwasher may take up more counter space than a regular dishwasher.

One may need to sacrifice a little counter space for the convenience of a dishwasher that is built into a drawer.

A drawer dishwasher may be panel ready, meaning it has the capability to be installed flush with your cabinets.

My kitchen is not cluttered with a dishwasher, I’ve replaced my old one with one that is panel ready. This is great for those who prefer a more seamless look, and it’s worth asking the dealer about this detail before you make

These dishwashers typically have a shorter warranty than regular dishwashers.

Just like car seats, handbags, and flip-flops, you’re not getting the same quality of dishes from a dishwasher with a drawer. One reason for this is that they generally do not have as many features and are not designed to last as long as regular dishwashers.

Drawer dishwashers are often more energy efficient than regular dishwashers.

With the reduced space load, these modern units are often more energy efficient than their electric counterparts. Drawers are low and narrow, which makes them easier to load and unload, and they can hold a lot of dishes.

Drawer dishwashers may not be compatible with your faucet.

Dishwashers that do not use water are not compatible with your sink.

Drawer dishwashers may have a shorter life span than regular dishwashers.

A dishwasher with a drawer may be in trouble if you live in a small apartment with a limited space for appliances. A study by the University of Leeds found that drawers are much more likely to have leaks and eventually break than stand-alone dishwashers.

Many of the models we offer come with Energy Star ratings, requiring just two to four gallons to clean a full load of dishes with seven to 14 place settings. Our draw dishwashers also offer several cycle options from high-temperature washes for heavily soiled dishes to delicate cycles for fragile fine China.

Jenn-Air Dishwasher Drawer


Jenn-Air Drawer Dishwasher
Jenn-Air Dishdrawer

Jenn-Air Drawer Dishwasher Review

Jenn-Air offers one and two drawer models that exceed Energy Star standards by 41 percent and feature a ClearScan™ Turbidity Sensor that determines load size and automatically selects the proper cycle for the load. Optical sensors check the dishes to make sure they get completely clean while the dishwasher runs.

Jenn-Air drawer dishwashers offer six distinct cycles and a stainless steel hard food disposer. The double drawer dishwasher accommodates up to 14 place settings, seven in each drawer.

Fisher & Paykel Drawer Dishwasher


Fisher & Paykel Drawer Dishwasher

Fisher and Paykel Drawer Dishwasher Reviews

A Fisher and Paykel DishDrawer™ is also Energy Star rated, consuming two gallons per cycle in a single drawer, and four gallons per cycle for a double drawer dishwasher. Like Jenn-Air drawer dishwashers, Fisher and Paykel’s DishDrawers clean up to seven place settings in a single drawer, but instead of six wash cycles, Fisher and Paykel offer nine, including several eco-friendly options. The dish racks are fully adjustable with folding tines.

Also like the Jenn-Air model, Fisher and Paykel DishDrawers™ feature a load sensor to guide the dishwasher as it washes. 

Fisher& Paykel has been a household name in New Zealand for over 40 years, with their dishwasher products consistently at the top of the market.  Fisher& Paykel are experts when it comes to dishwashers and have a range of different dishwasher models that can meet anyone’s needs. If you’re looking for a machine to clean your dishes at home, then Fisher& Paykel is the brand for you.

DCS Drawer Dishwasher Review
DCS Dishdrawer Dishwasher

DCS Drawer Dishwasher Reviews

DCS Drawer Dishwasher Reviews

The DCS Drawer is a new product that offers more than just a place to wash dishes. It is the next generation of dishwashers with three drawers for flexibility in loading and unloading.

The first drawer holds tall items, such as larger utensils and wine glasses, while the second drawer holds silverware and small bowls. The third drawer is used for miscellaneous items, like pots and pans, which can be loaded face down to keep them from getting dirty or scratched.

While the DCS Drawer does not have an automatic drying function, it will reduce the need for towels because users can dry their hands on the front of the unit while loading it with dishes.

Final Thoughts

Elite Appliance also offers DCS DishDrawers, plus another Energy Star rated dishwasher that relies on just two gallons of water per drawer per load. However, DCS DishDrawers have a slightly smaller capacity, fitting 12 place settings in two drawers as opposed to 14.  Enjoy our other dishwasher posts to complete your appliance research phase, including KitchenAid and Whirlpool!   

DCS DishDrawers offer nine cycles, including eco-friendly options and a delay start option for up to 12 hours. The dish racks are adjustable and feature fold-down tines. DCS DishDrawers rely on their patented Smart Drive™ to sense load size and administer the cycle accordingly.


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