For The Love Of European Appliance Brands


european appliance brandsAt Elite Appliance, we have a soft spot for European appliance brands from across the Atlantic.
Here are some of the top reasons we adore European-made appliances:

1. One Word: Engineering – the appliances that are tested and produced in this region are built with impeccable standards, with lasting, quality performance.

2. Beauty and Regal Style – European kitchens still look a lot different than American ones. These appliances tend to be undeniably beautiful and have an elegant, royal flair about them.

3. Savings – the majority of European appliances keep energy-savings in mind during the engineering process. When one of these luxury appliances are purchased, chances are your monthly energy bills will be reduced too. Many labels furthermore feature an Energy Star seal. Tip: Check the Internal Revenue Services to see if you qualify for a tax break if you’ve recently purchased a European appliance.

4. Advanced Features – countless European appliance brands have advanced features that save time and energy. Examples – some Miele washing machines can stock laundry detergent, which then dispenses automatically with each cycle. A few dishwashers like Bosch’s are noise-free – which means that members of the household can carry on with other chores or entertainment – without hearing the clatter of dishes or spinning clothes.

5. Durability – There are a few American made brands that can give European models a run for their money, but in general European appliances tend to be very durable.

Top European Appliance Brands

Now that we’ve covered what we love about European-made appliances, take quick look at a few brands we carry, including:
• Aga
• Liebherr
• Miele
• Smeg
• Verona

The Value Of European Appliance Brands

These European appliance brands provide immeasurable quality and a distinction that it truly otherworldly.   Consider the talking points that will be created in your kitchen as friends and family notice your unique, imported European appliance brands appliances.    The dramatic styling and refined elegance immediately adds luxury & class to any kitchen.    With a plethora of brands to explore you can enjoy a fascination exploration and discovery process as you view this amazing assortment of brands.

Our Resources On European Appliance Brands

Here are resources we’ve produced on European Appliance Brands.

Where to Buy European Appliance Brands

If you’re in the market for energy efficient, time-saving European Appliance Brands – with style, then visit our showroom, browse our store online, or call today to speak to an appliance expert!

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