What Is the Difference Between a Beverage Center and a Mini Fridge?


Regardless if you’re entertaining adults or children, keeping a separate space for drinks could greatly benefit you in the long run. From beer and wine to sodas and flavored waters, people of all ages would find great use in a compact refrigerator. So now you’re faced with the question: beverage center or mini-fridge? Well, what’s the difference between them anyway?

We’re glad you asked! We have no doubt that your mini-fridge from your college dorm room went above and beyond the call of duty, but as your living space begins to expand into a fully equipped kitchen and home, your needs begin to change.

Beverage Center vs. the Mini Fridgekitchenaid-beverage-center

The first noticeable difference is the professional design. While mini-fridges usually have opaque doors with different storage compartment areas, beverage centers are sleeker with specific storage design; most models have UV resistant glass panels for transparent doors.  Mini-fridges need open space on either side to have proper ventilation, but beverage centers installation options include both freestanding, and built-in, since the ventilation is on the bottom.

The temperature controls and features are a considerable difference as well. Mini-fridges are designed to keep cool temperatures for a variety of foods and beverages, because of this, temperatures are usually kept at an average of 40 degrees Fahrenheit. While mini-fridges maintain that one temperature throughout, beverage centers have different temperature controlled zones. Beverage centers are specifically designed to keep optimum temperatures for all beverages, including wine, which can be difficult to maintain in other appliances.

digital-touch-pad-beverage-centerBeverage centers also offer interior lighting, as well as touchpad controls with pre-programmed temperature settings for different types of wines. These smart controls also include Sabbath mode, alarms that go off in case of overheating or the door being left open too long, and a lock mode that prevents anyone from accidentally changing your temperature settings.

On top of the extra features, beverage centers also boast being more energy efficient, quieter, and the savvy design of the door hinges make for easy soft closing and eliminates the chances of swinging too far and slamming against the cabinets. Marvel-beverage-center-capacityOne last and final difference is simply the storage capabilities. Mini-fridges vary in size, just like beverage centers, however because the storage purposes are different, the capacity differs greatly. Many beverage centers are capable of holding large amounts of wine bottles, cans, six packs, and even liter bottles.

Which Beverage Center Is Right for Me?

Equipped with the knowledge of the differences between a beverage center and mini-fridge (sometimes known as a beverage frige), should you decide you’re in the market for a beverage center, now what?

Just as there is a difference in storage capabilities, temperature controls, and designs between a beverage center and mini-fridge, there is also a difference between different beverage center / beverage frige brands and models.

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