Washer Dryer Combo Reviews: 5 2022 Models

Washer Dryer Combo

The washer dryer combo is an example of a versatile all-in-one washer and dryer that takes up a small space. The combination of washing dryer works as a regular front-loading washer and a regular dryer taking a single load of laundry wash to dry. Say goodbye to moving loads from the washer to the dryer. And what is good is that this unique 24-inch device can be stored in a closet or under a counter. Another advantage is that the washer dryer combo’s do not have ventilation, so they can be placed anywhere.

As a briefing for all types of washing machines, be on the lookout for significant performance margins between water efficiency, noise, and capacity.

Combo Washer & Dryer Pricing

These washer dryer combo units have a market price range from one to four thousands United States dollars, depending on the manufacturer, model, and your locale. Fair warning, according to the NY Times, these combo washer & dryer units do not allow for laundry completion in the same time table as a regular, stand alone washer & dryers. “Unless you have no other choice, an all-in-one, single-drum, washer-dryer combo may reduce efficiency in your laundry process.” The NY Times team invested over 10 hours investigating 13 models, and didn’t identify a model performing anywhere near as quickly as a separate washer and dryer.

All that being stated, if a combo unit truly is your top priority for washing and drying clothes in a limited space or small home for example, the there are many worthy entrants to consider.

Washer Dryer Combo Dimension Chart
Washer Dryer Combo Dimensions

History of Combo Washer & Dryers

Washing and drying have been separate processes since the beginning of time. The wringer/washer machine was invented in the 19th century, whereas it took until the second half of the 20th century for fully electronic versions to be perfected.. The first automatic clothes washer© was developed by Bendix Home Appliances in 1937 and became the first automated appliance to pair with a dryer three years later in 1953.

GE Washer Dryer Combo

In the 1950s, this GE Combination Washer-Dryer did double duty at home. This ad is for a particular washer design in teal blue that would make more sense if it had been designed in that era.

GE revolutionized the washing world by inventing the first washer-dryer back in 1954, just seven years after it introduced the first fully automatic clothes washer.

The market for washer & dryer combos is growing, with a combined annual growth rate of 2.5% during the period from 2021 – 2027. In the United States, total spending on washer dryer combos has neared 4 billions annually, up from just over 3 billion. Large regional areas purchasing these units include Latin America, with Brazil leading the way and Mexico with the compact dimensions working well for many urban dwellers.

Combo Washer & Dryer Reviews

Based on our sales team’s experience and research across the web, our Washer Dryer Combo review section will list the positives of each washer dryer combo and guide what best suits your room. So much goes is involved with a complex appliance, trust us, we know. Therefore, we offer our 5 Best Washer-Dryer Selections for 2021. Below you will find a top level list of our combined selections for top washer dryer combos in 2021, with full reviews below.

Speed Queen L27 Inch Commercial Stacked Dryer

Blomberg GE WMD24400W


GE GUD27ESSWW Laundry Center


Experts point out that these Washer Dryer combos are not advisable for large families or organizations as the cycle times are longer and so producing multiple loads per day is a challenge for washer-dryer combinations. This is because the drying time is longer than ventilated machines. A key to remember is that areas that do not have sufficient airflow, leading to ambient humidity slow down drying. Wondering how to get the most out of the dryer combination? Install in a well-ventilated room for faster drying results, near exterior windows and exhaust vents. We seen laundry coordinators bring their clothes out of the washer dryer combo to head outside after the wash program is over and air dry it.

This will save time during the drying cycle for towels and cotton, which will take time. As with any drying scenario, it is imperative to clean & discard the lint after each load from the liner. Start washing before bedtime or going out. When you wake up or return home, you’ll have a fresh and clean load of clothes. Hide the Washer Dryer Combo with creative cabinetry or other aesthetic decor.

How Compact Washer & Dryers Can Work For Your Space

The compact washer and dryer save space and offer full functionality while integrated into a tight bathroom, stored under a countertop or stacked in a cupboard or cupboard. With this kind of versatility, you can easily move an outdated washing and dryer set from the basement to a hallway or a bedroom on the second floor.

These smaller, space-saving pairs of clothes offer the same cycles, features and fabric care as their full-size counterparts. In the compact category, dryer models are often ventilated (with less than a handful of exceptions). The traditional standard size washer and dryer is usually 27 inches wide. They are available in front load washer or top load washer configurations.

You can use the set side by side or the stackable format washer and dryer. Standard-sized washers and dryers offer a variety of options, from features to accessories such as pedestals and colors and styles. The choice is truly endless. Car washes are relics of the 70s. However, it is not uncommon to find them in larger rental buildings. Due to their low capacity and less desirable appearance, Elite Appliance does not often recommend them. The LG Wash Tower is a new addition to the world of washer dryer combos which we detail more below.

LG Wash Tower

The magic here is the full sized washing machine, spliced with a completely vented dryer for a truly top notch washer dryer combo experience. Currently, these new models are the only washer dryer combos featuring controls in the center for easy access! There are eco-benefits as the stacked units are able to communicate withe each other and find efficiencies. Additionally these units are several inches shorter than traditional stackable washer & dryers!

It is the only modern combination of washing machines with a full-size washing machine and a ventilated dryer and provides with easy access controls in between. Finally, the LG WashTower Washer Dryer Combo is a stylish solution with easy access control.

When buying the best combination of washer-dryer, start with the footprint at home, estimate how often you need to wash clothes and how accessible your clothes should be. Maybe you have a smaller space and would like to put your washer and dryer combination under a countertop. As far as the machines themselves are concerned, there are vital metrics to take into account, such as spatial dimensions of the units.

RV Washer Dryer Combos

For many RV fans, laundry is one of the challenges to overcome in designing the ultimate life on the road. Because of the obvious space limitation inside a recreational vehicle, small sized, combined washer dryer combos present attractive solutions to ensuring access to clean clothes on the go!

The RV washer dryer combo is a unique appliance that lets you do laundry while on the road. It is a convenient and time-saving solution, but it does not fit all needs. These RV washer dryer combo has many benefits, but it will not work for all situations. For example, if you are looking to do large amounts of laundry or live outside of the United States, this option may not be right for you. For more detailed information on washer dryer combo units, check out this post.

Combo Washer & Dryer Dimensions

Consider the true depth of prospective units! 24-inch products are usually 25 inches deep, while 27-inch models can be more than 30 inches in size. Many people do not have a 220/240 volt power outlet in your bathroom, which is necessary to power many washer dryer combos. If a 220 outlet is not present and you do not care to add one via a professional electrician, then perhaps steer towards a 120 V combination of standard voltage washers. Remember that 240 volt models (especially for heat pump dryers) work better than competitors with lower voltages.

If you have a tall cabinet, you may be able to install a compact 24-inch washer with an unventilated dryer on top. As already mentioned, disconnecting the washing machine and dryer allows you to carry out more loads.

LG Washer & Dryer Combos

LG washer and dryer combos are the perfect solution for those who want to optimize space in their home. They are also high-quality machines that come at a price that is competitive with other washer and dryers. For those who are environmentally conscious, LG washer and dryer combos have a low environmental impact as they consume less water and electricity.

In the past, people had to choose between a functional washing machine or an efficient laundry equipment. But LG washer and dryer combos make it so that people can have both!

Speed Queen Washer Dryer Combo

Speed Queen L27 Inch Commercial Stacked Dryer

All of the awesomeness of the speed queen in a combo stacked washer & dryer. Bring the famous laundromat performance to your serve inside any space limitation. Ok, this unit is tall, but will work in the majority of apartments etc.

It has a significant capacity of close to 14 cubit feet, rivaling smaller full size units. The casing is heavy duty and commercial grade metal, increasing durability when moving it in and out of an apartment or door. Everything operates quietly with the enhanced blower system, allowing you to avoid annoyance even with the unit located close to your work or sleep space. You’ll find five wash settings and 3 dryer styles to suit a wide array of needs. Additionally the door mechanism is ADA compliant providing a benefit to resale value and local permit compliance. Bottom line, if you have the height, this speed queen is highly attractive.

Link to our full fledged Speed Queen Article

Blomberg washer dryer combo

Blomberg WMD24400W

Our team highlighted several desirable features for the Blomberg at the onset. Here we go; the Tina Sanitize Cycle Non-ventilated Drying System, Water Cooling System, & Operation Washing and Wear Optima Cycle Inverter Motor Technology Compact. Measuring in at 24 inches, you’ll find Optimal Energy and Water Saving Experience with the Bloomberg WMD24400W. The machine has an automatic water adjustment system that helps to release the exact amount needed for each load. When you calculate the size of clothes and use the exact amount of water for a full rinse.

Provides a quick cleaning cycle for small amounts of uncontaminated clothing. It also features the latest easy-to-use liquid detergent washing technology that provides the best washing conditions for your fabrics. With a ventilation-free drying process and water-cooled operation, members of your household will be pleased with a Blomberg washer dryer combo for sure!


With a medium sized, 4.5 Cubic feet container, plus the high-capacity DirectiveDrive engine uses fewer moving parts for more efficient operation and reduced damage experience. If you are repair averse, the SmartDiagnostics feature will wow you will faster damage detection. Another boost to the benefit list is the, Turbowash Ventless Technology Condensate drying system. Add in an Electronic control Dual LED display + Fast forward Desrelease wash time. It is designed to allow efficient cleaning while reducing washing time with the double spray nozzle and flush spray.

On one test, the machine conveniently handled eight pounds of towels in one wash, upgrading to new front-loading combos. SmartDiagnostics uses self-recognition technology to transmit information to the product’s customer service. To save even more energy with each load, use warm water washing. Furthermore, those without hot water heaters connected to the laundry area will appreciate the ColdWash feature uses cold water and improved wash movements to penetrate tissues.

GE GUD27 ESSMWW Laundry Center Washer Dryer Combo

And now, from GE take a look at the GE GUD27 ESSMWW. This is a separate washer and dryer will give you the freedom and time to wash and dry at the same time. The ventilated dryer is faster than condensation dryers. Several online reviews did note the con of dated appearance. Commenting that unit looks like a blast from the mullet and Trans Am time period when fashion was not very forward! It takes up more space than a modern combined low-speed washer-dryer motor does not draw maximum moisture during the wash cycle, which in turn adds time in the dryer. Not as soft with clothing as front-loading technology.

GE recently released the Energy Star certified version of this product, the GE GUD27EESNWW at a slightly higher price and slightly higher drum capacity. The company also manufactures a version developed for advanced ventilation lines (also known as long ventilation version) of the GE GUV27ESSMWW. Like other washing centers, this washing machine automatically measures the load size and produces the exact amount of water and detergent needed for clean washing. Dry the cloth at a maximum spin speed of 800 rpm. All in all, this unified laundry center is designed as a replacement part for GE instead of a washing quality column.

The GE GUD27ESSMWW is not technically a dryer combination. In the industry, we refer to this style as laundry. However, most people think of the unified laundry center as a combination of washer-dryer. In order not to disappoint our readers, we have included this product as part of our recommendation. If you are looking for a direct replacement for your old Washer Dryer Combo, the GE GUD27ESSMWW may be the ideal choice. It is available in 27″ or 24″ wide with gas or electric dryer options. GE makes this laundry center white and diamond grey.


This is a traditional standby, with loads of success and positive reviews. As the evolution of the WM3499HVA, that comes with a lower speed engine without Wi-Fi, the LG WM3488HW is an notable improvement! The true Balance anti-vibration system is designed to reduce the buzz emitted by washing, which delivers stable and low noise operation anywhere in your home. Plus the built-in SmartDiagnostics tool allows you detect problems without checking the system out internally.

Thanks to the sanitary cycle function included with the gadget, stubborn stains are removed with 158F heated water. NFC label technology allows you to control your washing cycles and unload the most advanced ones.

The application analyzes the recording of special sounds emitted by the units and provides immediate solutions for it. 6Motion technology combines six different washing movements for a definitive cleaning combination of LG WM3488HW dryer gives you effortless washing time on your jeans, sweatshirts and towels. Ensures that your large piles of clothes with its large 2,3 cu capacity will fall into less loads. It is perfect for attachments. Regardless of size, this compact washing machine is perfect for apartments, condos or small rooms.

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Miele Dryers

Regardless of how you cut it, since the washing machine and dryer are in the same box, a combination of washing dryer takes a long time to finish a cycle, this is the perpetual laundry dilemma. This is even better than going to the laundry just around the corner to enjoy a community laundry experience as well as the cost of a trip to cleaning.

According to Clean Cut, our modern world has resulted in vast technological advancements, and the laundry room has benefited from this boom. Combining washing and drying in the one appliance sounds like the ultimate home laundry convenience. In go the dirty clothes in the Washer Dryer Combo and out come the dry, clean and fresh clothes! And the best part is that most are compact enough to sit below another household fixture. Could there be a downside?

Studies and reviews spanning the internet have shown that these Washer Dryer Combo machines often can’t match the performance of their separate counterparts. Should you consider traditional washer & dryer models, our online showroom is packed with options. Nonetheless, our team here lined out the differences and similarities of washer-dryer combinations and in order to help you identify the laundry setup that best suits your family & room.