Viking Electric Range RDSCE2305BSS Review: The D3 Series 30″

Time to meet the Viking Electric Range.  While gas ranges certainly have their benefits, some home chefs tout the positive attributes of electric ranges. Electric heating is often more efficient than gas heating, and it is praised for heating evenly and predictably.

If you fall into the electric cooking camp, a Viking D3 electric range might be just the range for you. It’s a powerful, stylish, freestanding stainless steel electric range that carries all the great characteristics associated with the Viking brand.

Viking Electric Range D3 Stainless Steel StoveStarting with the durable glass ceramic surface, the Viking electric range offers sleek, modern style and lasting quality. The continuous surface is easy to clean, and the stainless steel frame surrounding the black surface top and oven door offers a nice geometric contrast.
The five burners atop the Viking electric stove feature a trademarked QuickCook system that provides full power in just three seconds. You won’t have to wait long for water to boil or steaks to sear on these fast and powerful burners.
The left front and right rear burners are 8.5 inches in diameter and offer 2,000 watts of energy each. The left rear and right front are slightly smaller at 6.5 inches in diameter and offer 1,200 watts of energy each. Then the triple-element center burner is a full 12 inches wide and produces 3,200 watts.

Viking Electric Range D3 Series

Highlited Customizable Knobs and Handle of RDSCE2305BSSBelow the cooktop surface, the self-cleaning oven offers a range of capabilities with plenty of space for multiple dishes at once. The Viking range features the largest oven cavity in the industry with 4.7 cubic feet of capacity. For amazing customization, each knob and handle on the D3 electric range can be customized.

A 10-pass broiler and 10-pass dual-bake element offer precise, potent and even heating throughout the oven for optimal results. Also, the oven features Viking’s trademarked Vari-Speed Dual Flow Convection System. With the largest convection fan on the market at 8.5 inches in diameter, the oven’s convection capabilities surpass many competitors in evenness and delicacy. The fan also runs bi-directionally to maximize airflow.

With these multiple heating elements, the oven offers baking, convection baking, convection roasting, three levels of broiling, convection broiling, convection dehydrating and convection defrosting capabilities.

One standard rack, two adjustable racks and six rack positions allow you to configure your oven to best fit the cooking project at hand.
One of the best features of this Viking oven though, is the RapidReady preheat system. Despite being the largest oven in the industry, you don’t have to wait long for this oven to preheat. You can get that casserole or those dinner rolls into the oven and out of the oven quickly so you can spend more time enjoying your food and less time laboring over it.

Lastly, these Viking electric ranges are available in customizable colors or with handle and knob inserts that can add additional style or match your existing cabinetry.

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