Viking D3 Refrigerator RDFN536DSS Review: French Door With Dual Drawers

Now for the Viking D3 Refrigerator Series with french door & dual drawers !  At Elite Appliance, we work hard to stay on top of the latest trends in luxury appliances, and we make sure to bring our customers the best products that represent those trends. In the world of refrigerators, four-door models are taking center stage. Electrolux, Samsung, and Liebherr have already introduced their four-door, French door refrigerators with extra capacity and other advanced features.

Not to be outdone, Viking is preparing to introduce its own French door Viking d3 4 Door French Door Refrigeratorrefrigerator with four drawers. The Viking D3 French door refrigerator with dual drawers will be available in late January or early February. We haven’t been able to see one in person yet because they are still in the initial production phase, but we were given the chance to review the product specifications and detailed images of the interior and exterior.

The new Viking 4 door french door refrigerator offers 25 cubic feet of capacity with 18.4 cubic feet in the refrigerator and 6.6 cubic feet in the freezer. To maximize capacity and keep food organized, the refrigerator doors have six storage bins, two of which can accommodate gallon containers. Four adjustable spill-proof shelves allow you to manipulate the refrigerator to fit your needs, and one stationary glass shelf serves as an anchor.

Viking D3 Refrigerator Control Elements

Viking also allows individual control over several other elements of the refrigerator. First an electronic temperature control with a digital reader maintains precise temperatures and keeps you informed of that temperature at all times. One Humidity Zone drawer features adjustable moisture settings, allowing you to change conditions as needed to keep your produce fresh in the optimal conditions.

Viking D3 ColdZone Drawer
Viking’s new ColdZone drawer allows for a separate temperature zone for more optimal food storage.

Additionally, the new ColdZone drawer has its own temperature setting, separate from the rest of the refrigerator. You can adjust your ColdZone drawer to store produce or meat at the optimal temperature to keep them fresh for the longest period possible. This is Viking’s first refrigerator with a separate drawer above the freezer drawer.

Another feature sure to be appreciated by all users is that both the refrigerator and the freezer are frost-free. There’s no need to defrost or have to dig items out of a pile of ice.

A door dispenser delivers cubed and crushed ice and filtered, chilled water. Viking’s high-quality water filter promises clear, clean, odorless water with no contaminants. Your fresh water comes to you effortlessly, and you don’t even have to keep track of when you last changed the filter. Viking does all the thinking for you. A filter indicator lets you know whether the filter is in good condition or whether you need to order a new one.

Water Dispencer on Viking D3 Series Refrigerator
The in-door ice & water dispenser on Viking’s new D3 refrigerator.

Similarly, Viking looks out for you when it comes to the refrigerator door. If the door remains open for more than five minutes, an alarm sounds, letting you know to close the door before you lose cool air.

Lastly, Viking’s competitive new four-door refrigerator is Energy Star rated, so you know it runs with efficiency, saving you money and helping the environment.

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