Viking Cooktop VGSU1646BSS Review: 36″ Gas with 6 Sealed Burners

Viking is a favorite among home chefs for many reasons – the commercial quality, Viking Cooktop VGSU1646BSS high power, intuitive controls, professional style and the brand’s three-year warranty that promises to stand by each product.  The Viking Cooktop Professional Series 36″ gas is a favorite among home chefs because of it’s wide range of burner outputs.

As we sift through Viking cooktop reviews, there is one model that stands apart. The Viking VGSU1646BSS cooktop is a favorite among multi-taskers. It’s the only 36” countertop cutout cooktop with six burners, allowing you to multi-task to your heart’s content and accomplish more in less time. While some meals may only require one or two burners, those who love to entertain will certainly find use for all six burners from time to time, especially around the holidays.

All six burners on the Viking 36” cooktop are sealed for safety and easy cleaning, and all control knobs, grates and burner ports can be easily removed for cleaning. For added safety, all Viking Cooktop control knobs are childproof, featuring a push-to-turn safety feature.

How This Viking Cooktop Is Constructed

Viking cooktop side-mounted knobsAlso, this Viking stainless steel cooktop is constructed from only the finest quality and most ideal materials. Flame ports are constructed from brass, and the burner caps and grates are porcelain-covered cast iron. The knobs are formed from durable metal that will withstand heavy use for years to come.  Stylish side-mounted knobs give you full control of the 6 powerful burners on the Viking Cooktop VGSU1646BSS.

Of course, what cooking enthusiasts ultimately need to know is what kind of power and control this Viking gas cooktop has.  The statistics are the culinary bottom line!   Each of the six burners has slightly different heating capabilities. For example, the left front burner is the most powerful, with the ability to heat up to 16,000 BTUs. (One BTU heats one pound of water by about 1°F.) At the other end of the spectrum, the right front burner heats a high of 6,000 BTUs but can also hold a steady simmer at a low of 950 BTUs.

In order to accommodate a variety of personal styles, the cooktop is available in three color lines; stainless steel, black with black grates and knobs, or white with gray grates and white knobs. The cooktop may also come with brass accents upon request.Viking 36 Inch gas cooktopWith these varying degrees of power, customers can take comfort that whether stir-frying on high heat or simmering a delicate sauce on low, all burners feature automatic ignition/re-ignition. Therefore, the Viking Cooktop burners light at any position on the knob without any tricks, and they re-light if for any reason the flame flickers out. The burner will be back on at the precise setting before the pan loses heat.

Viking Cooktop Recap

Built-in cooktops deliver top-tier execution in the kitchen, precisely where you need it. Cooktops are engineered to embed seamlessly into your islands and countertops, powerfully providing all the BTUs one could ever need. Viking 7 and 5 Series cooktops give you the platform to produce whatever culinary treats your friends & families preferences dictate.

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