U-Line Wine Cooler Review: 3 Reasons To Buy In Home Wine Storage

The U-Line wine cooler review will show you the many advantages of this handy appliance! Why not resolve to relax more and have a little more fun? U-Line Wine Captains allow you to store your wine in the most convenient locations, while maintaining optimal conditions.  

U-Line Cooler Review

U-Line under counter refrigeration units will help accomplish both of these goals. With your U-Line Wine Captain, you can chill your wine to the perfect temperature in any room in the house, so you can unwind in your favorite spot after work.

With 50 years perfecting its craft, U-Line knows nuanced temperature differences change the way wine tastes on our palates. The company that first produced wine coolers for residential spaces continues to outsell all of its competitors. The precise temperature control, triple-zone cooling, and clean, minimalist design that blends into any room in any home all combine to make U-Line Wine Captains the clear choice in wine cellars.

U-Line Wine Cooler Review

When selecting your U-Line wine refrigerator, you have several different choices, ranging in width from 15″ to 36″ and with capacity ranging from 24 bottles to 62 bottles for the true wine connoisseur or entertainer. Four models range in temperature from 40°F to 60°F, which accommodates most types of wine. However, three U-Line wine coolers offer an extended temperature range from 38°F to 65°F. This extended range allows you to accommodate more intense red wines, such as Bordeaux and Shiraz, which are ideally kept at 65°F. Lighter whites and sparkling wines do best at the lower end of the spectrum – often between 43°F and 48°F. The two distinct zones in most U-Line Wine Captains allows for precise storage temperatures for reds and whites.  This is a key element of this U-Line Wine Cooler Review!

U-Line Wine Cooler ReviewOf course, these widely different temperature standards can cause a
dilemma for those who enjoy all types of wines. However, U-Line offers a
solution with its triple-zone cooling system, available on three of its
models. You can store whites and reds in the same U-Line wine cellar
without making any compromises. If it’s just the red wines you love, you
may opt for the U-Line 2175WCC, which relies on convection cooling for an efficient, steady temperature throughout the entire refrigerator.

If you have children in the home, you may be pleased to know you can opt for a locking door on some models. You may also choose whether you want the door to open to the left or to the right – a great option for tight spaces. Lastly, your U-Line wine cooler may come in either stainless steel, black or allow you the option of an overlay to match your surrounding cabinetry.   These custom panel Wine Captains allow you to match your doors to the surrounding cabinetry.  We know you’ve enjoyed this U-Line Wine Cooler Review, visit us online, in showroom or chat with a sales agent.

Custom Panel U-Line Wine Captain

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