The Hidden Range Hood Trend

Zephyr Monsoon Mini Hood

Zephyr under cabinet hood built into custom cabinetry.

The Newest Kitchen Ventilation Trend

The bottom line on hidden range hoods!  Ventilation hoods are a necessary appliance that is essential in extracting smoke, grease and odors from cooking spaces. As a functional piece of equipment, you can easily spot ventilation hoods in most kitchens but as contemporary designs and compact kitchens become more popular, a new ventilation hood trend begins to emerge: the hidden range hood.

Streamlined Kitchen Design With Hidden Range Hoods

Kitchens that have applied this trend have a streamlined design where range hoods are not easily found, but just because they’re not seen doesn’t mean they’re not there. Featuring the ultimate display of innovative design, this trend can be achieved in a manner of different ways.

Bertazzoni' Slide-Out Visor Hood

Bertazzoni’ Slide-Out Visor Hood

Your Cabinetry With Hidden Range Hoods

Let your cabinetry become the focal point of your kitchen by installing liner inserts in a custom cabinet. This gives you the freedom to achieve the exact look you want while keeping your hood hidden. These liner inserts are tucked out of sight and are only visible from underneath the cabinetry. Multiple brands such as Vent-A-Hood carry different sizes and configurations to fit seamlessly in any design.

Slide Out & Visor Hoods

Hidden Range Hood Trend

Faber’s Jewel ventilation hood remains hidden behind a custom panel until ready for use.

Slide-out and visor hoods are also an option for under cabinet installation. With a flush fit underneath the cabinetry, a small horizontal strip is the only visible feature of this hood.  This front edge is sometimes finished in stainless steel or glass, but certain models accept custom panels for a completely integrated look.These visors then pull-out to operate and slide back in to their discreet hiding place once not in use.

Some range hood models that employ this design are the Bertazzoni visor hood, the Monogram Slide-Out hood, and the Elica Glide.

For another cabinetry-hidden ventilation option, try ventilation models like the Faber Jewel which is disguised behind a stainless steel or custom panel cabinet that tilts out to reveal and operate the hood.

Discreet Island Installation

For kitchen islands, hiding a ventilation appliance proves more difficult as there isn’t any surrounding cabinetry. Rest assured, you can still achieve unobstructed sight lines with a hidden range hood by choosing to install ventilation in either the ceiling or island.

Ceiling-mounted hoods like the Zephyr Lux Island hood fit completely flush with the ceiling and usually include a wireless remote to operate lighting and speed controls. These appliances are costlier since they are incredibly powerful to make up for the increased distance.

Kitchenaid Downdraft Ventilation System

KitchenAid’s retractable downdraft ventilation system rises 14 inches to extract fumes.

Downdraft ventilation can also be used for island cooking as well as any other location in the kitchen thanks to its concealed ducting. Retractable downdrafts, such as the Viking Professional series model, lower back into the countertop once not in use with only a thin strip remaining visible.

Some cooktops have built-in downdraft ventilation systems such as the Jenn-Air JX3 cooktops.

Hidden Range Hoods in Plain View

Lastly, consider design-forward models that hide your ventilation hood in plain sight. Luxury appliance brands like Elica have several island hoods that are designed and suspended like a lighting fixture but have a built-in vent hidden inside.

Elica Platinum Hood

Elica’s Platinum Hood appears to be just a pendent light but a 350 CFM blower hides just behind the surface.

While this discreet trend looks fantastic, it’s important to note that not all range hoods are designed to be integrated so feel free to contact us and speak with an appliance specialist about finding the right kitchen ventilation for you.

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