Tell me about Miele Generation 7000 dishwasher with AutoDos and AutoStart

The Miele Generation 7000 dishwasher is a high-end appliance with innovative features that make washing dishes a breeze. AutoDos is a unique feature of this dishwasher that dispenses the right amount of detergent at the right time, depending on the cycle selected. This means that you won’t have to guess how much detergent to use or worry about loading it in at the right time. The Miele dishwasher takes care of it all, ensuring that your dishes are washed to perfection every time.

Another standout feature of the Miele Generation 7000 dishwasher is its AutoStart function. With this feature, you can program the dishwasher to start automatically at a specific time, so you can set it to run overnight or while you’re away from home. This is an excellent feature for busy households, as it saves time and ensures that your dishes are ready to go when you need them.

The Miele Generation 7000 dishwasher also has a range of other sophisticated features, such as EcoTech heat storage, which uses the residual heat from the last wash cycle to preheat the water in the next cycle, saving energy and reducing the time it takes to wash your dishes. Additionally, the dishwasher’s ComfortClose feature makes loading and unloading a breeze, as the door opens and closes easily and stays securely closed during the wash cycle.

In conclusion, the Miele Generation 7000 dishwasher with AutoDos and AutoStart is an exceptional appliance that sets the standard for modern dishwashers. Its innovative features make washing dishes easy and efficient while ensuring that your dishes come out sparkling clean every time.