Tecnogas Superiore RN361GPSS Review: 36″ All-Gas Next Series Range

Tecnogas SuperioreContemporary Style with Iconic Design

Tecnogas Superiore celebrates its Italian heritage by paying tribute to Motor Valley, the home of legendary engineering feats such as Ferrari and Lamborghini, with their line of contemporary NEXT series ranges. Featuring iconic design elements reminiscent of automotive design and powerful performance as substantial as the previously mentioned supercars, the Tecnogas Superiore NEXT ranges are quickly emerging as the choice appliance for high-end kitchens everywhere.

The RN361GPSS, a 36-inch all-gas range, is the perfect example of everything the NEXT series ranges offer. The sleek exterior design complements kitchens of many styles and each small detail strongly contributes to the overall design. Analog-style controls and temperature gauge match well with the Panorama oven door, which spans almost the entire area of the door for a high-tech industrial look.

The NEXT Series gas range integrates seamlessly in high-end kitchens.

Superior Performance and Function

The six-gas burner worktop features two 18,000 BTU burners, two 6,500 BTU burners, one 11,000 BTU burner, and one 3,600 BTU burner. The range’s brass burners are specially designed with inclined burner ports to minimize heat loss and resist heat and aging deterioration. With six powerful burners, it’s easy to cook a multitude of different foods at the same time and slide cooking vessels easily from one burner to the next thanks to the continuous cast iron grates.

Cook an entire Thanksgiving feast all at once with this range’s 6.7 cu. ft. capacity oven, and thanks to the four convection fans, there’s no need to worry about flavor transfer. Complete with four oven functions (Defrost, Gas Cooking, Gas Convection Cooking, and Broil) and one lighting function that activates two interior halogen lights, the RN361GPSS oven is a powerhouse you’ll find yourself using over and over again.

The 36 inch NEXT series range can cook an entire Thanksgiving meal at once.

Monitor the temperature inside the cavity with the analog thermometer which simplifies readings with labels such as Warm (70-200°F), Moderate (200-300°F), Hot (300-400°F), and Very Hot (400-500°F). Lastly, ensure that you and anyone present in the kitchen is safe from intense heat thanks to Tecnogas Superiore’s Cool Flow System which uses inner fans to generate a flow of cold air that keeps exterior surfaces cool and safe to the touch.

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