Speed Ovens: 5 Model Reviews

What is a speed oven?

Speed ovens are the up and coming, state-of-the-art appliance that work not only as a wall oven, but as a microwave as well. A speed oven is smaller and cooks much faster than your typical oven; in addition, it has a convection component like a microwave. Most even have a grill component, too. If you don’t have the space for a microwave, this could be an option for you.

Speed Ovens Reviewed

A Level Up From Microwaves

Microwaves are a great convenience but they can leave your food tasting either too oily or burnt. That is why we recommend that you try Speed Ovens. Cooking with a speed oven can be understood like this, you have essentially have 90% convection and 10% microwave working in this small appliance.

There are many reasons to love Speed Ovens. One of them is that it cooks your food faster than a microwave and evenly with no need for stirring while the oven is in use. If you’re serious about cooking quality meals in a range of time congruent with your lifestyle, the effectiveness & versatility of a speed oven is the hot trend in cooking technology perfect for the way meals are cooked in the modern world.  Some reviewer estimate that these speed oven attributes when combined with the microwave functions to cut cooking time by more than 50 percent. The speed oven can work like a microwave + the performance of a convention oven!

Speed Oven Advantages

A speed oven has been shown to cook certain dishes in about half the time as a regular oven.  Speed ovens cook food at a much higher temperature than a conventional oven. The heat is sealed in to create an even cooking environment, thus preventing the food from drying out and becoming tough.

If you want to cook something quickly and evenly, then this is the appliance for you!

  • Size- they are smaller, which allows more flexibility for those with a limited amount of space in their kitchen.
  • Modes- they come with dozens of different modes to ensure the best outcome for whatever you are cooking.
  • Ventless- they have a ventless design, making it easier and cheaper for you.
  • Cook times- due to the heating system, your food is cooked at much faster speeds, which saves you a lot of time for other things!
  • Browning- because of the convection and design of a speed oven, you can achieve the perfect texture and browning for toast, unlike in an average microwave.

Speed Oven Disadvantages

The speed oven is a high-powered device that is used to cook food in a matter of minutes. However, this type of appliance has some disadvantages.

It’s common for these high-powered machines to burn the food and dry it out. Another issue is that they may not be able to heat the food evenly and you will end up with some parts overcooked and others undercooked.

  • Price- speed ovens don’t come cheap. Although they may be worth it, really make sure to plan and budget if this is the appliance you want. Depending on the brand, speed ovens range from $1,500 to $3,5000.
  • Size- because of the smaller size they can’t hold the same amount of food as your typical wall oven.

Best Rated Speed Ovens

Miele M-Touch Series H6700BM

Miele Speed Oven
  • $2,249.99
  • Cooling system with cool front
  • Safety functions
  • Combination modes
  • MasterChef automatic programs
  • Bake, defrost, gentle bake, rapid reheat, intensive, convection roast, convection bake, and more
  • Roast probe
  • Cook up to 72 hours earlier with the long term planning mode-Sabbath Program
  • Wolf M-Series SPO30PM/S/PH
Wolf M-Series SPO30PM/S/PH
  • $3,899.00
  • 10 different microwave power levels
  • Micro Bake & Micro Roast eliminate or reduce preheat times
  • Fits 9 by 13 inch pan
  • Tips and recipes from the Mastering the Speed Oven guide
  • Works with other Wolf built-in ovens
  • Frees up counter space
  1. Bosch Benchmark Series HMCP0252UC
Bosch Benchmark Series HMCP0252UC
  • $1,759.99
  • Convection bake, broil, convection, microwave, and SpeedChef combination cooking
  • 120V or 240V options
  • European Convection, AutoChef, and Microwave + Toaster modes
  • Installs with cabinets
  • Stackable with other Bosch wall ovens, steam ovens, and warming drawers
  • 24, 27, 30-inch options
  1. Thermador MC30WP
Thermador MC30WP Speed Oven
  • $2,499
  • High-end knobs and thick pro-style handling
  • 6 cubic feet in the interior
  • Fits 9 by 13 inch pan
  1. GE Advantium PSB9120SFSS
GE Advantium PSB9120SFSS

Advantium technology harnesses the power of light in cooking applications! The outside of the food is cooked like a conventional oven, with radiant heat produced by halogen bulbs all around the food item. This halogen-produced heat receives a high dose of microwave energy. Here what happens, Foods simmer and cook consistently and fast, while retaining their natural moisture.

  • $2,249.99
  • Advantium technology combines convection, light and the microwave to perfectly and evenly cook any food
  • Broil, toast, bake, warming and more
  • Speedcooking
  • Convection baking

The History Of Speed Ovens

The first speed oven was invented by a company called Thermador in 1985. They wanted to find a way to cook food faster and more efficiently.

The first speed oven contained two heating elements, one on the top and one on the bottom. This allowed for an even distribution of heat throughout the oven so that the food could be cooked faster than with just one element.

This type of oven had other improvements that made it more efficient too- such as a convection fan and an automatic sensor that detects when you are cooking different types of food so that it can change its temperature accordingly.

Final Thoughts

The speed oven is a kitchen innovation that cooks food up to two times faster than a regular oven. This result is possible because the heat is distributed more evenly in the air which means that there’s no hot or cold spot in this type of oven. Complete cooking power for your home!

This innovation can be used by people who have a busy lifestyle and are short on time. It also reduces energy consumption which is an added bonus for those who try to save on electricity bills.

Speed ovens are a wonderful and convenient appliance to have in your kitchen, especially for those that need more time in the day and who are in need of a little space saving. Check out our website or give us a call, and our appliance specialists can help find you the perfect speed oven at the best price on the market.

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