3 Types Of Samsung Wi-Fi Connected Appliances

For over seventy years, Samsung has been breaking through barriers and introducing new technology like Samsung Wi-Fi Connected Appliances, to make our everyday lives easier. Bringing that connectivity and efficiency to your home, Samsung’s home appliances are designed with superior technology, allowing you to control your home appliances with a simple tap on your smartphone. Sophisticated, smart, and contemporary, Samsung’s connected home appliances are brilliantly attractive and innovative.



As one of the most frequented destinations in our home, the refrigerator is one of the most feature-heavy appliances Samsung’s introduced. The FamilyHub feature on Samsung’s refrigerators has a Wi-Fi enabled touch screen that allows you to leave notes for your family, manage a grocery list, sync calendars and manage expiration dates.

You can even display photos and videos, or stream music to your kitchen for a cooking soundtrack, and stream your connected Samsung TV right into the kitchen!


Samsung-Cooktop-and-HoodPreheating and monitoring your oven is one of the most important steps in cooking to get even and desired results. With Samsung’s Wi-Fi connected ranges and wall ovens, you can remotely monitor and control your oven right from your smartphone. Turn on and off, pre-heat, and adjust temperature or time-left with just a tap on your screen.

Synch your Samsung cooktop and ventilation hood together via Bluetooth for the ultimate time-saving convenience. Whenever the burners on your cooktop are turned on, your hood fan and light are also automatically started. You can also control and adjust the hood vent and LED lighting from your smartphone.


With so much flexibility and connectivity, Samsung has completely innovated your cooking experience, but they didn’t stop there. By adding connectivity features to Samsung dishwashers and laundry appliances, Samsung has also revolutionized your clean-up routines.

Using Samsung Wi-Fi Connected Appliances, you can control specific Samsung dishwasher models straight from your phone. Select your desired cycle, start and pause operation, adjust options, review time progress, and even cancel and drain if you need to. Doing the dishes has never been so effortless.

Samsung-LaundryLastly, keep an eye on your laundry without even having to stay in the house. Monitor and control cycles and options, receive alerts when cycles are complete, and schedule cycles all from your phone. Feel free to quickly run whatever errands you need to and still know exactly when to get back to switch a load over to the dryer.

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