Northland Refrigerator 48SS-WS Review : 48″ Of Customizable Refrigeration Space

Our homes say a lot about us and a Northland Refrigerator shows great class.   From the artwork we display on the walls and the style of furniture in our living room to our home entertainment systems and our window treatments, parts of our personalities and values are revealed in each corner of the home.

Northland Side by side 48 inch refrigerator
The 48SS-WS features 32.5 Cu Ft of capacity, enough for large families or frequent entertainers.

The kitchen, while functional, is also a showroom of sorts. Perhaps your kitchen has a sleek modern appeal with all the latest gadgets, or perhaps it has the neutral tones and warm touches of a Tuscan style kitchen. Whatever the case, your appliances should fit your style; you shouldn’t have to adapt your style to your appliances.

Northland Refrigerator Customized To Your Kitchen

As you browse through the top home appliance brands to find the products that fit both your style and your practical needs, you’ll find one brand stands out in providing truly custom products: Northland.

Northland refrigerators are custom built for each specific client. Many brands offer a few standard refrigerator sizes. Northland refrigeration units are available in any 6-inch increment between 18 inches and 72 inches. You may choose a Northland side by side, top freezer, all refrigerator, or all freezer. Northland also offers small beverage refrigerators and wine cellars.

Northland 48 inch Refrigerator
Northland’s 48″ refrigerator is available with either a stainless steel or white aluminum interior (48SS-WS interior is white aluminum).

The Northland 48 inch side by side refrigerator is the ideal option for large families or those who love to entertain. With expansive interior space, a customizable exterior, and a quality cooling system, this refrigerator is the perfect fit in every way.

To make sure your Northland built in refrigerator truly fits your unique style, you can choose from stainless steel, black, glass, or you may opt for a panel-ready refrigerator and match your refrigerator door to your cabinetry. The 48SS-WS model is a popular seller, with sleek stainless steel wrapped doors.

Northland refrigerator with Stainless steel wrapped doors
Northland’s pro-style shelves (pictured in stainless steel, model 48SS-WS features white aluminum framed glass shelves).

Inside, you have the option of stainless steel or white aluminum. Whereas the standard plastic interiors in many refrigerators can absorb odors and stains, stainless steel and aluminum will not. Most opt for white aluminum (standard in the 48SS-WS model) because it is closer to the look of most residential refrigerator interiors.

In addition to the myriad custom options, Northland designs its refrigerators for ultimate usability and quality. Northland created its own patented cooling system that sits on top of the refrigerator cabinet allowing for easy accessibility down the road when maintenance is required and additional capacity now. Northland refrigerators offer more interior space when compared with other refrigerators of the same outer dimensions. The 48 inch side by side Northland refrigerator offers a total of 32.5 cubic feet of storage – 12 cubic feet in the freezer and 20.5 cubic feet in the refrigerator.

In addition to saving space, the cooling system does not allow the freezer to warm during the automatic defrost cycle. Many freezers do warm up slightly during the defrost, causing freezer burn and melting ice cubes.

Lastly, Americans can be proud that these quality refrigerators are built right here in the U.S.  Our complete line up of high quality refrigerators and kitchen appliance can be found on our website.

With decades of American manufacturing experience, Northland Corporation has been upgrading homes across North America with beautiful craftsmanship and practical features.

Learn About Northland

Northland was a pioneers custom-built modular refrigeration during the 1990s, a concept that quickly took off in the industry as an intelligent design trend for home kitchens. Today, the company’s line-up of premium under-counter appliances continue assembly in the original hometown of Greenville, MI by local artisans.

This time-tested performance ensures Northland is the hallmark of strong quality and customer-centric design.

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