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The brand to focus on this week is Liebherr. This family owned company, based out of Germany, not only manufactures luxury refrigerators, wine fridges and freezers, but also is one of the worlds largest manufacturers for construction machinery. This diverse company began its mission to create the best refrigerator that was the most affordable and efficient on the market back in 1954. Liebherr appliances are made in five countries; Germany, Austria, Malaysia, India and Bulgaria.

Liebherr’s products are for both domestic and commercial use. Their products include built-in refrigerators and freezers, stand-alone appliances, temperature controlled wine coolers, humidors and more. One of the main features that stands out with their refrigerators is the BioFresh capability, which keeps all food fresh because of the extremely low temperature and varying humidity levels. The one feature that makes Liebherr’s freezers stand out is the NoFrost system. This allows the food in your freezer to be chilled with air circulation that ousts the humidity, which helps keep the food fresh, longer.

Elite Appliance has a wide variety of Liebherr products to choose from, but here is some of our top selling appliances.


Monolith Refrigerator (30”)

This refrigerator is unlike any other. The advancements and design on this fridge with keep all food cold and fresh, while also looking stylish in your kitchen.

Some features include:

  • Energy efficient, BioFresh-Plus, PowerCooling and SmartDeviceBox
  • InfinitySwipe touchscreen
  • Built In, one door
  • 15 Cu. Ft.
  • Wi-Fi
  • Customized panels
  • Gallon storage, SoftSystem, SuperCool



Wine Cabinet HW8000

This wine fridge is very popular because of the style and capacity it can hold. This built in wine fridge can hold up to 80 bottles, giving you shelves and room to group wines the way you would like.

Some features include:

  • SuperQuiet & SoftSystem
  • ADA Compliant
  • Electronic Display
  • Alarm System
  • Compressors
  • Activated Charcoal Filter



Monolith Freezers

The monolith freezers compliment the monolith fridge perfectly in innovation and design. These freezers are just as sleek and impressive.

Some features include:

  • SuperCool & SuperFrost
  • BioFresh-Plus
  • FlexSystem & InfinityBeam
  • PowerCooling
  • SmartDevice
  • InfinitySwipe, InfinityLight & InfinitySpring
  • SoftSystem and more


To learn more information on our Liebherr appliances, click here.

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