How To Save Your Money…

Buying new appliances can really start to add up, especially if you’re starting from scratch like remodeling your house. There are several times throughout the year where you can find good deals that will save you a lot of time and money.

Holidays such as, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Black Friday are the best days to look for new appliances because they have big discounts going on usually for a couple days. Some stores offer up to 50% off their products or give you a gift card or an additional item for free on these days.

Cyber Monday is also a day to do some online shopping due to numerous amounts of sales going on.

Another time of year to buy appliances is at the end of the month. This is when sales employees are trying to meet quotas. They can usually strike a good deal just to get the products sold.

Some other random times of the year that are good times to buy is around October, November and December since it’s a holiday season. There are always sales going on during those months. Also, around December stores want to get rid of old inventory so they can make room for newer models of products for the next year.


Best Time For Specific Appliances

Refrigerators– the best time is in the spring. May is a big month because that’s when the newer models are rolled out and all the older ones have to go.

Ovens, Ranges, Stoves– a lot of people buy these appliances in January. This is the time where most the older models are going at a much cheaper price and you can usually score a nice range for much less than it was a few months earlier.

Vacuums– the best time is May and April. Like they say, “Spring Cleaning.” You can find high quality vacuums for 20-40% off.

Washers & Dryers– are best bought in September and October. This happens because all the old models have to go and they are discounted at a great price.

Grills– the best time is September and October. The reason grills go for a cheaper price during these months is because summer is over and the grilling season starts coming to an end so stores want to get rid of what they haven’t sold yet.

Dishwashers– the best time to buy is in November. This is when you start to see all the sales ads and commercials for Black Friday sales.

Microwaves/Blenders/Etc.– the best time is in November and December. During the holiday season there are sales going on and stores can sell large quantities of these small appliances if the price is low.

Air Conditioners/Heater– the best time is in the Spring and Fall. These two seasons are when the HVAC contractors have their “off season.” They aren’t selling as many new units and things are slow so they will offer deals during this time to sell products.