How To Make Your Appliances Last Longer

After spending the time researching online, viewing in stores and finally purchasing the right appliance, you want to make sure you get a product that not only performs top notch, but one that also will last a long time. There are certain things you can do from day one to help keep your appliance in great shape so the wear and tear happens much later than expected.

Here are some tips and tricks for major appliances.


Some say that cleaning your coils every couple months with a soft bristle brush is a game changer so they don’t get clogged up with dirt and dust. This will help you save money on electricity. Another easy thing to do to make your fridge more efficient is to not let it get crowded and full. When a fridge gets too packed, it takes more effort to circulate the air inside and to keep a proper temperature.


If your machine has a manual-cleaning mode, make sure that you are cleaning it regularly to avoid food build up. Another way to ensure you don’t get food build up is to wipe down your gasket (the seal between the tub and the door) every so often.


If you have a gas stove, make sure to clean any food particles in between or around the burners. If the flame is more yellow/orange than blue, then you need to clean the burner by poking a needle in it. If you have a smooth top stove, make sure to gently place pots/pans/anything else on the surface. These tops can easily scratch if materials are dragged or scraped across them. For an oven, make sure to clean it manually or with the self-cleaning mode periodically.


Make sure to clean the bag, filter, bristles, and bin regularly so your machine doesn’t have to work overtime. Another important thing to remember is to not run over the cord. Running over the cord can cause wear and tear that leads to a safety hazard such as frayed wires.

Washing Machines

First make sure your washer is level to prevent any unwanted or extra vibrations. To prevent built up residue, clean the inside of the washer and clean the detergent drawer after a handful of washes. Another important thing that I am sure most people (including myself) are guilty of doing at some point, is putting in more clothes than you should. Washing oversized loads add extra effort from the machine, thus cutting down its lifespan.


One of the most common and important things to do to keep a dryer working properly is to clean the lint filter after each use. By cleaning the lint out, air is able to flow freely around. Another way to prevent harm to a dryer is by cleaning the duct once a year to keep lint from building up and starting a firing. Lastly, clean the moisture sensor strips if you use dryer sheets.

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