These 5 Pro-Style Range With High BTU Gas Burners Will Enhance Your Kitchen

We all love power, don’t we? Consider the immense awe of high BTU gas burners!  When we shop for a car, we want to know how much power it has, how quickly it accelerates. We want to feel the power when we’re behind the wheel. Things in the kitchen are not so different when we think about it. We want a powerful cooking range with high heat. We want to be able to boil water and stir-fry vegetables in no time.

Comparing High BTU Gas Burners

Just as you would compare the horse-power of various cars you’re considering before making a purchase, you probably want to compare the power of each sealed burner gas stove before deciding which one to bring home. Today, we’re laying it all out before you, a comparison of the best luxury commercial-style ranges on the market with a focus on how much power they offer in their sealed High BTU Gas Burners.

Viking Professional Custom Series Ranges

We’ll start with Viking, one of the most recognized names across the luxury home appliance industry. Viking Professional Custom Series sealed burner gas ranges offer four to eight sealed burners (depending on the range size) with Viking’s own VariSimmer-to-High output range. All burners start at a low simmer and heat reliably up to 15,000 BTUs. However, on select 36″and 48″ ranges, Viking now offers a TruPowerPlus burner located at the front right of the cooktop surface. This powerful burner has an extra 3,500 BTUs of power for a total of 18,500 BTUs. Viking’s power is guaranteed to function consistently with the SureSpark Ignition system that ignites each time without struggle and automatically reignites any time a flame burns out, and the burner components are backed up by Viking’s 3 year warranty.
High BTU Gas Burners
VSH™ (VariSimmer-to-high) sealed burner system.

Capital Precision Series Ranges

Rivaling Viking, Capital is a growing force in the industry with some of the most experienced engineers working to bring professional quality to the home kitchen. When it comes to power, Capital understands controlling power is just as important as having power to begin with. Capital has perfected heat distribution in sealed burners so pans heat evenly from the center to the outer edges with no hotspots. Each sealed gas burner on a Capital range simmers steadily at a low 140°F and then reaches up to 19,000 BTUs when necessary – just beating Viking’s TruPowerPlus burner.
Capital Sealed Burners
Capital Powerflow™ sealed burners.

American Range Cuisine, Heritage & Medallion Series Ranges

American Range Cuisine offers a variety of power settings on each of its range models. Knowing it is unlikely a home chef would require ultra-high heat on multiple burners at once, American Range Cuisine tailors its burners to practical needs. Ranges feature at least two burners with up 17,000 BTUs of capability and smaller burners with either 13,000 BTUs or 9,000 BTUs of power. All burners have infinite heat settings with sensitive controls to ensure home chefs get the precise heat they need for the dish at hand. Also, like Viking, American Range Cuisine ensures burners reignite at the correct setting any time a flame burns out.
American Range Stove Surface
American Range sealed burners.

FiveStar Sealed Burner Ranges

FiveStar’s sealed Ultra High-Low Burners feature an impressively wide power variance. In fact, they boast both the highest power of any ranges discussed here as well as the entire industry’s widest range performance. FiveStar sealed burners heat between 350 BTUs and 21,000 BTUs, beating out Capital by a full 3,000 BTUs. FiveStar sealed gas burners bring the largest pots of water to boil in mere minutes and maintain low, even heat for the most delicate sauces.  Such power with high BTU gas burners!
FiveStar Sealed Burner
FiveStar Ultra High-Low sealed burner.

Viking Brigade Series Ranges

UPDATE: New Viking management has called off the Viking Brigade range series to focus on Viking’s Pro Series ranges. Click here for a unique opportunity to own one of the few Viking Brigade ranges that was produced by the factory before the ultra-premium line was discontinued.

Having had its Professional Custom Series beat out by both Capital and FiveStar’s high-power burners, Viking once again jumped into the lead with a reinvented product. The new Viking Brigade Series comes in 36″ and 48″ widths with six high BTU burners each. The back three burners heat up to 15,000 BTUs, a respectable amount of power; but the front three burners exceed competitors with a full 23,000 BTUs of power. Of course, Viking hasn’t forgotten the need for low, even simmering, so the Viking Brigade still features the VariSimmer setting and Viking’s steadfast SureSpark ignition system. Brigade Series ranges will begin shipping in early 2013 these High BTU Gas Burners!
Viking Brigade Series Sealed Burner
Viking Brigade 23,000 BTU sealed burner.

We’ve focused on the easier-to-clean sealed burners in this post, but we recognize that open burners have their dedicated followers as well. Check back soon for our examination of sealed vs open burners with details on which have more power and which are best for your home.

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