Summertime Means Grilling Time

It’s warmer and sunnier outside, which means it’s the perfect time to heat up the grill and cookout with friends and family. No summer picnic or BBQ is complete without grilling some meat and veggies so if you’re not satisfied with the grill you have now or simply don’t have one, then head over to our website and start shopping today!

But before you purchase your next grill from Elite Appliance, make sure you are choosing the right kind of grill for what you need and want. Here at Elite we offer gas, charcoal and electric grills from brands like Big Green Egg, Wolf, Viking, DCS and more.

Lets take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the types of grills out there.


Gas Grills

Gas grills are a go-to because they are convenient and start with a simple push of a button. This type of grill also heats up quicker than others and allows you to control the temperature easier by turning the knob; however, gas grills might seem like the most obvious choice for most people, they can also be fairly expensive.

When choosing a gas grill, you also have to choose between the fuel type such as liquid propane or natural gas. Most people lean towards the propane route simply because many don’t have the hook up for the natural gas option.

Overall with gas grills, they are quick and easy to use with typically a fast clean up, but then again they might be a little pricey for what you are looking for and you don’t necessarily get the real smoky flavor like you would with a charcoal grill.

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Charcoal Grills

 Charcoal grills are great for BBQ’s and simple grilling because you can’t get a better flavor and char than with a charcoal grill. This type is also better for any slow cooking method one might need for a certain type of food. Another plus about charcoal grills is that there are several more styles to chose from than gas grills. For example, there are kettle grills, table grills, ceramic cookers, table grills, barrel smokers and more.

There are a few drawbacks though when it comes to charcoal grills. Due to the chips and coals, it does take a little while to heat it up for ideal cooking. In addition, the charcoal briquettes and wood chips used will eventually turn to ash so one must clean out the grill on a regular basis. Lastly, it can be hard to control the temperature while cooking causing over cooked or undercooked final products.

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Electric Grills

Electric grills are perfect for those who want something affordable and portable. These types of grills are usually smaller and easier to travel around with compared to charcoal and gas grills. Also, all you need is an electrical plug and you’re good to go! So just heat up the grill in a couple minutes and control the heat with the buttons or knobs available. Electric grills are perfect for apartments, balconies and small outdoor places.

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