Electrolux ICON Appliances: Defining The 3 Differences?

Electrolux Icon Series 48 Inch Range and Side by Side Refrigerator

Discover the details of the Electrolux ICON,  originating from Sweden more than 90 years ago, Electrolux has grown to be the second-largest home appliance company when measured by revenue. The company creates everything from large, luxury appliances such as wall ovens and cooktops to smaller appliances such as vacuum cleaners and irons.

Electrolux Icon Series 48 Inch Range and Side by Side RefrigeratorElectrolux claims its success stems from a few principles it infuses into every product: intuitive design, simplicity, sustainability, innovation and ease of use.

Electrolux appliances feature intuitive controls and interfaces so users find them as easy to use on the first day as after years of use. Secondly, the brand prides itself on simplicity of style, allowing the products to assimilate into nearly any environment and giving the homeowner the chance to accessorize his or her kitchen and home with his own personal tastes.

As for the last three principles, Electrolux says on its website, “Sustainable, innovative, and simple-to-use are three things that you usually don’t see together. But at Electrolux, we see it every day in our beautifully crafted products that are perfectly in tune with your needs.” Saving energy by doing more with less is a constant goal for Electrolux.

Modern-Style Kitchen with Electrolux Icon AppliancesWhile Electrolux has experienced mounting success across the globe since its founding more than 90 years ago, the brand launched the Electrolux ICON Series for its North American clients to offer a little extra in terms of both style and power. When comparing Electrolux vs Electrolux ICON, it is evident the latter is an enhanced version of the former.

Electrolux ICON Two Sub Series

Electrolux ICON is centered on a theme of the “well-lived home.” The appliances are designed to exude an expression of a modern, inspired life. The sub-brand combines professional quality with a designer look.

The series is broken into two sub-series: the Electrolux ICON Designer series and the Electrolux ICON Professional series. The Designer series, as the name implies, is focused on sleek design for the modern home. Clean lines, smooth stainless steel, subtle knobs and handles, and almost invisible controls are what characterize this series.

Electrolux Icon Appliance RebateWhile still aesthetically pleasing, the Electrolux ICON, is capitalizing on the modern and commercial quality of stainless steel, the Professional series is aimed at those serious home chefs who desire a more professional experience in their home kitchens. These appliances are designed with a focus on speed, power, and sturdy knobs and control systems that ensure excellent results time after time.

When creating both Electrolux and Electrolux ICON appliances, designers left nothing to chance and allowed for no excess. Every feature on every appliance has a purpose and adds to the overall functionality and usability of the product. Now, isn’t that refreshing?

Now through June 30, Elite Appliance customers can take advantage of great savings on Electrolux ICON appliances. When you purchase four ICON appliances for your kitchen, you’ll receive $1,000 back by American Express Reward Card, and when you purchase three ICON appliances, you’ll receive $800 back.

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