2 Capital Ranges: Choose Between Precision Series Or Culinarian Series

Let’s talk about capital ranges.  Chefs spend years perfecting their craft, studying culinary arts, learning from the masters, and experimenting with their own unique cooking styles and methods. While most of us do not go through such rigorous training, we may enjoy partaking in culinary crafts, following age-old guidance passed down through generations of our families or watching endless hours of Food Network programming and attempting to replicate what we see there.

In the past, home chefs were at a great disadvantage to professional chefs. Not only did they lack the hours of intense training most professionals attend, but they also lacked the equipment. Professional and residential cooking equipment were from two different camps, as different as a four-door sedan is from a professional racecar.But no more.

Capital Ranges From Capital Cooking

Capital Cooking offers two lines of capital range professional style kitchen ranges: the Precision Series and the Culinarian Series. While both aspire to bring professional capabilities to residential spaces, the Culinarian Series takes home chefs even closer to the commercial standards of their professional chef counterparts.Capital Range Precision SeriesSurjit Kalsi, president and CEO of Capital Cooking designed the first professional style range for the residential kitchen in 1985, and he and Capital Ranges continue to improve upon their creations just as chefs continue to evolve with new waves of culinary trends.

Capital Precision Ranges

Capital Precision ranges feature sealed burners that heat up to 19,000 BTUs. However, Capital Culinarian Series ranges feature open burners that can heat up to 23,000 BTUs. While sealed burners were designed for the safety and convenience of the home chef, professional chefs rely on open burners to provide more direct access to the flame, ensuring fast, even heating. Burners on both series of ranges promise a True Simmer that heats at a steady 145°F. Drip trays below the burners, especially necessary for the open burner models, slide out smoothly on ball bearing rails for easy cleaning. Additionally, both the Precision and the Culinarian Series feature automatic re-ignition systems in case a flame burns out while cooking.  With sleak features like Stay-Cool™ die-cast chrome-plated knobs and a motorized rotisserie system, a Precision Series Capital Range will become your new best friend in the kitchen.

Capital Culinarian Ranges

Capital range ovens – both Precision and Culinarian – offer large capacity and high power. The Capital Culinarian 36” range and the Capital Culinarian Series RangesCapital Precision 36” range both offer 4.6 cubic feet of oven capacity, an 18,000 BTU infrared broiler, and 30,000 BTU primary oven heating for reliable, even baking. Both Capital gas ranges come with three racks. However, the Precision oven offers three positions for the racks, while the Culinarian offers five. Regardless of position, the oven racks feature Capital Cooking’s Flex-Roll design that allow home chefs to slide the racks in and out easily, whether empty or supporting a heavy casserole. Both ovens also come with stainless steel rotisserie prongs and stainless steel rotisserie spit rods.  Capital’s Culinarian Series features many conveniences like precision simmer settings and powerful burners capable of reaching 23,000 BTUs of heat.   Clearly this is an very appealing choice for your kitchen.  Capital appliances are available in a variety of sizes, including 30”, 36”, 48”, and 60” ranges and cooktops ensuring that fit in with all types of kitchen area sizing requirements!

Elite Appliance carries an extensive array of capital products, including several variations of the capital range.  Including double burners, gas & electric cooktops and more.   We understand that kitchen renovation and upgrade decisions are very complex and personal.   These appliance can serve your family for decades!   Our online team can consult with from first inquiry to final decision.  Our shipping options provide unparalleled access to top quality appliances anywhere in the United States.

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