Capital Culinarian Range Review

Capital Culinarian RangeAs savvy consumers, we’re programmed to want the latest and greatest of everything – from cars, to smartphones, to appliances. We’re captivated by speed, power, and prestige; and when it comes to cooking ranges, there’s no line that better encases these ideals than Capital Culinarian ranges.   Below is the Capital Culinarian 48′ range with four open burners, thermo-griddle and BBQ grill.

Capital-burnerRanging in size from 30” to 60”, a Capital Culinarian range can accommodate any sized kitchen; and no matter the size, the ranges come with high-power burners and ovens that rival most competitors.

All burners provide an astounding 23,000 BTUs of power. (One BTU heats one pound of water by about 1°F.) However, as any true culinary enthusiast knows, a low, steady simmer is just as important as a powerful high heat setting. The Culinarian doesn’t disappoint with the ability to simmer at a low 145°F.

Capital Range Open BurnerOne of the distinguishing characteristics of the Capital Culinarian gas range is the open burners. Most residential cooking ranges come with sealed burners, which are arguably easier to clean. However, many counter open burners provide more direct heat and are more efficient. Professional kitchens are nearly always stocked with open-burner cooktops, and some home chefs are drawn to this prestige, which elevates their professional-style kitchen to a higher level of authenticity.

Additionally, Capital makes cleaning its open burners as easy as possible with full-extension drip trays that slide out easily on ball-bearing rails.

A Capital self-clean range comes with the Moto-Rotis system, a motorized rotisserie, and Capital offers a cast iron wok grate as an accessory for any-sized range.
The Capital 36” through 60” gas ranges offer an optional 12” Thermo-Griddle or BBQ grill in addition to its traditional open burners. The griddle heats up to 30,000 BTUs on a thermostatically controlled stainless steel griddle plate. The BBQ grill option offers a direct-flame cooking area for indoor grilling.

Below the professional-style cooktop, the Capital Culinarian oven offers high power, large capacity, and multiple functionalities.

The oven heats up to 30,000 BTUs for traditional baking and features an 18,000 BTU infrared broiler. A 40-watt interior light allows you to see easily inside the oven cavity, which offers multiple rack positions and a glorious view!
The oven on a 30” range has a 4.1 cubic-foot interior, and the 48” range offers two ovens – one with a 4.6 cubic-foot cavity and the other with a 2.1 cubic-foot cavity.

Range Capabilities & More

Capital Culinarian ovens include all the capabilities you would expect – such as baking, broiling, convection baking and convection broiling – and some more advanced capabilities such as defrosting, warming, thawing, and slow cooking. The oven also features heavy-duty door hinges for easy and safe use, an extra-large viewing window, and a professional-style handle to complete the look of the high-power professional range.  Combine these features with an well developed corporate lineage and backstory and you see the high appeal of capital ranges for many!   More on the beginning of capital range reviews follows below.

Capital Ranges: Information On The Brand

Capital was founded by Surjit Kalsi in 2004. He is reputed for creating and developing high-end cooking appliances. Kalsi was on the team credited with the first Viking ranges with Fred Carl and founded the brand, Dynamic Cooking Systems (DCS).

In 2001, son Rich Kalsi started Capital cooking equipment alongside other engineers from DCS. Therefore as a  relatively new company, the founder Surjit has an extensive background in the appliance industry.

Capital Ranges market restaurant style cooking as well. They offer the high BTU output and also the open burners. The Capital range with open burners boats an output of 25,000 BTU’s on all burners, and offers 2 series with various configurations.

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