Brand Of The Week: Miele!

Elite Appliance offers over 40 different brands with appliances from refrigerators to washers and dryers to even premium coffee makers. Every brand represents a different style, ambience and image. The important thing to remember when picking out what appliances you want for your home, is to find the brand that fits you. We’ll be exploring different brands each week, talking about their design components, the different appliances they offer and what makes that particular brand unique.

Let’s start with a very popular premium brand…Miele!

The European brand Miele is known for its high quality, innovative and stylish appliances that are guaranteed to make any room in the house stand out. Miele appliances are award winning and technologically advanced to make cooking and cleaning easy for anyone. These premium appliances are made to last 20 years, along with being energy saving and performing at maximum efficiency.

Whether you need a range, oven, dishwasher, dryer or refrigerator, Miele offers it all in the style that is just right for you. This brand is “highly coveted” around the world and Miele knows its customers are expecting high performance and quality, which they surpass every time.

Although all Miele products are worth looking at, here is some of our top selling appliances that our customers rave about.

Miele Futura Crystal Series Dishwasher G6665SCVISF

This dishwasher is unlike any other due to its 3D cutlery tray, sensor technology, express cycle, China & Crystal cycle and hidden control panel. This dishwasher is one of the best loading dishwashers on the market.  

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Miele Range HR19562G

Miele offers a variety of ranges, however this brand tends to hit the mark and be top rated among Elites customers. Not only does this range have 6 dual-stacked burners, touch oven speed, twin power convection fans, but it contains a wireless roast probe and MasterChef automated programs to make cooking easy and stress free!

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Miele W1 Series Washer WWH860

This state of the art washing machine is equipped with QuickIntenseWash, TwinDos, CapDosing, and Wi-Fi connectivity. The TwinDos capability allows a 2-phase dispensing system to help make your laundry experience cleaner than ever.

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