Brand of The Week: Bertazzoni!

This week we are focusing on a new and outstanding brand that is designed to harmonize with your kitchen while performing at the highest of quality you expect…Bertazzoni. Bertazzoni appliances are created and engineered in Italy. They offer a range of appliances from refrigerators, to ovens, to dishwashers and more.

One of the great things about this brand is that their prices tend to be lower than others, AND you still get a high quality, long lasting, beautifully designed appliance. Some other aspects of Bertazzoni that clearly stand out is their wide variety of colors they offer for different appliances such as their ranges and that they have a two year parts and labor warranty, where most brands usually have a one year warranty.

Here are some of their top selling appliances that you can find right here at Elite Appliance.



Bertazzoni Master Series Oven MASFD30XT

This 30 inch double wall oven comes with 4 heating elements, 7 convenient shelf positions, extra wide electric broiler and it is energy-efficient with an easy to use interface. Each oven contains self-cleaning modes, LED display technology and convection systems.

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Bertazzoni Refrigerator REF36X

One of the impressive components on this fridge is the ample amount of storage space. The shelves are counter size deep and have gallon size bins in both the doors. There are two separate freezers to store all the food you need and the fridge is designed for maximum flexibility, allowing you to move and arrange any shelving design you want.

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Bertazzoni Dishwasher DW24XV

This state of the art dishwasher offers 14 different place settings, 6 different wash cycles, built-in food disposer and turbo drying system. Along with all the high-quality components, it also has easy LED touch controls to make washing your dishes easy and efficient.

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