5 Big Green Egg Sizes, Dimensions, & Prices

The Big Green Egg has been earning rave reviews since it’s worldwide debut in 1974.  Now with 5 Big Green Egg Sizes and loads of hearty and tasty dishes from the Big Green Egg, cooking has never been so much fun.  The Big Green Egg is a modern version of a Dutch oven that is made of ceramic, porcelain, and cast iron. It does not have an open flame or electric coils to cook. Instead, it uses the natural draft convection created by the heat to cook food evenly on all sides at once.

Over the last 3 decades, this type of oven has been embraced by chefs and home cooks alike because it is perfect for any type of cooking.   Extremely popular in backyards, the unique green edifice is used by home chefs to grill out and expertly prepared an array of meats and vegetables.   

Utilizing a series of state-of-the-art factories to incorporate innovative ceramics designs based on materials initially developed by NASA® for the Unites States space program, the founders of the Big Green Egg have continually refined the design over the years!

With an endless list of possible uses, choosing Big Green Egg as your go-to outdoor cooking unit is a simple decision.  The toughest decision point, with several Big Green Egg sizes available, is determining which one size best suits your needs.

Big Green Egg Sizes & Dimensions

Extra Large Big Green Egg Size

XL Big Green Egg SizesThe Extra Large Big Green Egg is made for those who entertain large groups frequently. With 452 square inches of cooking area and a 24-inch cooking grid diameter, this smoker can prepare two 20-pound turkeys, 24 burgers, 11 whole chickens, 12 steaks, or 14 racks of ribs (stacked vertically).

Set your extra large egg in a nest, or choose from two table sizes to bring your egg to a comfortable cooking height. If you don’t opt for a table, you can add a couple Egg Mates to give you a little working space, and when you’re not using them, they conveniently fold down to minimize the space your egg occupies.

Purchase a few EGGcessories such as a plate setter, baking stone, pizza peel and cast iron cooking grid to allow you to take full advantage of your Big Green Egg Size.

Large Big Green Egg Size

Large Big Green Egg SizesThe Large Big Green Egg is the most popular of all the Big Green Eggs. While some of the smaller eggs cannot accommodate all the EGGcessories, the large egg can.

The Large Big Green Egg dimensions are 18.25 inches in grid diameter and 262 square inches in total cooking area. While obviously smaller than the extra large egg, the large egg can still produce quite a bit of food in one round: one 20-pound turkey, 12 burgers, six whole chickens, eight steaks or seven racks of ribs.


Medium Big Green Egg Size

Big Green Egg MediumThe Medium Big Green Egg is ideal for couples or small families. With a 15-inch diameter cooking grid and 177 square inches of cooking space, the medium egg fits an 18-pound turkey, six burgers, three whole chickens, three steaks or four racks of ribs —plenty for two to four people. A grid extender can also stretch the cooking area a little, so you can add a side dish or two.

Most EGGcessories fit the medium egg, but it is the smallest size that can accommodate many popular additions such as the pizza stone and most of the items necessary for indirect cooking.

Small Big Green Egg Size

The small Big Green Egg is ideal for those with limited space such as a small patio or balcony. Tables are not available for small eggs, and pizza stones and Egg Mates also do not fit the small eggs. However, the small egg has a 13-inch grid diameter and 133 square inches of cooking area — enough for a 12-pound turkey, four burgers, four chicken breasts, one whole chicken, two steaks, or one rack of ribs. Some opt for a larger egg and then purchase a small egg specifically for side dishes.

The Mini Big Green Egg Size

Big Green Egg MiniWhile the Mini Big Green Egg is the smallest Big Green Egg Size available and is unable to accommodate most accessories, it is the ideal egg for apartment balconies, camping trips and tailgating parties. Take your mini egg to your alma mater so you can prepare a couple burgers or a juicy steak before cheering your team to victory.

The Mini Big Green Egg has a 10-inch grid diameter and 78.5 square inches of cooking space. It can cook up to two chicken breasts, two pork chops or one steak at a time.

The Big Green Egg has created a serious fan club recently. As the most well known Kamado ceramic grill maker on the market, thousands of units are sold each year. The green egg grill cookers are made of the highest quality materials, and utilized across temperatures and seasons.

The enthusiast community built by this brand inspires BBQ pros around the world. Big Green Egg users (a.k.a. the Eggheads) often share experiences with their Egg, connect over recipes, tips and their culinary masterpieces. When you purchase a Big Green Egg you become part of this unique affinity.

Big Green Egg Pricing Overview

If you’re wondering where to buy a Big Green Egg, look for Elite Appliance.   Here we’ll provide a broad pricing overview.  For starters, the mini model at the lowest end retails for high three hundred dollars.   It is possible to find minis on sale for three hundred at key moments.    The small and medium start close to five hundred and the medium is frequently priced around seven hundred dollars.   The large model traditionally retails for one thousand dollars, though we have seen sale pricing schemes close to eight hundred.   

And with regards to the extra large (XL) Big Green Egg Size, current retail pricing is right at thirteen hundred dollars.   Our favorites retailers will often offer this model closer to eleven hundred USD!   In review you see the the prices rise appropriately with the size increases,  the more room on the grill, the higher the initial outlay for one of the Big Green Eggs.  

Big Green Egg History

From the First Atlanta area store established by founder Ed Fisher, a returning US armed forces member and businessman, to the nationwide dealer network extending through all fifty states today, Big Green Eggs deliver consistent, deliciousness to all who are favored enough to enjoy them!

As cooking and food preparation have improved throughout recorded history, humans have used vessels to cook their food.  Later cultures discovered that the results were even better when the fire and food were placed inside rounded, earthen vessel. Evidence of these early iterations of the Big Green Egg sizes have been found by archeologists across the globe as they explore the ruins of prior civilizations.   

Today’s Big Green Egg is a modern-day version of several cookers from antiquity. Centuries ago, these knee-high cookers were fueled by wood or natural charcoal (just as the Big Green Egg is today), and pots were hung inside them for cooking rice. Eventually a slatted cooking grid was fitted inside for grilling and roasting meats. Popularity spread as U.S. service members discovered this type of cooker during World War II and shipped them home after the war.

The domed cookers were an exciting alternative to the metal charcoal or gas grills common in post-war America, and the added flavor and juiciness this “newly discovered” style of cooking gave to foods quickly inspired many to add Big Green Eggs to their backyards!


Big Green Egg Accessories

Big Green Egg Accessories


The eggspanner is a great way to grill your favorite foods for breakfast all the way up to dinner. It uses ceramic grills that have even heating and can be used for a wide variety of cooking styles.

This Big Green Accessory is a great alternative to the traditional skillet and can be used for any kind of cooking style. It has been designed with a unique double-wall ceramic grill that not only cooks your food evenly, but also cooks it in less time than other methods.  

Empower culinary pizza with the official expansion system for the Big Green Egg! The NEW Big Green Egg EGGspander System facilitates perfect cooking setups, proving the full versatility of the EGG with proper display!

Egg Covers

The manufacturers have developed a line of precisely modeled covered for the unique shape of each the big green egg sizes.   We all understand that no ordinary cover would suffice upon the resplendent Big Green Egg.

Conveggtors & Baking Stone

Big Green Egg Tables

A flourishing trend is the construction of custom tables to house and hold Big Green Egg Sizes.   These exciting furniture innovations have allowed home owners to precisely design the look and layout of their outdoor cooking operations, and create the height, width, and supplemental area for optimal cooking experiences with each of the Big Green Egg Sizes.  Our editors have found excellent plans and example images from bloggers around the web.   

Big Green Egg Table Plans

Final Thoughts

We also have complied a yummy list of Big Egg Recipes, focusing on the summer season.   If you’d like to know more about Big Green Egg sizes, prices and accessories, visit Elite Appliance where you’ll find Big Green Egg package deals and all the EGGcessories you could ever wish for!


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