Best Counter Depth Refrigerator 2022

The Purpose of Counter Depth Refrigerators

The appeal of counter-depth refrigerators is beautification & sculpting of your kitchen design. With counter-depth refrigerators, your primary appliance is not bulging out beyond the counter’s boundary, so they contribute to a streamlined look similar to that of a built-in refrigerator (minus the built-in price tag). The box or body of the refrigerator unit is fully contained within the cabinetry build, leaving only the skin or front face to be exposed. This allows proper room for door extension and full access to the refrigerators interior, while concealing the visually less appeal side and depth of the unit from view!

Major manufacturers include Bertazzoni, Samsung, GE & KitchenAid.

Counter depth refrigerators provide a built-in look for a fraction of the custom cost. Representing a small fraction of the overall refrigerator market, these specialty sized units comprise less than 10% of national sales. Moreover, counter depth refrigerators have a thin depth (less than 24… inches) than standard freestanding refrigerators in order to sit flush with cabinetry & other appliance features. Of course, a result of their reduced size they is the obvious lower capacity, centering on an average 22 cubic feet. Counter depth refrigerators appear in an array of configurations, including side-by-side refrigerators, top-freezer refrigerators or bottom-freezer refrigerators.

With a pricing range from two thousand US dollars at the low end to over five thousand USD at the pricing pinnacle, there are many features and factors to choose from when considering a counter depth refrigerator. Further, quite a few counter depth refrigerators also accept panels for a totally custom look tailored to your kitchen’s design scheme.

counter-depth refrigerator functions in the same way as other styles of refrigerators, but is about the same depth as standard-size kitchen cabinets. The depth of a refrigerator is the measurement from the back of the unit to its front and does not include its door handle. In comparison, a standard or full-size refrigerator has more depth, which makes it stick out farther from the surrounding cabinetry.

Counter Depth Refrigerators: Alternative To Built In Refrigerators

With the counter-depth refrigerator’s front horizontally level with the cabinets beside it, the appliance presents the look of the most elite built-in refrigerators. Though at a greatly reduced cost point! By selecting and featuring door panels, congruent with style of your kitchen appointments you will certainly elevate the built-in appearance of a residential freestanding counter-depth refrigerator.

What Is A Counter Depth Refrigerator?

Compared to a full width refrigerator, a counter depth refrigerator appliance will consume less floor space, allowing for more circulation in this bustling section of your home. By definition, counter depth refrigerators align with the extending width of your cabinetry for sleek design lines!

In addition to aesthetic image of a counter-depth refrigerator melding elegantly alongside your kitchen’s cabinets, at the same level of depth, you will also notice a smoother transition from the cabinetry appliances.

Counter-depth refrigerators frequently come under 24 inches deep (sans extensions and access points), plus an consistent storage capacity around 22 cubic feet. Height is typically 60 to 79 inches, while width ranges from about 22 to 36 inches!

Feature variations include, counter depth refrigerators buttressed by French doors while many provide one single door. Freezer compartments are available at either the top or the bottom of the unit for your preference!

Counter-depth refrigerators are available in many styles, allowing you to choose a model that works for you and your personal kitchen motif. Furthermore, select models can include side-by-side refrigerators.

Counter Depth Refrigerators Provide Many Similar Features To Tradition Refrigerators. This reminds of that our favorite elements, and modern luxury creature comforts, delighting us at each kitchen encounter, can be maintained when purchasing a counter depth refrigerator. A sampling of these features includes; bottle holders, sanitary anti-bac interior space, adjustable shelving, door alarms, reversible doors, product drawers with temperature controls. Of course the mighty ice maker is available as well. Thankfully, manufacturers also include energy-star certifications on many of these models as well!

As a note, feature selection may also push to the exterior of your counter-depth refrigerator, altering the delicate perfect lines. Models come in a stainless-steel finish most often, with silver, and black stainless steel units less common.

Counter Depth Refrigerator Dimensions

Please understand that door and handles add a lot of depth to the existing casement. Reviewing the measurements of different refrigerator models, we see the typical range of full depth models from 30” to 36,” though variances from 28″ of ⅜“ to ⅝,“ are seen. If you’re looking for a counter depth refrigerator with the most minimal depth, consider that we’ve sold models only 22″ narrow. Counter depth refrigerator average depths are between 25” to 26”. Larger models can produce even greater measurement variants from the data above.

Since, the standard kitchen counter depth is 24″ having a refrigerator narrower can obviously produce some wondrous aesthetics. When builders and home improvement manufacturers began standardizing kitchen counter depths after WWII, appliance manufacturers began experimenting with variations in depth to allow alignment and cohesive of the interior design aesthetic.

As a rule, expect total depth of counter depth refrigerators at close to 28″ deep, even as no definitive measurement standard is in place. Be sure to measure diligently in our showroom or shipping upon arrival as manufacturers’ product specification sheets can be inaccurate. For installation planning, allow at least ⅜” of space behind the unit so that there’s room for the plug, and to allow for proper ventilation.

Counter Depth Refrigerator Reviews

Designing Your Counter Depth Refrigerator

Many enviable kitchens, used by celebrities and high-end home residents feature counter depth refrigerators. A key component of luxury kitchen design is space management strategy and melding form with functional aesthetic. Several celebrity kitchens profiled by Maytag highlight the radiance of this design trend in creating the allure of their gorgeous home focal point!

Undoubtedly, the unit with the largest space in the kitchen area is the refrigerator and the fridge can protrude too few centimeters. When it comes to swapping it, you may be seeing what are the most recent cooling options and see descriptions such as lower counters, counter depth, or installation depth. The counterweight refrigerator is often the best option for replacing an existing refrigerator within the current design of a kitchen. In this article, we’ll look at the top 5 refrigerators and find one that simplifies the look of your kitchen.

Most people are confused about the terminology of refrigerators. Many of us confuse built-in refrigerators for counter depth. Here is an example of how to differentiate from each other: built-in refrigerators are flush with cabinets and can be installed with custom cabinet panels for completely seamless integration. Prices give you an indication of whether it is a built-in depth or gauge. Built-in refrigerators usually draw out the luxury market with prices above five thousand USD. Brands like Sub Zero, Miele or Thermador dominate this space.

A countertop refrigerator, which you can get without breaking the bench, follows the contours of your kitchen cabinets and countertops and presents a well-designed and aerodynamic look.

The Top Counter Depth Refrigerators of 2022 Overview:

Check out our top choices from Thor, GE, Samsung, Frigidaire, Bosch and more – click on the links below to view our rating of each.

Miele KFNS 37692

Thor Kitchen HRF3603F

Bosch B36CT80SNS

GE Profile PYE22 KYNFS

Samsung RF22K9381SR

Frigidaire Professional FPRU19F8RF

What You Should Avoid With Counter Depth Refrigerators

Before choosing the best brand of refrigerators for your kitchen, we strongly recommend that you check the following checklist to reduce your wish list: first measure your room and pay attention to your dimensions (although this sounds easy, problems start here). Remember that the depths of the kitchen cabinet are not standard. They can have a depth of 24″ to 26″. When measuring, consider the bottom cabinet, splash guard and countertop tip, etc. The best counter depth refrigerators are not included in a standard depth, as the name implies.

The main body (or as we call it the box) is usually 24″ to 25″ deep, but in its overall dimensions the thickness of the door and the depth of the handle are taken into account. Some models may also need a small air gap behind the device. Measure the height and add the height of the hinge as well. Remember that counterweight refrigerators are not integrated and you cannot flush them into the cabinets because the hinges do not have room to turn. In addition, you can not install a custom panel on a counterweight refrigerator.

Counter Depth Refrigerator Review Survey

Very good design from a food storage perspective. Runs very quietly; virtually silent. Two minor concerns; 1) the water dispenser tube is not aligned vertically-the water stream is towards the back left-we’ve learned to accommodate that. 2) the surface shows smudges and fingerprints much more/worse than traditional stainless steel.

I’ve seen other reviews that report the coating on the steel (feels like some sort of polymer/plastic) is prone to peeling; I’m going to be careful to use only water & mild soap to clean it (which is what is recommended.

I returned a side by side and decided to replace it with this new counter depth French door refrigerator. I am so happy that I did. I love the openness of the top. It give me room that I have never experienced before. I love that I can now see items in the back of the refrigerator with taking item out. It fits perfect in my limited space kitchen.

Waited 7 months only to find out it would not fit into our original fridge space where another counter depth refrigerator came out of. My husband had to widen the door way and removing some flooring! A complete mess!! This is NOT a counter depth fridge. After all the modifications done in our kitchen it still sticks out!

Customers should be warned that the doors are chunky therefore may hit your wall or cabinets! Double check your space before you buy don’t make the mistake we made. I give it a year if last that long!

I needed a counter depth fridge and was worried as I was used to a full size and fitting everything in it. I chose this one and not only is it a beautiful looking refrigerator but I have no problems fitting everything in it. I love the extra drawer and use it for my most daily used items.

The ice maker doesn’t take up much room and I love the smaller cubes and crushed ice. I would recommend this refrigerator. Everything so far has worked seamlessly. I’ve owned it for 4 months.

Miele KFNS37692

Miele KFNS 37692

We loving sharing this Miele Counter Depth Refrigerator with our clientele. Described as the PerfectCool fridge-freezer, the KFNS37692 brings a resplendent appearance to any home. Additional features include the Perfect fresh Pro and FlexiLight for enhanced visuals inside and outside the unit. A sampling of features follows:

  • Adjustable, individual glass shelf lighting via FlexiLight
  • Professional storage at maximum freshness with PerfectFresh Pro
  • No icing up of food plus no defrosting due to Frost free
  • Store food anywhere in the refrigerator – Dynamic cooling
  • Door shelves can be cleaned in the dishwasher – ComfortClean
  • Ice cubes supplied by the plumbed IceMaker
  • Soft-closing doors thanks to SoftClose
Thor Kitchen HRF3603F

Thor Kitchen HRF3603F

With four similar sized, this luxury kitchen appliance keeps everything organized well in your kitchen. One reviewer states, “Got this a few weeks ago, the four door keeps everything organized. Had 1 plastic tray broke working with distributor for replacement.”

Featuring an extremely sleek design, a high-tech, showcase LED lighting bar (vertical orientation), the Thor looks worthy to be in the most extraordinary homes. Quiet operation and an extremely long appliance life expectancy provide to rocket this counter depth refrigerator toward the top of the charts.

We also have marked sales pricing that is sure to catch your on this and other Thor models!

You’ll find detailed specification and helpful sales staff assistance on the Thor Product listing.

Bosch B36CT80SNS

View all of our Elite Appliance built-in refrigerators

Bosch B36CT80SNS

Bosch manufactures high quality devices. The Bosch counter freezer is no exception, and hovers around a $2,900, which is a fairly lofty price level. However, this device usually has an exclusive $200 savings discount on our Designer Appliances store. In addition, you will receive an additional 10% -15% discount on a Bosch package that includes this cooler during promotional periods.

Broadly, a Bosch refrigerator at a large counter depth of or about $2,000 is an excellent deal. Features: Filtered Water Ice Maker, LED Lights, Clear Moisture Controlled Drawers Help Keep Food Fresh For Longer Dual Compressor System Provides Uniform Temperatures And Minimizes Odor Transfer VitaFreshPro Adds Additional Controls To Balance Temperature And Humidity SuperCool produces larger cold reserves.

This boost allows freshly stored foods can be cooled quickly Superfreeze protects frozen foods from defrosting when the freezer is loaded with new items.

The design of the french door refrigerator is very popular in modern kitchens. Many people prefer this style because it is not necessary to bend to reach high-frequency items. The new Bosch two-compressor refrigerators share the same facilities. However, Bosch offers several design styles that match your kitchen. Finished in black stainless steel, 4-door versions with recessed handles and professional handle versions (to be combined with fully thermal kitchens) are available in the range.

GE PYE22KYNFS Counter Depth Refrigerator

Faithful & True: GE PYE22KYNFS

Known as being, super reliable and excellent support for factory service, hands-free self-filling water dispenser is a hit, 36 inch 22.2 cu. ft. Why we like it: The GE Profile refrigerator comes from a reliable brand with excellent factory service. This special cooler has been operating reliably for our customers for many years. Typical complaints relate to occasional oxidation, indicating that the household cleaning team used harsh chemicals that the owner did not know about.

Occasional computer board problems covered by warranty and modular replacement will solve the problem in a very short time. Sometimes door alignment problems arise, since it is not intuitive for self-installers that the doors are adjustable. We recommend a GE refrigerator without reservation. Features: Hands-free Self-Fill Dispenser: Allows you to disappear while your container is automatically filled with full-width filtered water, delicatessen and electronically controlled vegetable drawers with temperature.

The potential exists to integrate a second ice cream machine into the TwinChill evaporator freezer separating the climate into the cool sections of food and freezers help keep food fresh LED lighting

Samsung RF22K9381SR Counter Depth Refrigerator

Samsung RF22K9381SR

Display door for most frequencies item conversions, flex zone to freezer or freezer refrigerator, 36 inches 22 cubic feet. OUr favorite part: This Samsung fridge will stand out in your kitchen. You can be sure that you will receive a lot of praise when choosing this refrigerator. Its flexible zone compartment is a success and converts one of the quadrants into a freezer or refrigerator when needed.

Samsung’s advanced technology keeps your food fresh longer on this model. Features: 36″ 22cu. ft. 4-door refrigerator – flexible area (convert part of freezer to refrigerator when needed) Food cabinet with on-the-go metal cooling indicators front and middle elements (door on door) Premium cooling system features 3 Evaporators for maximum freshness, the ice master produces up to 5 pounds of ice per day and stores up to 2.9 pounds of ice High efficiency LED lighting.

The premium stainless steel exterior has a special coating that makes your fridge look bright and clean every day.

Frigidaire Professional FPRU19F8RF

Frigidaire Professional FPRU19F8RF

Check out this side by side refrigerator review! This manufacturer typically has new model hit the showrooms in mid-year. We also learned that the new version of the product will be approximately 2 inches larger than the previous version. 64 inches wide, 38 cubic meters, great style with similar trim kit built-in, roomy to meet all your cold needs. Why we like it: The best price on the market for high-end professional style 64-inch refrigerator and freezer extra large columns. A stain-resistant stainless steel door is easy to clean and looks good.

This set is fully equipped with modern amenities such as an internal ice maker, LED lights and adjustable shelves. Use the innovative fairing to get the integrated look. Features: 32″ 19 cu. ft. All refrigerators, counter depth for a seamless surface 32″ 19 cubic feet All Freezers with PureAir Filtration Ice Maker Keeps Products Fresh For more information. Our website has a full line of Frigidaire models and refrigerator ratings to choose from.

Samsung Counter Depth Refrigerator

Counter Depth Refrigerator Icon: Samsung’s RF23J9011SR

Stainless steel refrigerator has the unique 4-door style. You can even use half of the freezer space as a “flexible zone”. The innovative “flexible zone” allows you to place the freezer in a refrigerator or use it as a “cool” compartment, that is, something between a freezer or refrigerator. Additionally there is a black stainless model available!

The Samsung RF18A5101SR refrigerator measures 33 inches wide and is built deep, making it ideal for urban homes. However, the 18 cubic meters of indoor space is sufficient for most families. The ice machine with filtered water is a big plus. KitchenAid KRFC300ESS receives high ratings in the industry and has already collected almost 2000 customer reviews. A small downside is that this refrigerator could be noisy in an open kitchen.

GE Profile PWE23KYNFS French Door Refrigerator Counterweight is available in various colors: stainless steel, slate and black slate. Its 36″ width and 69″ tall make it suitable for most standard kitchens.

The price levels are high, yet this model comes with two evaporators and maintains the internal temperature very well. This means that the food in this fridge will last longer than one less capable. We note that many evaluation locations refer to LG’s LFXC24726S deep freezers. These models have been suspended from 2020 and replaced by LG LRFXC2416S. It’s too early for us to report on this product right now.

Final Thoughts

Counter depth refrigerators are designed to fit neatly underneath standard kitchen counter depths. They are a good option for small spaces that do not have room for a full height refrigerator. We encourage our readers to consider their configuration as a top order criteria.

If you determine that conserving a few inches of space for mobility & aesthetics is preferable, then seriously scout one of these counter depth refrigerators.

Bosch, Frigidaire Gallery, Frigidaire Professional, GE Profile and Samsung have created first-class refrigerators for 2022. Which one you choose depends on your own situation: your kitchen equipment, the need for food storage, your budget and the desired functions.

But each of the five mentioned above will reward you with flexible food cooling, first-class features, sleek design and reliability you can rely on for years.

Counter depth refrigerators are often sleeker and more modern looking than the traditional models. This is because they lack the bulky doors of their taller counterparts, which can make them seem more stylish and up-to-date. Our sales team is always ready to serve you. Simply click this link or engage with the chat icon below!