Bertazzoni vs Verona: Comparing 36 Inch Dual Fuel, Gas, and Electric Ranges

Bertazzoni vs Verona? There’s a certain alluring quality about Italian-made ranges that draws in home chefs. Maybe there’s something in the craftsmanship that conjures visions of peaceful cobblestone roads, warm sunny rays filtering through old-world architecture, and a heavenly scent of the finest home cooked feast? Perhaps it’s the luxury and pride that goes into manufacturing Italian-made products that compares to the same thrill of purchasing a Ferrari or Lamborghini?

Regardless, there’s no doubting the beauty and power that goes into an Italian-made range. Among the top Italian range brands, Bertazzoni and Verona are strong contenders that both offer distinct features, making it difficult to choose which brand to welcome into your home.

To help make the decision easier, Elite Appliance is putting them side by side for you and comparing popular Bertazzoni and Verona 36-inch Dual Fuel, Gas, and Electric Ranges.

Dual Fuel: Bertazzoni  vs Verona VCLFSGE365D /MAS365DFMXE

Bertazzoni began producing and assembling gas stoves in the early 1900’s, utilizing the same production line process that car factories used to quickly become a mass provider for stoves all over Italy. Today, they’re the most well-known Italian appliance brand all over the world.  A full depth review of the Bertazzoni line is published on our blog here.

bertazzoni-MAS365DFMXEThe MAS365DFMXE is a 36” freestanding dual fuel range with 5 sealed aluminum gas burners. With an 18000, 11000, 3400, and two 6500 BTU burners, the cooktop offers a power versatility that satisfies your every cooking need. Cast iron continuous grates make for easy transfer of cooking vessels from one burner to another without spilling or lifting. The soft touch knobs located in the front are equipped with one hand ignition, and a thermocouple safety device so you can always feel secure in the safety of your family and home.

A single electric multifunction oven with 4.40 Cu. Ft. capacity offers 9 functions – bake, bottom bake, convection, convection broiler, defrosting, dehydrate, broiler, large broiler, and upper bake. A triple glass oven door minimizes heat loss from escaping your oven and overheating your kitchen space. The oven interior is equipped with two heavy duty chrome wire shelves, and bright lighting so you can keep a watchful eye on your culinary creations.

As a bonus, this Master Series range has 99% recyclable materials and packaging to help your earth-friendly cause while you implement your culinary skills. Something to consider when comparing Bertazzoni and Verona though, is that Bertazzoni only offers this range in stainless steel, and single oven models.

verona-VCLFSGE365DRFor Bertazzoni vs Verona comparison, Verona began manufacturing home appliances in the 1950s in the beautiful suburbs of Venice. Though not as well known as Bertazzoni, Verona offers the same classic sleek appearance that Bertazzoni does with a multitude of powerful range features.

The Classic Series VCLFSGE365D is also a 36” freestanding dual fuel range with 5 sealed gas burners. The cooktop offers a 16,000 BTU central burner, two 12,000 BTU burners, and two 6,000 BTU burners that feature a flame failure safety device to keep your mind at ease.

The dual burner in the center ranges from 1,000 to 16,000 BTU’s and is comprised of one inner and two outer flame crowns, giving you extreme versatility in regulating the amount of power you need. Stainless steel and black knobs on the front control panel regulate both the cooktop and oven functions seamlessly.

This Verona range features double European convection ovens, although there are other models that offer just one large single oven. The main cavity has 2.4 Cu. Ft. capacity, and the second oven offers 1.5 Cu. Ft. capacity. Seven functions provide a solution for every baking and roasting dilemma – defrosting frozen foods, traditional convection, ventilated, broiling, cooking with double broil, ventilated broiling, and convection cooking with ventilation.

The VCLFSGE365D also comes with a convenient full width storage compartment and is offered is three finishes – stainless steel, black, and gloss red. On the negative side, compared to the Bertazzoni 36 inch range, the Verona range does not offer continuous grating, and the overall BTU power does not go as high as the Bertazzoni, although the flexible and innovative engineering of the burners makes up for the difference.   Let’s continue our Bertazzoni vs Verona discussion.

Gas: Bertazonni MAS365GASXE vs. Verona VCLFSGG365D

bertazzoni-gas-rangeThe MAS365GASXE showcases the same cooktop features as the dual fuel range, as well as many of the same exterior parts and accessories. The main difference comes in the gas oven which has five functions: bottom bake, defrosting, dehydrate, gas convection, and broiler.  Note these details in this Bertazzoni vs Verona comparison.

Meanwhile the Verona VCLFSGG365D has a single gas oven, although there are models with dual ovens available. Once again, the only different features in the gas model compared to the dual fuel version is the gas oven. The single oven has a 4.0 cubic feet capacity with eight temperature selections, ranging from functions such as traditional baking, convection baking with ventilation, defrosting frozen foods, and the infrared broiler.

The all gas Verona range also features a 60-minute alarm counter on the control panel, which lets off an acoustic warning sound when the amount of time set is reached.

Electric: Verona Range VEFSEE365D

Professional style ranges come in a variety of different sizes, but 36 inch ranges are extremely common because they offer more burners than an average kitchen range, as well as a larger oven capacity. Still evaluating Bertazzoni vs Verona? Bertazzoni does carry all-electric models but not in the 36” size. In fact, very few brands currently carry a 36” electric range, but Verona has capitalized on the opportunity by producing several models to choose from.

verona-VEFSEE365DSSThe VEFSEE365D has 5 sealed elements on a black ceramic glass cooktop – two 1700 watt, two 1200 watt, and one 700 – 2100 watt dual center element. The central dual center element is flexible and large enough to accommodate large stockpots and maintain gentle simmers.

The two multifunction ovens each carry two heavy duty racks, and perform seven functions – bake, fan oven, convection bake, broil, convection broil, dual broil, and defrost. The main oven has a 2.4 cu. Ft. capacity, and the smaller oven has a 1.5 cu. Ft. capacity, although Verona offers other models with one larger oven as well.

With the added conveniences of a full-width storage compartment, digital clock and timer control, back guard, and sleek stainless steel finish, the Verona electric range possesses all the versatility, power, and accuracy needed to shine as an Italian-made range.

Which brand is right for you?

Bertazzoni vs Verona is much like the Ferrari vs Lamborghini paradigm mentioned earlier.  Both are beautiful and powerful machines, and it comes down to your individual tastes, needs, and priorities to find the right range for you.

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