7 Sustainable Appliances Brands Contributing to Sustainability Efforts?

Sustainable Appliances Brands

Sustainable Appliances Whirlpool

Corporations all over the world have become committed to becoming more socially responsible, implementing new policies and changes to better impact the economy, social issues, and the environment. Likewise, individuals have become more conscious of their role in these changes, so even everyday purchasing habits are influenced. When it comes to large, long-term purchases such as home appliances, choosing an appliance that fits both your needs and is environmentally-friendly becomes more imperative.

Elite Appliance is proud to be the dealer of several appliance companies and corporations that implement environmentally-conscious strategies. Here are what some of them are doing to help make a change:

Bertazzoni Bertazzoni-Appliances

With a long-term understanding of the effects and relationship their company has with the environment, Bertazzoni takes steps in both the manufacturing and functionality of their appliances to better decrease their impact on the environment. 99% of materials used from their products to the packaging are recyclable, and they are RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant. The functionality of their gas burners are also designed so they emit lower carbon monoxide emissions, increase flame efficiency, which in turn reduces overall gas consumption. Whenever you see a Bertazzoni Green Mark, you can be assured that the environment as well as your energy costs are being well looked after.

Electrolux Group and Frigidaire

Electrolux-Group-ApplianceThe Electrolux Group which includes many appliance brands including the very successful Frigidaire brand, embeds a sustainability strategy into their overall processes. By monitoring and adapting everything from materials, operation, and supply chain, they create specific goals and strategies to reach the efficient operations possible. In 2016, they lowered their carbon footprint in product use since 2005 by 27% , and by 50% in their carbon footprint in manufacturing since 2005, and they’re still working to gain even more energy efficiency.

Fisher& Paykel and DCS

Fisher and Paykel AppliancesFisher & Paykel, which is also the parent company to DCS Appliances, commits themselves to sustainability not only in their end products but in every aspect of their organization. As part of New Zealand’s green reputation, Fisher & Paykel carefully select their materials, and aim to improve their production and manufacturing methods to create less waste. The company opened its own appliance recycling operation nearly two decades ago, and launched a program called “Take Back” which offered free collection of working but unwanted refrigeration units to be recycled, instead of thrown away. Most notably, energy consumption of refrigerators (the most energy-consuming appliance in a house) has been reduced by an average of 60%, and with their newly developed compressor, they will increase that number by 35%.  These have many sustainable appliances for a variety of applications.

GE and Monogram

sustainable ge-logoGE which umbrellas an immense number of products and brands, including Monogram, has become one of the leading sustainable companies in the world. Named as one of Forbes 2017 World’s Most Sustainable Companies, GE leads the way by prioritizing energy standards set by the EPA and exceeding them. Many of their products are manufactured to qualify for an Energy Star rating, meaning they surpass the government’s standards for energy efficiency, aiding both the environment and your energy bills. GE was the first appliance manufacturer to implement the EPA’s Responsible Appliance Disposal program, which implements recycling, and proper disposal to protect air and water quality. GE has also partnered with the EPA in the Waste Wise Program and the Smart Way program, which strategically improves energy efficiency of raw materials selection and transportation.

Whirlpool, Jenn-Air, and KitchenAid 

Whirlpool-appliances-logo2Whirlpool is another large corporation which encompasses Jenn-Air and KitchenAid that dedicate themselves to engineering appliances to help conserve the Earth’s resources. On top of modifying materials, design, transportation, functionality, and recycling efforts, Whirlpool is also partnered with several leading sustainability organizations around the world to help set industry standards for energy efficiency, including the EPA, the Alliance for Water Efficiency, Alliance to Save Energy, Chicago Sustainable Leadership Forum, Product Sustainability Roundtable, ABREE in Brazil, and the Global Compact Committee. Whirlpool has also partnered with Purdue University to create a sustainability living showcase home that doubles as a research laboratory to provide valuable insights for home builders and customers on the technologies that enable sustainable living.

Other Appliance Brands with notable contributions to sustainable appliances efforts are:

Hoshizaki – Multiple Energy Star Partner of the Year Awards

Liebherr – Reduces environmental impact though every stage of their product’s life cycle.

Miele – Germany’s Most Sustainable Big Company in 2014

Samsung – Participator and implementor of the PlanetFirst mindset.

Sharp – Contributor to Sustainability Education Center at Ramapo College.

AGA – AGA cookers are made of 70% recycled material.

Marvel – Aims to produce every product to be Energy Star Certified.