6 Best Stackable Washer Dryer Models 2022

Stackable washers and dryers present many intriguing solutions for a range of laundry room design challenges. Do you live in a home where space is limited and properly placing traditional side by side, washer and dryer units seems impossible or ill advised? In this updated 2022 post our team presents a broad and deep examining of the values, features, and challenges of these vertical laundry solutions.

Be encouraged that you can achieve the cleaning and clothing care results you expect from your washer & dryer in whatever space configuration you currently reside. It is helpful realize that your relief from a cramped laundry space can often come from going vertical and stacking the washer on top of the dryer with a well design laundry tower (which will not fall crash like a Jenga game)!

Many readers living in dense metro areas area, across a multitude of countries have searched and been guided to the proper apartment sized washer & dryer for their needs. With so many manufacturers operating in this space, providing a plethora of models, you can pick your preferences and create a full size stackable washer & dryer experience rivaling full sized homes!

Find out why so many home owners and building managers across the globe have chosen these space efficient laundry solutions to meet multiple household needs! We’ll cover the overview of this appliance type, the primary varieties, as well as a selection of customer reviews! As a team, we’ve ranked six models to give you a detailed start in your stackable washer & dryer research. Additionally we’ll touch on RV Stackable Washers & Dryers models.

If you are ready to compare options & select a smart regular stackable washing machine and the matching clothes dryers in your home, then let’s begin with a sample of real customer reviews.

Selection of Stackable Washer & Dryer Reviews

Features are great and easy to use. Love the sanitizing option. Since it’s a front loader without an agitator it’s so much gentler on the clothes and white actually stays white without having to use bleach.

The washer dryer works great! It weighs the laundry in the washer and determines the time needed. The elapsed time to do a load of laundry is MUCH shorter than my previous stackable unit. There are lots of options to customize the wash cycle. Love the lights inside both drums to make sure all the clothes get removed after each load. The phone app to monitor the washer and dryer cycles is a real plus. In addition, the LG Wash Tower looks great.

 I purchased the Miele units about 6 months ago and love them! They are pricey but the quality is amazing. The machines do a fantastic job of doing laundry. Since we are moving to a new place I will be purchasing another set for our new home. I did a lot of research before buying these because they are expensive and it was worth the price.

To follow these three reviews, let’s next scan the main broad categories of stackable washers and dryers.

Stackable Washer & Dryer Kits & Types

Laundry Centers – These are units where the washer, dryer, and stacking kit are all in one unit. Standard Front Load – These are full sized washer & dryer units that, purchased together or separately and can effectively be installed beside each other. Otherwise, the manufacturers stacking washer & dryer kit must be purchased separately if they are going to be stacked on top of each other. Compact Units – These are also two separate units require you to purchase a separate stacking kit in order to properly stack the units. The difference with a compact unit is that this will be smaller in overall size, the dryer is going to be condensation dry, and overall the numbers of brands to choose from is less than full size washers.

There are a few factors why you might decide to move forward with stackable washers and dryers for you home. The major reason is that you haven’t any different choice. Many homes or condo models have their laundry units placed in confined vertical areas where space on hand is minimal, so only a compact washer and dryer will suffice. But even people who have additional living capacity are opting to go with a stackable configuration for many of the following explanations:

Long past are the days once we have been constricted to the builder-grade laundry facilities which might be immovable, missing features, and small in drum dimension. At present, practically all entrance load washer and dryers are stackable if the spacing allows.

Right here is how producers were able to make most merchandise stackable over the last ten years or so. The comfortably all in style of approaches to both minimize the vibrations caused with the aid of washers and dryers and safely deal with the vibrations that do occur has pleased reviewers. As a result, when combined with a manufacturing facility geared up stacking package, the configuration grew to become steady.

An important warning to share is for anyone considering a stackable washer & dryers is, top load washers as opposed to entrance load washers cannot be regularly stacked washer dryers.

Over the years the sizes of best stackable washer dryer models have changed. Apart from, if you’re relocating to a condo in the suburbs, you need to have a enormous ample laundry to control the weight. As a result, most men and women marvel about the dimensions of a full dimension washer and dryer set.   The regular loads consistently fit within a standard height cart.   

The definition of a full dimension stackable washer dryer is as follows: The width is 27-inches (there are even a few 29 or 30-inch units on hand but they don’t seem to be stackable) and inside quantity is at a minimum 5.5 cu. Ft. for the washer and 7.0 cu. Feet for the dryer.

A compact washer and dryer, often seen in apartment or multi-family units, however, is 24-inches wide with a capacity of 2.2 cu. ft. for the washers and 4 cu. ft. for the dryer. As a whole this stackable washer dryer can hold over 6 cubit feet of clothing at a time!

If you’re involved about price or complication of stacking your washer and dryer, put your fears to relaxation. The one elements involved are a entrance-loading dryer, front-load washer, and a stacking kit. This package, more often than not offered individually, secures the 2 machines collectively safely and solidly. You should under no circumstances attempt to stack your washer and dryer without a stacking kit. Even minimal vibrations might motive them to shift, resulting within the high desktop falling off and detrimental itself, your house, and possibly you or a loved ones member.

Its also principal when searching for your Best Stackable Washer And Dryer, to keep in mind that the washer continuously goes to the bottom in a stacked washer dryer arrangement. The washer is much heavier than the dryer (chiefly when filled with water) and provides a at ease base, and it additionally tends to vibrate more than the dryer making the ground the most secure location for it to be.

Determining the excellent washer and dryer for your stacked setup won’t simplest make stronger your laundry expertise however can save you time, cash, and significant complications. We’ve assembled collectively this record of robust guidelines to maintain in when you’re on the hunt for an amazing stackable washer dryer pair.

Stackable Washer And Dryer

Are stackable washer dryers full dimension?

Yes. 27-inch width is regarded to be full measurement for laundry machines. Most manufacturers make 27-inch extensive washer and dryer items that may be stacked. Moreover, a handful of manufacturers akin to Bosch and Miele focal point on stackable compact washer and dryer units that are available 24-inches width.

How are stackable washer dryers corded?

Stackable washers dryer units primarily have two separate plugs: one for the washer and one for the dryer. Models built as an individual unit frequently house a single plug.

What to know about washer dryer installations.

For the install of a stackable set comprised of two standalone units, you’ll first need to obtain the compatible stacking kit. This kit likely contains screws, spacers, and brackets for stabilizing the dryer on top of the washer. Next sequentially, remove the dryer’s legs if it has them and attach the spacers in a secure manner. Further, place the dryer carefully leaning on its side for this next step. Then place the correct brackets onto the washer, and prepare to hoist the dryer on top of the washer and clamp these brackets. This is a job for at at least two adults, so gather a partner to join you, as large appliances can be excessively heavy & bulky.

Key Considerations: Gas vs Electrical Dryer?

Which stackable washer dryer should you add to your home?

Here is is the list of our high picks for great stackable washer dryer units – click on on the links below to peer our overview on each.

We ranked the excellent stackable washer dryer sets centered on their wash performance and dimension (full size or compact). The resolution below comes with exclusive color choices and electric or gas in terms of fuel style for the dryers.

Full depth measurement laundry picks function 27-inch width washers with vented dryers. Dryers come both as electrical (220V) powered or gas.

Width: 27-inch height: 39-inch four potential: four .5 cu. Ft. Choices:10/eleven color Steam Washer/Dryer: Selection factors. 

Best Stackable Washer Dryers

Miele WXD 160 WCS

Miele WXD 160 WCS

Packed with smart features such as delay start, and easy in cycle garment adds, the Miele WXD 160 is our top pick for a stackable washer dryer unit. Utilize the delicate cycle for an impressively gentle clean of your most valuables. Famed for the low noise-levels and urban exteriors, this Miele stackable washer dryer provides extraordinary features at a very functional price set.

Miele makes a powerful line up washer & dryers that can be stacked for a floor footprint of 5.38 cu. ft. For many side-by-side installation of a washer machine and a full size tumble dryer is impossible. Preview the solutions offered as Miele offer 3 primary models eligible for it’s its washer-dryer stacks. In this case, 2 high-performance machines on a footprint measuring less than 0.5 square meters (an optional connection set is required to connect 2 appliances).

LG WM3500CW Stackable Washer Dryer


Fine LG Stackable Washer

That is the entry model stackable washer dryer for LG. Low price point and excellent total reliability makes it a high-quality decide upon. The dryer does now not have the steam feature.

LGSpacious 27 inch wide four.5 cu. Toes. Washer stacks with 7.4 cu. Feet. Matching dryer with out Steam. Both home equipment are wi-fi enabled. (WxHxD 30in X forty three 1/2in X 31 1/2in each and every unit).

Height:38 3/4Depth:31 three/eight-inch ability:4.5 cu. Feet. ChoicesRPM:1,200 colour: White, Champagne sure/yes Stackable: sure power big name: stronger degree, CEE Tier 2

Samsung WF45R6100AW

Samsung WF45R6100AW

Salute the Samsung Stackable Washer and save up to 3 hours per week of appliance hassle. Providing a washer capacity of 4.5 cu. ft., or 3 full laundry buckets, you’ll save improve your laundry room prowess in no time!

The Samsung WF45R6100AW is a 6100 series stackable washer dryer. It has a capacity for 4.5 cubic feet or 5.3 cubic feet and uses the new Triple Action Technology to clean your clothes.

It also has an Eco Bubble feature that will reduce the detergent usage by up to 10%. Beyond that, this unit also boasts Energy Star rated and uses tumble dry to reduce drying time.

The Samsung WF45R6100AW stackable washer dryer comes with many features that makes it an excellent addition to any laundry room, it is Energy Star rated, uses tumble dry, has a 6-month warranty and comes in different colors so you can match your laundry room’s décor!

Smart Care

  • Expedited customer service by effortless troubleshooting straight from your device or smartphone. Smart Care interacts with your washer and dryer to perform instant diagnosis and present specific solutions to the code errors for rapid repairs. Get your machine working fast!

VRT Plus Technology

  • Washers with Samsung VRT Plus technology perform significantly quieter than any other washers in class and are now up to 40% quieter than a regular VRT. Check out the innovative tub design containing special sensors to allow heavy loads to consistently stay level across high spin speed cycles!

Self Clean+

  • Samsung’s new Self Clean+ technology keeps the washer tub fresh by removing dirt and bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals. Self Clean+ also sends reminders to clean the tub every forty wash cycles and even sanitizes the gasket

$899 from Elite Appliance

1,300 RPM strong motor to extract maximum moisture to save lots of you drying time. Stackable washer pairs with a steam dryer.

Peak:38-inch capability: four.3 cu. FtCycles/choicesRPM:1,300 colour: White, Titanium sure/yes sure vigor celebrity: yes

Electrolux EFLS527UIW Stackable Washer Dryer

Electrolux EFLS527UIW

Satisfactory Electrolux Stackable Washer

$999 from Elite Appliance

This Electrolux efficient combo is a customer’s top selection for a full sized stackable washer & dryer solution centered on its vast feature set, ideal compatibility and present day-minimalist aesthetic. The dryer offers an immediate refresh cycle, 18-minute speedy dry cycle, excellent steam perform and a includes the helpful sanitize option. Electrolux is the only company that was in a position to fit this enormous drum in 32″ depth chassis, which makes it ultimate for many closets. The washer is a 27 front-loading stunner with a steam operate that additionally boasts 9 wash cycles, a four.  Three cubic foot ability and a max velocity of 1300 RPM centers the whistles from the washer and dryer.

Stackable Washer Dryer Width: 24-inch height:33 half-inch capability:2.Four cu. Toes. Choices:6/eight 400 color: White or chrome steel sure/yes yes vigor big name: sure

Electrolux EFLS210TIW

Electrolux EFLS210TIW

First-rate Electrolux Compact Stackable Washer Dryer

$799 from Elite appliances

24 inch Washer stackable with ventless electrical dryer with Steam (WxHxD 24in X 33 1/2in X 25in every unit).Chrome steel color alternative – EFLS210TIS.

Width:23 half-inch peak:33 1/four-inch 4-inch ability:2.2 cu. Feet. ChoicesRPM:1,400color:White location Washer/Dryer:Left/rightReversible Hinge Washer/Dryer:No/No yesMax Water Temp.:a hundred forty five vigor superstar: yes

Bosch WAT28400UC Washer Dryer Stackable

Bosch WAT28400UC

First-rate budget Stackable Washer Dryer

For these looking to discover a budget option to their vertical washing and drying wishes, this pair from Bosch offers powerful features in a compact and budget-friendly package. This includes a 24 entrance-load apartment sized washer that permits for as much as 15 lbs of load and aspects a sanitizing cycle for killing bacteria. The dryer is a condensation drying product without an outside duct, an option that could enchantment to apartment-dwellers who could now not have a venting hookup in their unit.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the cleaning efficiency of a state-of-the-art stackable washer dryer. Advanced vibration controls along with effective motors make these laundry machine additions further quiet.

Considering that there are a multitude of Best Stackable Washer Dryer products available in the market identifying a washer can be challenging. Just measure your area and comply with our hints to restrict easily avoidable mistakes.   Be sure to check for more than bells and whistles to form your benefit connection with the washer & dryer that you simply care to select.

A bonus statistic is that these models are reported to remove 99% of bacteria, and also eliminates 95% of allergens. Further, when rated by the EPA Energy Star program, ENERGY STAR-certified washers consumer at least 25 percent less energy and 33 percent less water than standard washers, and ENERGY STAR-certified dryers require approximately 20 percent less energy than standard models. We hope that our curated guidance above will give you a best establishing point in your hunt for an powerful deal on the Best Stackable Washer Dryer. Visit our showroom store anytime online or in person (DFW).

RV Stackable Washer & Dryers

If you enjoy traveling around in a motor home of any kind, you understand the benefits of having the ability to wash & dry clothes at any point along the way. Read, unsoiling your jacket after a muddy slip in the Grand Tetons! RV washers & dryers are designed to be compact. Regular washer & dryer units are too small to be installed in the RV, so compact, stackable washer & dryers work well inside many recreational vehicles, provide robust, portable laundry rooms to thousands of road voyagers!

If you want your clothes clean on an RV trip, it is necessary to use a washer and dryer. This not possible for many RVers because their unit is too small, but with larger RV’s you can install a RV Stackable Washer Dryer similar to those profiled above.

Due to space limitations in this article, we’ve linked to a specialty camping blog that discusses optimal RV washer & dryers. They have a list of questions that need answering such as: what size of machine do I need? How will I drain the water? Where do I connect the water hose? What are the electricity guidelines? Once you answer these key questions, you can choose the RV Washer & Dryer that is correct your vehicle!