3 Viking Colors Of The Most Popular Ranges

Let’s look at the Viking colors from this beautiful appliance brand! Color psychology teaches us that color has a huge impact on our daily perceptions of life – yellow is warm and happy, red is vibrant and confident, while blue is calming and trustworthy. We choose the colors we surround ourselves with to evoke the emotions we want and to showcase our personality through our homes.

In similar fashion, when shopping for a Viking range, although stainless steel will always remain a classic and a favorite, home chefs may find themselves searching for a specific colored enamel to become the focal point of their kitchen. Here are the three most popular colored enamel Viking ranges from Elite Appliance:


black-rangeStainless steel will indeed always be a classic when it comes to appliance finishes, but like the old rule of thumb – everything goes with black.

A black range instantly transforms kitchen spaces to look more designer and luxurious. While perfect for a Parisian or Mediterranean design, a black kitchen range could also look amazing in a contemporary or Scandinavian style.

A black Viking range says that as a chef, you’re a sophisticated professional who not only deeply enjoys cooking but you take your craft seriously and are always willing to learn.

viking colorsThe most popular black Viking range model sold at Elite Appliance is the Viking Professional Series Range VGCC5488BBKLP. This 48” gas range comes equipped with eight sealed burners, double oven, and features exclusive Viking features including the SureSpark Ignition System, VariSimmer setting, Gourmet-Glo Infrared Broiler and the ProFlow Convection Baffle.

To read more about the base model of the VGCC548-8B, click here.


While you may never wear white after Labor Day, a white kitchen range is in style all year long. A white enamel range can really open up a kitchen design the same way natural lighting can give new life to a dreary room.

This range goes best for eclectic designs that feature a variety of different colors and patterns. A white Viking range also looks right at home with a cottage style design, where the overall frame of mind is casual, personal, and serene. However, because white looks great with all colors and patterns, with the right touch, it can integrate into any kitchen style.

viking-VDSC5366BWHA white Viking range is clean and pristine, it says that as a chef, you are sure of yourself and aren’t afraid to try new things, both in the kitchen and in your personal life – a blank canvas yet to be explored.

The Viking Professional Series Range VDSC5366BWH is Elite Appliance’s most popular white enamel Viking range. This freestanding range with six sealed burners is 36 inches wide, boasting the largest oven cavity in the industry. Complete with all of Viking’s exclusive features, the pristine white enamel is just icing on the cake.

Read more about Viking’s Engineering Innovations here.

Cobalt Blue

blue-rangeThere’s a reason main characters in movies and TV shows are often depicted wearing blue. Blue encompasses all the qualities we highly regard – intelligent, trustworthy, loyal, and calming. Blue is the world’s favorite color.

In similar fashion, a cobalt blue Viking range can quickly win your heart and easily become your favorite item in your house. Blue can be integrated into many different design styles blue-viking-range-against-white-wallsbecause of it’s cool and calming exterior, but it looks particularly striking against pristine white walls. Coastal and Nautical designs put your blue range front and center and instantly gives the kitchen an intelligent feel. This range also goes great with southwestern, mediterranean, and American preppy designs.

viking-cobalt-blue-VDSC5486GCBAs an owner of a cobalt blue Viking range, you immediately give off an aura of reliability and confidence. As a chef, you always know which direction you’re going to take, and know how to enhance your self-expression through your skills.

At Elite Appliance, the most popular blue range model is the Viking Professional Series Range VDSC5486GCB. This 48” range with dual ovens comes with 6 sealed burners and a 12” commercial-grade griddle. Equipped with all of Viking’s exclusive features, it’s no wonder why this range is a home chef favorite.

Find the Right Colored-Enamel Viking Range for You

Whether it’s your favorite color, or it just goes perfectly with your interior design, an Elite Appliance specialist can help you find the right Viking model for you. Simply stop by our Dallas showroom, or give us a call.

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