Viking VGRT5366BSS Review: Powerful 36" Rangetop with Six Sealed Burners

For years, Viking has been adapting commercial kitchen appliances for residential kitchens to allow home chefs the same quality, versatility and convenience enjoyed by professional chefs in professional kitchens.

Viking 36 Inch Custom Series Rangetop
Viking's rangetops sit flush with your countertop surface.

The Viking engineers are never at rest as they constantly attempt to better their products. Viking’s Professional Custom Series offers many of the features on which professional chefs rely to cook foods at their optimal temperatures and on the best cooking surfaces. In addition, the Custom Series allows home chefs to tailor their appliances to their specific cooking needs and their interior décor.

The Viking VGRT5366BSS range top features stainless steel construction and sits in a cutout in your existing cabinetry. An island trim now comes standard with these gas rangetops to help you seamlessly integrate the cooktop into your kitchen. Custom Series Viking range tops also now feature metal knobs with stainless steel finish, as opposed to the previously standard plastic knobs.

Viking Sealed Burners
Sealed burners ensure that cooking messes are easy to clean.

You can customize your Viking 36” rangetop to your own needs by choosing the number and configuration of burners you desire. You may opt for six burners or four burners with either a 12” griddle/simmer plate or a 12” grill placed in the middle of the four burners.

The griddle plate is thermostatically controlled to maintain precise temperatures, and it now comes with an aluminum grease trough that can be removed effortlessly when cleaning.

The grill is also designed for quality cooking and easy cleaning. It comes with a drip pan and a drip tray positioned below to catch any overflow. Additionally, Viking recently updated the grill to feature a one-piece porcelainized, cast-iron grate, making cleaning easier than ever.

Viking 36 Inch Custom Series Rangetop
Six high-powered burners give you the ability to cook several dishes at once.

As for the professional features on the Viking gas range top, they are plenty. Burners can warm at a slow simmer with Viking’s VariSimmer setting, or they can heat up to 15,000 BTUs. (One BTU heats one gallon of water by 1°F.) Also, Viking is now offering a TruPowerPlus burner on select models. Positioned in the front right spot, this burner can heat up to 18,500 BTUs. All burners are sealed, making them safer and easier to clean. Any splashes or splatters will not drip down into the burner itself. Viking rangetops also feature Viking’s own trademarked SureSpark Ignition System so the burners ignite with unfailing reliability, and an automatic re-ignition system makes sure burners re-light immediately if the flame goes out.

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