Viking VGCC548-8B Review: 48" Pro-Style Gas Range with Double Ovens

VGCC548_KitchenFor those who understand the passion of cooking, it’s well understood that to create something extraordinary, it requires persistent talent and powerful tools. It already takes an exceptionally talented individual to love the craft that marries presentation, technique, chemistry, and personal taste all into one – what’s left is to find the perfect tools to compliment your cooking prowess.

There is no other highly regarded accomplice for a gourmet food-loving chef than a 48” professional style gas range, such as the Viking VGCC548-8B.

The eight gas burners on the Viking 48" stove are sealed for easy clean up and offer some of the highest power available for residential kitchens. The front right burner features Viking's TruPower Plus, allowing it to heat up to 18,500 BTUs– perfect for bringing liquids to a rapid boil but versatile enough to provide a low and gentle simmer. The remaining seven burners heat up to 15,000 BTUs – the highest setting on many cooking ranges. All eight burners feature the SureSpark Ignition System, which ensures they ignite reliably and reignite any time they burn out during use.

Viking Double Oven Range in a Kitchen Setting
Viking's VGCC548-8B double oven range featured with a matching Professional Series appliance suite.

Surrounding the burners is a tooled, porcelainized, one-piece surface built to withstand the heat and easy to clean. Above each burner is a porcelainized, cast-iron removable grate. Together, the grates provide a continuous surface that allows you to slide pots and pans easily from one burner to the next. Keeping with the professional quality and look of the Viking VGCC, the control knobs for the burner are formed from stainless steel.

Below the professional cooktop, the Viking double oven gas range offers two ovens with a wide range of functions. This allows for a multitude of foods to be prepared with different settings, at the same time, meaning you can bake dessert and a casserole without transferring aromas or taste. The smaller oven on the left has a U-shaped burner that heats up to 15,000 BTUs and features the SureSpark Ignition System. The larger oven on the right has a bake burner that heats up to 30,000 BTUs, as well as a GourmetGlo Infrared Broiler for searing meats.

Viking 8 Burner Range
Click the image to get an up-close look at Viking's VGCC eight burner range.

The large oven also feature Viking's exclusive ProFlow Convection Air Baffle, which provides an even flow of air and temperature throughout the entire oven cavity for a truly consistent baking atmosphere.

The ovens offer a range of functions for all types of baking, including convection baking, infrared broiling, convection infrared broiling, convection dehydrating, convection defrosting, and natural airflow baking.

The convection oven is also flexible with two TruGlide full-extension racks, one standard rack and six possible rack positions. Lastly the range comes with a heavy-duty broiler pan and grid.

Closeup of Viking Sealed Gas Range Burner
One of the eight sealed burners, with brass burner cap and SureSpark ignition system.

For those who prefer a truly professional look, the Viking double oven range comes in stainless steel, but for those who like a little more flair to their kitchens, the range is also available in several colors, including graphite gray, apple red, wasabi, burgundy and more.

It’s no wonder that with its ultimate power and versatility, that the Viking VGCC548-8B is a favorite amongst chefs, and gains the honor of being one of Elite Appliance’s Best of 2016 popular models.

Find out more about the Viking VGCC548-8B at Elite Appliance, as well as more information about what other appliances can be used to assemble your cooking haven and produce truly extraordinary creations. Happy cooking!