Viking VEDO1302SS vs. Electrolux ICON E30EW85GPS: Premium 30" Double Ovens Compared

Imagine how difficult it would be to make dinner if all the burners on your cooktop had to be heated to the same temperature at all times. It’s unreasonable and impractical, so why do we put up with the same from our oven.

No matter how large your oven, if you can only bake at one temperature at one time, it’s limiting.

Having double ovens can make all the difference. You can cook your casserole or pot roast in one and heat up dinner rolls at the last minute in another.

As with any major purchase, we know our savvy customers will want to compare double ovens before making their selection. Taking into account some double oven reviews will help narrow down the best double ovens and help you make your decision.

The Viking double oven and the Electrolux double oven are two excellent and popular choices.

Viking VEDO1302SS

Viking 30 Inch Professional Custom Select Series double oven
Viking's 30" Professional Custom Select Series double oven offers the largest oven capacity in the industry.

For Viking, it’s not enough to offer two 30” ovens. Viking also offers the largest oven cavity in the industry, so you’ll have no trouble preparing the entire Thanksgiving dinner easily without borrowing friends’ and neighbors’ kitchens to supplement your own. Viking also boasts the largest convection fan in the industry, and the fan runs in two directions for optimal airflow and even cooking. The versatile double oven also performs a variety of functions from high-heat broiling to slow, even convection baking. The 10-pass bake element ensures precise temperatures, so there’s no guesswork or inconsistency in your cooking. At the same time, bright halogen lighting allows you to see clearly into the oven cavity, so you can take a peak to see how your culinary creation is progressing at any time.

While ensuring maximum capacity and power, Viking did not forget to think of the home chef and what matters to him/her. The Viking double oven features a trademarked Rapid Ready Preheat system to ensure fast preheating, so you can get dinner on the table faster. The bake element is easy to wipe clean when spills happen, but for real messes, the self-cleaning oven does the cleaning for you.

Both ovens come with three oven racks and six rack positions. One full-extension TruGlide rack in the upper oven makes it easy to turn food halfway through the cooking process.

Electrolux ICON E30EW85GPS

Electrolux ICON 30 Inch stainless steel double oven
The Electrolux ICON 30" stainless steel double oven offers features similar to the Viking option at a significantly lower price.

The Electrolux double oven offers many features comparable to the Viking. For example, the ball-bearing Smooth-Glide oven racks extend fully just like Viking’s TruGlide. Electrolux also features its own trademarked CustomConvect convection technology to administer perfectly even heating throughout the oven cavity.

Electrolux also offers easy viewing of your masterpiece inside the oven with an all-glass door that is cool to the touch, while a bright light illuminates the interior.

Like Viking, the Electrolux stainless steel double ovens are self-cleaning and multi-functional with the ability to broil, convection bake, defrost, dehydrate and more.