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Viking Brigade Ranges Now Available at Elite Appliance

UPDATE: New Viking management has called off the Viking Brigade range series to focus on Viking’s Pro Series ranges. Click here for a unique opportunity to own one of the few Viking Brigade ranges that was produced by the factory before the ultra-premium line was discontinued.

If you’ve ever dreamed of cooking in a commercial kitchen – walking into a sparklingly clean room dominated by shining stainless steel, firing up the high-power burners, and baking something from scratch in the large, flawless oven with precisely controlled, even heat – now you can. And not only can you have this dream experience once, but you can enjoy it every day in your own home.

It has arrived: The Viking Brigade range.

Variety of Viking Brigade Ranges
Viking’s new Brigade Series ranges are available in 36″ and 48″ widths, and can be ordered in custom color finishes.

Passionate cooking enthusiasts may purchase theirs today, and we will soon have our own 48″ Viking Brigade series stainless steel range with an oven window here in our showroom at Elite Appliance. If you aren’t ready to purchase yours today, make plans to stop by and see the latest appliance designed to enhance the capabilities of the home chef. For now, our Viking Brigade reviews will help capture the essence of this exceptional new appliance.

The Viking Brigade series is a direct descendent of the Viking Commercial line, which means it delivers more power and more precision than any of its rivals. It is also constructed from the most durable materials and built to last for years. In fact, when you order your Viking Brigade range, it is hand-built specifically for you with your specifications in mind.

Viking Brigade Series High BTU Sealed Gas Burners
The three front burners on a Brigade range deliver 23,000 BTUs each.

The Viking Brigade stove features six restaurant-style gas burners with heavy-duty cast iron grates. Not only do all six burners feature Viking trademark characteristics such as the SureSpark ignition system, which automatically reignites any burner whenever the flame flickers out, and the VariSimmer setting for consistent, delicate low-heat settings, but they also provide exceptional high-heat capabilities. The back three burners heat up to 15,000 BTUs, which is the highest level available on some cooking ranges. However, the front three burners have an astounding 23,000 BTUs of power.

Viking Brigade Range Oven (Open)

The Viking Brigade oven features 5.8 cubic feet of baking capacity within a commercial-style stainless steel oven cavity, making it large enough to accommodate commercial sheet pans. In addition to its professional-level capacity, the oven heats with a 30,000 BTU bake burner and offers a GourmetGlo infrared broiler that can heat up to 1,500°F. The ProFlow convection air baffle ensures perfectly even heat throughout the oven cavity on all convection heat settings. In total, the oven performs six separate functions, including infrared broil, convection infrared broil, convection bake, convection dehydrate, convection defrost, and natural airflow bake.

The oven comes with three TruGlide racks and six possible rack positions, and the door opens smoothly and safely on hydraulic hinges.
Brigade ranges are available in 36″ and 48″. The 48″ range comes with all the high-quality features of the 36″ range, including the six powerful burners, but it also has a 12″ stainless steel griddle and a 10″ compartment located next to the oven where baking sheets or cooking accessories may be stored.

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