Top Pro-Series Microwaves of 2016

Sharp Insight Pro Series SMD2470AS Microwave Drawer

Sharp Insight Pro Series SMD2470AS Microwave Drawer

As satisfying as it is to place a gourmet dish on the table after three hours of simmering, flambéing, and broiling, sometimes the simplest pleasure is being able to warm up those gourmet leftovers and cuddle up on the sofa to watch your favorite movie.

We rely on our microwaves often and we prefer for them to be seamlessly incorporated in our kitchen design while still providing the versatile functionality to aid us in defrosting, warming, cooking and melting.

The Sharp SMD2470AS and the Viking VMOS201SS are two high end models that deliver both professional performance and seamless design; attaining the prestigious admiration from many shoppers, becoming one of Elite Appliance’s Best of 2016 top appliances.



Sharp Insight Pro Series SMD2470AS Microwave Drawer

The SMD2470AS offers several installation options including underneath the counter, below an island, or beneath a wall oven, allowing for a seamless low profile

To access the drawer, simply flip the control panel out which settles at an upward angle for easy reading and handling. Touch the open button for a smooth automated opening of the drawer, and once you’re finished, simply give the drawer a nudge and it will effortlessly glide close for minimum spillage of your foods or liquids.

The interior of the drawer is 1.2 cubic ft. of space, allowing you to heat up to 4-quart casserole dishes or 20 oz. beverage cups with up to 1000 watts. The control panel has 11 power levels and the timer can be set up to 99 minutes and 99 seconds. Use specific controls to defrost meats and casseroles, steam vegetables, cook seafood or rice, bake potatoes, and even soften butter and chocolate.

When done cooking, you can easily stir dishes without having to take them out of the drawer, and the flat interior of the drawer makes for easy clean up.



Viking Professional Series VMOS201SS Conventional Microwave Oven

For more versatility, the Viking VMOS201SS offers two installation options – countertop or built in. Built in installation grants the similar features of a microwave drawer when it comes to seamless design integration, however the option of a countertop model allows for free movement throughout the kitchen, to truly find the perfect home for your microwave.

With 2 cubic feet capacity and a 16” diameter turn table, the Viking conventional oven offers the same familiar design common for a multitude of different microwaves, but offers a wide range of controls, power, and technology that sets it above the rest.

viking-vmos201SSAdvantageous features include a two-line interactive display that helps with operating steps and cooking hints, and 13 food specific controls that allow you to cook everything from popcorn to poultry.  The Warm/Hold button keeps dishes heated for an extended period, and the add-a-minute button does exactly what it’s stated to do for those meals that just need a little extra time.

The Help button on the control pad allows you to control the audible signals, language and weight selection, clock display, as well as an Auto-Start and Child Lock feature. The auto start feature programs your microwave oven to start automatically at a preset designated time. Lastly the child safety lock feature deactivates the control panel to prevent young ones from unwanted microwave use like accidentally melting Barbie.



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