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The Effect of Tariffs on Your Future Appliance Purchase (1 Min. Read)


Largest Manufacturer Price Increases In Years

The shopping frenzy has begun and it’s not just because of the holidays. Over the past few months, industries nationwide have been affected by rising manufacturing costs with the appliance industry taking a huge hit.

Now as the new year approaches, shoppers are scrambling to get their orders in before the latest price increase hits.

Why Are Appliance Prices Increasing?

Tariffs were implemented by the American government early 2018 in an effort to stop “trade dumping” by Korean manufacturers, LG and Samsung. Eventually leading to an imposed tariff on all imported large residential washing machines, this made an immediate impact on international appliance manufacturers such as Fisher & Paykel who underwent an immediate and significant price increase in February.

Since then, additional import tariffs on raw materials such as steel as well as certain Chinese imports have driven up manufacturing costs leading to continuous industry-wide price increases – the latest of which will go into effect at the end of this month and the beginning of January.

How to Beat the Appliance Price Increase?

Secure current pricing on your appliance purchase by getting your orders in before the new year. Be aware that some brands may require orders to be shipped by a specific date while others will be able to honor your current pricing so long as the orders are placed.

The best way to save on your purchase is by contacting an appliance specialist and placing your order as soon as possible!

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