Introducing Verona’s Newest True White 36” Electric Range

Verona's new VEFSEE365W

Already dominating the market as one of the only appliance brands to offer a line of 36” all-electric ranges, Verona continues to cater to consumer’s desires by introducing a new True White finish to its product line.

“White appliances have dominated the kitchen design scene this year, and the trend shows no sign of slowing down,” states Melissa Haber, Vice President for EuroChef USA.

The Verona VEFSEE365W is now the fourth finish option of the model which also comes available in Black, Burgundy, and Stainless Steel. Stunning accents such as chrome knobs and handles, stainless steel bezels, and tubular legs contribute to an elegant design suitable for luxe kitchens everywhere.


Shop True Italian Artistry with Verona Appliances


Overview of Verona

Looking for the perfect mix of old-world design and modern technology while cooking your masterpiece creations? Look no further than Verona appliances, whose philosophy revolves around engineering unique cooking appliances with all the advantages modern technology has to offer while maintaining the tradition and authenticity of Italian design. Introduced in 1958, Verona appliances has since developed into a benchmark for flexibility, power, and luxurious quality.

Among Verona’s index of pro-style cooking appliances are multi-style ranges, premium built-in ovens, and high-performance cooktops. Keep reading to see what makes Verona appliances one of the most highly regarded Italian brands in the industry:


The Colors of Verona: Instantly Save on a Verona 36 Inch Color Range


A kitchen is more than just a space to cook and snack in. Your dream kitchen is meant to inspire you to explore and create new dishes and cultures, or celebrate traditions and heritage. Start a new journey in your kitchen with a Verona 36-inch color range. Not just because Verona is a trusted top-Italian manufacturer of quality ranges, but because Elite Appliance is also offering you the chance to instantly save $400 now through June 30th with its latest promotion.


Bertazzoni vs. Verona: Comparing 36 Inch Dual Fuel, Gas, and Electric Ranges

bertazzoni vs verona

There’s a certain alluring quality about Italian-made ranges that draws in home chefs. Maybe there’s something in the craftsmanship that conjures visions of peaceful cobblestone roads, warm sunny rays filtering through old-world architecture, and a heavenly scent of the finest home cooked feast? Perhaps it’s the luxury and pride that goes into manufacturing Italian-made products that compares to the same thrill of purchasing a Ferrari or Lamborghini?

Regardless, there’s no doubting the beauty and power that goes into an Italian-made range. Among the top Italian range brands, Bertazzoni and Verona are strong contenders that both offer distinct features, making it difficult to choose which brand to welcome into your home.


Crowning 2016's Top European-Made Ranges

bertazzoni-master-seriesWhen it comes to European ranges, there’s no doubting the certain je ne sais quoi that drives dexterous chefs to their porcelainized burners and gleaming frames. Here at Elite Appliance, we have the extreme pleasure of carrying several regal and mighty European ranges to deliver you the exact power and precision you need.

However, in the grand scheme of finding the top performers of 2016, there are certain models that stood out above the rest this year.



Why We Love European-Made Appliances

At Elite Appliance, we have a soft spot for luxury appliances from around the world.
Here are some of the top reasons we adore European-made appliances: (more…)