The Best High-End Appliances for Vintage Lovers


A Kitchen Suite for Vintage Lovers

If you’re the kind of person who loves exploring auction sites, yard sales, or antique stores for hidden treasures then chances are you’re an old soul who loves stories, history, and charm. You’d take a vintage roll-top desk over the latest IKEA model any day, and your dream car is some version of a mint condition classic. In a world full of stainless steel appliances and contemporary design, you’re looking for retro-style appliances that evoke warm feelings of nostalgia and sentimentality.

If this describes you, then rest assured you’re not alone. We at Elite Appliance have a soft spot for appliances that help tell a story and love aiding customers to find the right products for them.


Smeg ST8646XU Review: 24” Pre-Finished Dishwasher


With over 60 years of experience, Smeg knows exactly how to produce sophisticated and stylish appliances that integrate seamlessly in contemporary and classic designs alike. The Smeg ST8646XU dishwasher is one such example of Smeg’s brilliant engineering. Equipped with exclusive Smeg dishwashing technology, an ultra-quiet performance, and an attractive pre-finished panel, this Smeg dishwasher raises the standards for high-end dishwashers everywhere.


Why We Love European-Made Appliances

At Elite Appliance, we have a soft spot for luxury appliances from around the world.
Here are some of the top reasons we adore European-made appliances: (more…)

Beyond Functionality: Smeg’s 50s Style Series Single-door Refrigerator

Some of us live our lives in pursuit of beauty. We’re admirers of nature, art and design. It goes without saying that we’re particularly picky about our living environment. For us, our homes are as much of a self-portrait as they are a place to eat and sleep.

Shopping for kitchen appliances can be daunting and even a bit boring. While some are impressed by technical specifications, new technologies and the latest gadgetry, we crave something with an artistic flair, a little pizzazz.


Retro is the New "New"

Smeg 50's Style Finish Variations

For many years, stainless steel and commercial style dominated the luxury appliance market. It seemed the only way to get professional quality home appliances was to do so with the straight lines, smooth surfaces and large control knobs of commercial kitchens; and while this may appeal to some, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Today options abound for the enthusiastic home chef who wants his or her home kitchen to look like the heart of the home rather than a sterile commercial environment. A few luxury manufacturers in particular have embraced the marriage of advanced technology and stylish vintage aesthetic; and consumers have responded in kind with growing demand, proving retro is the new “new.” (more…)

Smeg Opera Range : The Only 48" Dual Fuel Range Under $4000

Krista Franks Brock

Krista Franks Brock is a Dallas resident and freelance writer who enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics from cooking and home design to the mortgage industry. When she’s not writing, she’s often either experimenting in the kitchen or pursuing artistic endeavors such as painting, sewing and jewelry-making.



Longstanding Italian luxury appliance manufacturer, Smeg, recently traversed international waters and debuted in the United States. Here at Elite Appliance, we were happy to host the brand and introduce it to our discerning customers.

Today, we introduce the sophisticated, Smeg Opera range, a stylish, capable and reasonable appliance for any cooking enthusiast with a habit of cooking grandeur and a fondness of contemporary aesthetics.

Smeg Opera Range
The Smeg 48" Opera dual-fuel range is the only luxury range of its kind below the $4000 price point.

The stainless steel finish and sleek, black stovetop in post-modern style fit well in any contemporary home. The range also has a 4-inch backsplash and finished sides so it can fit anywhere in any kitchen.

The stovetop on this Italian 48” range features five gas burners ranging in power from 3,500 BTUs to 15,000 BTUs. A double-insert “fish” burner provides 12,000 BTUs on the outer rim and another 3,000 BTUs on the inner, making it ideal for searing fish or steaks. The stovetop also features a non-stick, Teflon-coated electric griddle. All burners have safety valves, which automatically activate if the flame flickers out in order to block gas from pouring into the home.

Smeg Opera Range Stovetop
With five standard burners, a dual "fish burner" and an electric griddle, the stovetop on the Smeg Opera range gives you all the cooking power you could need.

Below the gas stovetop, the Italian dual-fuel range offers two ovens -  one with 3.2 cubic feet of baking capacity, the other with 1.48 cubic feet. The larger oven has eight cooking modes and ranges in temperature settings from 120°F to 500°F. The smaller has four cooking modes and ranges from 120°F to 430°F. Both ovens are easy to clean with an enameled interior. The oven doors are triple-glazed to provide a barrier between the room temperature and the oven temperature, making the oven more efficient and preventing your kitchen from overheating.

Smeg Opera Range Ovens
The two programmable electric ovens allow for multiple dishes at the same time.

The Smeg range comes with two baking trays, a wire rack, a rotisserie kit and a wok ring, so Smeg owners have everything they need to get started whipping up their favorite dishes.

While the range’s size, style, versatility and functionality are enough to put it in the running for one of the most desirable ranges on the market, those looking for the best price on a 48” range will also be quite pleased with the Smeg range’s affordability. In fact, the 48” Smeg range is the only range of its size available for less than $4,000.

Click here for more info about the Smeg 48" Opera dual-fuel range.