Free Up Countertop Space with Design Savvy Microwave Drawers

Elevate Your Kitchen Design

For an appliance that’s designed to be low-profile, the microwave drawer sure stands out and it’s not difficult to see why. Innovative and sleek, this appliance is far different from the countertop microwaves you grew up with and its unique design causes the microwave drawer to become a showstopper in any kitchen it's featured in.

Because of the drawer design, containers must be lifted in and out of the interior, so microwave drawers are installed at an easily accessible height, usually right under the standard 36-inch countertop height. This offers maximum flexibility when it comes to placement. Kitchen islands, peninsulas, and cabinets are all location options, freeing up countertop space and opening sightlines which in turn makes your kitchen seem less cluttered.

Truly a stunning design statement, microwave drawers do not sacrifice function for form. Instead, the high-end design is matched with performance equally as sophisticated.


Quick Comparison of Microwave Drawers: Viking, Sharp, Monogram, and Jenn-Air


Benefits of a Microwave Drawer

The invention of the microwave may have been an accident, but every day we purposely turn to our microwaves and continuously trust them with all our snacking, defrosting, and cooking needs. It’s difficult to improve an appliance already so perfect and beloved, but once you’ve discovered the unique design, convenience, and power of built-in microwave drawers, you’ll never go back to standard countertop models.


Comparing Steam Ovens: Three Top Models Reviewed

If you're already looking ahead to the New Year with a resolution to be healthier in 2013, perhaps you should add a steam oven to your Christmas wish list. Steaming food is a great way to prepare flavorful food while minimizing fat and salt content and maintaining natural flavors and nutrients. Sharp says of their steam oven, "It can help change the way you eat by changing the way you cook."

Reading through a few steam oven reviews might help narrow down the choices and inform you about the benefits and conveniences of cooking with a steam oven. Today, we'll discuss three of our best steam ovens here at Elite Appliance.

Viking Steam Oven (VCSO210SS Combi Steam/Convect Oven)

Viking's steam oven is a four-in-one appliance that allows you to cook healthy meals with minimal fuss. The oven functions as a steam oven, steam convection oven, convection oven and traditional microwave oven. With Viking's steam oven, you can steam and brown meat, fish and vegetables to preserve moisture and nutrients; you can rely on the appliance as a supplemental oven for conventional baking; and you can quickly reheat leftovers. To make things even easier, the oven has 43 automatic settings so you can tailor the cooking to the exact type of food you're cooking. An instant sensor also serves to ensure foods are cooked thoroughly without overcooking, and to keep your family safe and your cooking uninterrupted, a child safety lock prevents little ones from playing with oven settings.
Viking Steam Oven
Viking's new Combi Steam/Convect oven.

Sharp Steam Oven (AX-1200S SuperSteam Oven)

The Sharp steam oven provides the same cooking options as the Viking using Sharp's own SuperSteam technology. The main functions include steam, steam convection, convection and microwave. The oven also includes the exact same number of automatic settings, 43. While it does not have some of the more advanced features such as the child safety lock or the instant sensor, the Sharp steam oven is the most affordable option when compared to the Viking and Miele steam ovens.
Sharp Steam Oven
Sharp's steam oven can be built-in or freestanding on a countertop.

Miele Steam Oven (DG 4086 Europa 24" Steam Oven)

The Miele steam oven offers its own set of advanced features packaged in a contemporary exterior to coordinate with other ultra-contemporary Miele appliances. The Navitronic touch pad and the MasterChef technology allow you to scan a list of menu options at the touch of a finger, identify the food you'd like to prepare, and press start. The oven does the rest. Similar to the Viking instant sensor, the Miele steam oven relies on a platinum tipped electronic thermistor to control the temperature inside the oven, detecting minute changes and adjusting to ensure food is prepared to the optimal standards.
Miele Steam Oven
Miele's ultra-modern steam oven makes a bold design statement.

The Viking and Sharp steam ovens can sit on top of a counter or can be purchased with a trim kit and built in to your kitchen wall. Miele's steam oven requires built in installation, either as an undercounter unit or in a traditional wall cavity with a trim kit. Whether you opt for the basic functionality of the Sharp or the advanced features of the Viking or Miele, you'll be on your way to a healthier lifestyle without having to learn a new way of cooking or searching for obscure healthy recipes.

Sharp Appliances Now Available At Elite Appliance

Sharp Appliances

Ahh leftover night. A night off from cooking.

You pull out that casserole or leftover meatloaf from the other night and pop it in the microwave. Dinner is ready in no time, and clean-up is easier than ever. Thanks goodness for the microwave.

However, if you thought the microwave couldn't make things any easier than it already has, you'd be wrong. Sharp has been creating and improving microwave ovens for more than 30 years.

Sharp introduced the carousel turntable for even heating, and the respected brand offers numerous pre-programmed heating options for both cooking and reheating food.

Sharp Microwaves
Sharp microwaves come in a multitude of sizes. Each comes with an LCD digital display and features from 850 to 1200 watts of cooking power.

Sharp microwaves range in size from 0.8 cubic feet to 2.0 cubic feet, and they are available in several formats, including over the counter, over the range, and the Sharp drawer microwave with an easy pull-push handle. With your Sharp microwave drawer, you won't have to worry about a swinging microwave door getting in the way.

A 1.2 cubic foot microwave features 1,000 watts of cooking power with a digital LCD display panel and several heating options, including "Popcorn," "Reheat," "Soften," and a slew of options for beverages. The microwave can accommodate a 7" tall mug or 20-ounce cup, so you won't have any trouble making or reheating your coffee to take with you on your morning commute.

Sharp's latest and most advanced oven is the SuperSteam Convection Oven. This multi-purpose appliance allows you to steam, grill, and microwave foods to deliciousness with the simple touch of a button.
If you need to use the oven as a microwave, simply select "microwave" on the panel, and then choose from several options to defrost or reheat your food. Removable shelves allow you to heat one large item or a few smaller dishes simultaneously.

Sharp Insight Pro SuperSteam Countertop Oven
The Sharp Insight Pro SuperSteam Countertop Oven is a steamer and a microwave in one convenient appliance. This steam oven comes complete with a steam cleaning cycle for difficult to clean messes in your Insight Pro.

If you need to steam some vegetables for a healthy side item with dinner, select the steam oven option. Pour some water in the small drawer below the control panel, and put your vegetables in the oven. The water is heated, transported through the back of the microwave, and released into the oven as steam. Your Sharp steam oven will cook your vegetables thoroughly while preserving their nutrients, texture, and taste. They won't be dry or soggy.

If it rains on your grilling night, you can simply select the "Grill" option (AX-1100 model only) and transform your Sharp steam oven into a grill. Insert the grill grate shelf, throw on the meat, and in a few minutes you'll have perfectly grilled hamburgers. The powerful 8-pass grill element will grill the meat to juicy perfection while cooking away oil and fat.

At Elite Appliance, we are proud to announce that we now carry Sharp appliances, so call us or visit us to learn more about the ingenious features of Sharp microwave ovens and find the one that fits you and your kitchen best.