Jenn-Air Appliance Rebates: Now Through the End of 2012!

Between baking and Christmas shopping, it seems we hardly have a moment to think of ourselves between now and the end of the year. Schedules get hectic; lines are long; and the brisk air and short days make us want to simply be cozy at home with a hot cocoa.

Promotion Image for Jenn-Air's Fire and Ice Rebate

However, there is one thing you can do now for yourself and your family to both save money and make your lives in the new year a little easier and a little tastier; and we at Elite Appliance are here to help make sure it goes smoothly.

There are two months left to take advantage of some amazing Jenn-Air appliance rebates, which you can combine with Elite Appliance’s own buy-back program for ultimate savings.

With the “Fire & Ice” Jenn-Air package rebate, you can earn up to $500 back on select cooking and refrigeration appliances. You’ll receive your $500 by mail in the form of a MasterCard prepaid card.

Image for Jenn-Air Your Purchase Your Reward Promotion

 Another Jenn-Air kitchen package rebate, the “Your Purchase Your Reward” event also extends through the end of this year. Customers may save up to $4,098 at the time of purchase. There’s no mail-in form required. When customers purchase certain Jenn-Air Pro-Style ranges or wall ovens and cooktops, they receive a TriFecta dishwasher completely free. If you opt for a built-in refrigerator as well, you’ll receive your choice of either a free ventilation system or a free undercounter refrigeration unit.

If these free appliances and money back have you teetering on the edge of the decision to purchase a new kitchen for the holidays, Jenn-Air is also offering a little something extra to entice you even more. The “Installation on Us” program allows you to save up to $1000 on installation costs. Each appliance of $999 or more comes with a $200 installation rebate. Your total installation savings will be sent to you by mail as a MasterCard prepaid card. The installation rebates can be combined with Jenn-Air’s appliance rebates.

Jenn-Air's Installation on Us Promotion Image

Running simultaneously with all the Jenn-Air rebates, we at Elite Appliance have devised our own way to show our appreciation and extend a little generosity during the holiday season. As a way of thanking our customers and offering something back to those less fortunate, we are offering to buy back your old appliances when you make a purchase at Elite Appliance now through the end of 2012. All appliances we acquire through the buy-back program will then be donated to charity.

Feel free to stop by our showroom or call us at for more details about these and other special deals through the holidays.