Free Up Countertop Space with Design Savvy Microwave Drawers

Elevate Your Kitchen Design

For an appliance that’s designed to be low-profile, the microwave drawer sure stands out and it’s not difficult to see why. Innovative and sleek, this appliance is far different from the countertop microwaves you grew up with and its unique design causes the microwave drawer to become a showstopper in any kitchen it's featured in.

Because of the drawer design, containers must be lifted in and out of the interior, so microwave drawers are installed at an easily accessible height, usually right under the standard 36-inch countertop height. This offers maximum flexibility when it comes to placement. Kitchen islands, peninsulas, and cabinets are all location options, freeing up countertop space and opening sightlines which in turn makes your kitchen seem less cluttered.

Truly a stunning design statement, microwave drawers do not sacrifice function for form. Instead, the high-end design is matched with performance equally as sophisticated.


Quick Comparison of Microwave Drawers: Viking, Sharp, Monogram, and Jenn-Air


Benefits of a Microwave Drawer

The invention of the microwave may have been an accident, but every day we purposely turn to our microwaves and continuously trust them with all our snacking, defrosting, and cooking needs. It’s difficult to improve an appliance already so perfect and beloved, but once you’ve discovered the unique design, convenience, and power of built-in microwave drawers, you’ll never go back to standard countertop models.