An In-Depth Look at AGA’s Induction Ranges + How to Get FREE Induction Cookware


AGA has long since been a significant design icon, as memorable as Coca Cola’s contour bottle and VW’s Bug vehicle. AGA is even so beloved that they became a popular part of literature with a genre known as “AGA sagas”. Their cherished design and revered quality only grows more each day, as AGA continues to be a leader in the cooker industry by staying in touch with its rich heritage but also continuing to innovate with new cutting-edge technology.

This innovation manifests itself in the induction ranges introduced by the Mercury and Elise series. Both induction 48 inch ranges offer a full variety of powerful cooking abilities along with convenient features and easy to use controls. The Mercury and Elise series provides two distinct style choices for shoppers to choose from.


A Brief Look at Liebherr’s WS1200 Wine Storage Cabinet and XS200 Humidor


How wonderful the simple pleasure of pouring yourself a glass of wine after a trying day can be. The last thing you want is to have that simple pleasure turn sour due to faulty refrigeration. The same goes for a cigar connoisseur reaching to enjoy a premium cigar, only to find their collection ruined.

Lucky for you, Liebherr’s latest promotion allows you to take home a FREE wine storage cabinet or humidor with purchase of select models of Liebherr Refrigeration.